State V Joe Pallante & State V Dana Loyd

Does A Judicial Gag Order Silencing
The Victim Make All The Difference?

June 15, 2017
"Judges are the weakest link in our system of justice, and they are also the most protected."
Alan M Dershowitz

The Tale Of Two Prosecutions


According to Brevard County Court records (05-2014-CF-015443 - BrevardClerk.us) - in February 2014 - the Satellite Beach PD arrested local attorney Joseph Pallante under the charge of sexually engaging an underage girl (under the age of 12 - F.S. 794.011(2)). These court records seem to support that Mr. Pallante* was involved in a custodial / familial relationship with the child (see attached court records - page 1 - lower right - scroll box).

The below court records support that the child initially reported to a school math teacher (Tammie Murphy) that Pallante was sending her "nasty texts" referring to her as "trailer trash" (see page 1 of the below court document).

Ms. Murphy apparently felt that her young student had more to tell - causing Murphy to question the child whether Pallante had sexually touched her (see page 2 of the below court document).

By page 3 - and after further questioning by SCHOOL officials - the child admitted that "he makes me give him blow jobs sometimes".

And yes - it does get worse - it's a twelve (12) page document of pure perversion (see below right of page). Later in this article - you will further learn that local high school teacher & coach, Jason Burchfield was a co-participant in some of Pallante's perverse behaviors.

You will also sadly learn that the child's mother, Teya Pallante was also a co-participant.

Joe Pallante's trial is scheduled for next month (July 2017). Later in this article - there will be more to read regarding both Teya Pallante & Jason Burchfield. However, for now let's move on to the Dana Loyd prosecution. Allow us to compare and contrast how the Pallante/Burchfield and Loyd cases were investigated and prosecuted.
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*caveat - Our readers should take note - that the attached court document has been REDACTED by the Court - however, Mr. Pallante IS listed as the defendant within this document - therefore VolusiaExposed.Com has concluded that Pallante is the subject of the child's accusations. VolusiaExposed.Com has NOT formed any conclusions / opinions regarding Pallante's guilt or innocence regarding these allegations - other than - a criminal suspect is considered to be innocent - UNTIL proven guilty in a court of law. These are our conclusions / opinions - please form your own independent conclusions & opinions.

Several years ago - after being frustrated by the corruption within the local Brevard County justice system - Dana Delaney Loyd started her media website - BrevardsBestNews.Com.

Loyd's investigative reporting has led the way - or assisted in the identification of at least two police officers that were engaging in sexually based crimes. Loyd is known for her child advocacy - as evidenced within her articles identifying a Brevard County sheriff deputy's sexual contact with underage girls (see below web link - Deputy Ryan Pill).

Loyd also has affiliations with several child advocacy groups that are visible on her website and Facebook page.

The Deputy Ryan Pill Article

Loyd's investigative reporting skills were also incorporated within our (VolusiaExposed.Com) article detailing BCSO Deputy Barre Taylor's sexual activities with a female jail inmate.

The Deputy Barre Taylor Article

Given her activities of exposing these perverted police officers - neither Loyd - nor her publication, BrevardsBestNews.Com were highly thought of by law enforcement officials. Need proof of this - then review our past series of articles (see web links - upper right of page) - regarding the arrest, prosecution, and sentencing of Dana Loyd. We suggest starting with our May 15, 2017 article - for a quick overview of the persistent and on-going retaliatory witch hunt of Dana Delaney Loyd.

Notice Filed By The State Attorney
In The State Vs Joseph Pallante Prosecution
(Scrool Down Within Box To Review Entire Document)
Click Here To View Notice In PDF Format

Within our May 15, 2017 article - you will be able to read a Facebook post by current BCSO Deputy Jason Brimm - whereas he expresses his opinion - that Loyd's media articles (BrevardsBestNews.Com) were "slandering" the Brevard Sheriff Department & other city agencies.

Deputy Jason Brimm in our opinion was a de facto co-conspirator in the Deputy Barre Taylor's incident (sex with female jail inmate). Due to his participation in the Taylor incident - failure to report rumors that Taylor was having sex with the inmate - Brimm was demoted from sergeant to deputy.

In our opinion - Deputy Brimm's Facebook post memorializes the TRUE reason for Loyd's August 2015 arrest. Her arrest had nothing to do with an alleged false call to the Florida Abuse Hotline - but rather had EVERYTHING to do with her corruption exposing media articles.

Loyd's articles don't merely identify some local bad cops - her articles have also taken on the corruption within the local judicial system. Loyd's articles have called out the apparent inappropriate actions of the State Attorney's office, DCF officials and several judges.

BCSO Deputy
Jason Brimm Chimes In


In August 2015 - the Brevard County Sheriff Department arrested Loyd under the charge of making a false call to the Florida Abuse Hotline. As she testified during her March 2017 trial - Loyd made this April 29, 2015 call to the Florida Abuse Hotline after several other individuals - to include - but not limited to herself, a professional child advocate, and even the child's own mother - were unsuccessful in getting law enforcement officials to properly investigate their concerns surrounding the father's relationship with his juvenile daughter.

Years prior - Timothy Michaud** - a local hotel / resort manager and girl's soccer coach had obtained a court order (GAG ORDER) from Brevard Circuit Court Judge George Maxwell that prohibited law enforcement (including police, DCF, school officials) from interviewing his daughter regarding any such allegations.

We invite you to read our May 15, 2017 article - in which we have incorporated our Loyd Trial Video Page. Watch several prosecution witnesses testify that they were aware of the judicial gag order that prohibited officials from interviewing Michaud's daughter.

To the right of this page --> - we have incorporated the videos of DCF Supervisor Debra Christensen's trial testimony given during the Loyd trial. Listen to her first testify - while being questioned by the prosecutor - that Judge Maxwell's gag order was the reason why they (DCF) never interviewed Michaud's daughter. However, shortly thereafter - while being questioned by Loyd's attorney - Christensen walks back her earlier testimony - by admitting that the DCF legal department had actually authorized the interviewing of the child. Regardless - records indicate that Michaud's daughter was never interviewed prior to Loyd's August 2015 arrest. Further - evidence now supports that DCF and law enforcement officials have not interviewed the child since Loyd's arrest.

So why wasn't the child interviewed? The answer is easy to understand - when you come to some obvious conclusions / opinions. First, the primary goal was not to investigate Loyd's (and other's) allegations against Michaud - rather - the primary goal was simply to arrest - thus silence - a media critic. Second, no local authority - wanted to challenge or over ride Judge Maxwell's gag order. And lastly - no one wanted to interview the Michaud child - because IF she had - like the Pallante child - opened a Pandora's Box of sexual allegations - who could be held accountable? Could Judge Maxwell be held accountable for issuing the gag order? Could DCF & local law enforcement be held responsible for failing to properly investigate prior allegations? (see more on this below - BCSO Investigator Dale Young's investigation)

SPECIAL NOTE: Judge George Maxwell is known for his rather high tolerance for pedophilia - as is outlined in an April 2001 Orlando Sentinel article.


NOW - imagine just for a second - that criminal defendant Joe Pallante also had a judicial court order (GAG ORDER) in effect - that kept school, DCF and law enforcement officials from being able to interview the Pallante child.

Given that the Pallante child ONLY initially reported receiving "mean texts" (trailer trash comment) from her step father - Joe Pallante - would math teacher Tammie Murphy been able to question the child on whether she had been touched sexually - without violating the court order? We suspect - that like in the Michaud case - school officials - - and thereby law enforcement officials - would have never been able to question the child - therefore they would have never heard the child's allegations that Pallante was routinely sexually abusing her.


DCF Supervisor Debra Christensen Seems to Testify That The Judicial Gag Order Kept Authorities From Interviewing The Child.

Under Cross Examination By The Defense - DCF Supervisor Debra Christensen Admits That The DCF Legal Dept. Authorized The Interviewing Of The Child - But In The End - That The Child Was NOT Interviewed By Law Enforcement Or DCF Officials.
Apparently - Some Time After Loyd's Arrest - DCF Sought Judicial Permission To Interview The Child - The Child Was Eventually Interviewed By A Doctor Of The Father's Choice - and whom the father paid. From What We Can Determine - The Child Was NEVER Interview By Law Enforcement DCF, Or School Officials.

We Invite You To Review The Entire Trial Video - Incorporated Within Our May 15, 2017 Article. Listen To The Testimonies Of DCF Investigator O'Neil Brooks And Sheriff Investigator Fischer Regarding The Significance Of The Judicial Gag Order To Their "Investigations".
And given the above - Pallante probably would have never been arrested in 2014 - and would to this day be sexually abusing the child. The child's mother (Teya Pallante) would still be turning a blind eye to the abuse - AND Mr. Jason Burchfield would still be teaching at the local high school - still thinking that there is nothing wrong with drinking alcohol with a naked (12) twelve year old child.

Thank God that Pallante did not have a judicial gag order !

**advisement - Within our pre-trial articles - we felt an obligation to redact - and / or not use the identities (names) of either the father or the daughter attached to the Loyd prosecution. However, post trial - we (VolusiaExposed.Com) have re-evaluated our position in redacting these names. It is difficult for us to continue redacting these names - given the following factors. The father - Timothy Michaud testified during Loyd's PUBLIC trial - whereas his identity - and that of his daughter's - were clearly disclosed to the public. VolusiaExposed.Com has secured public records (court videos / transcripts, etc) whereas the Court has opted not to redact these identities from the official record. This is after - we were billed and paid for the records to be properly and legally redacted. Loyd has appealed her conviction to the 5th District Court Of Appeal - and those records incorporate the father's and daughter's identities.

Further - during a March 27, 2017 hearing - Judge Robin Lemonidis threatened our representatives with six (6) month jail sentences for merely taking notes on the prospective jurors (see video - right of page ->). Shortly (within minutes) of Judge Lemonidis accusing our representatives of attempting to "thwart" the judicial process by memorializing the prospective jurors names in our press notes - thus threatening them with direct contempt of court jail sentence - the judge's clerk posted those very same prospective jurors names to the world wide web (court's website - BrevardClerk.us) - two days prior to the start of the trial. Therefore - given that the father's and daughter's identities are easily available within the Court's records - and / or on the Clerk of the Court's website - we feel our attempts to protect these identities have been "thwarted" by the Court.

Lastly - VolusiaExposed.Com has NO opinion regarding the validity of any of the allegations regarding whether Timothy Michaud has engaged in an inappropriate relationship with his minor daughter. While - we acknowledge that several individuals - to include Loyd - have expressed their concerns regarding Mr. Michaud. Our CONCERN regarding this matter - solely centers on whether local officials have properly investigated these allegations. In our OPINION - these allegations have NOT been properly investigated.

Video Of March 27, 2017 Hearing

Judge Robin Lemonidis threatens VolusiaExposed.Com representative with six (6) month jail sentences. More is available on this incident within our May 15, 2017 article.
Coach Jason Burchfield's Connection

The Pallante child has had to suffer silently through her own living nightmare.

This child's hell was much worse then merely suffering from her step-father's (Pallante) alleged perverse sexual appetite*.

According to a March 7, 2014 WFTV-TV media article (see right of page ->) - the step-father was inviting one of his friend over to his home - Palm Bay High School Teacher & Baseball Coach Jason Burchfield.

Pallante would order the child to strip naked in the presence of both men - as all three consumed alcohol.

Records indicate that Burchfield visited the Pallante home three times - in order to engage in the above described perverse behaviors with the child.

Initially Burchfield was criminally charged with several charges - to include:
Three (3) counts of felony child abuse
Two (2) counts of false report of child abuse
and One (1) count of failure to report child abuse

Click Here To Watch / Read
The WFTV 9 Article On The Arrest
Of Palm Bay High School Teacher
Jason Burchfield
According to Court records in January 2015 - Burchfield entered into a plea bargain with local State Attorney. They would drop all other charges - if he would plead guilty to the failure to report child abuse charge. Burchfield accepted the plea bargain and he was sentenced to five (5) years of probation - with the sentencing judge with-holding any adjudication of guilt (basically Burchfield was not found legally guilty) Kinda sad - isn't it?

Another thing of interest - the charge that Burchfield pled on - failing to report child abuse - only carried a $2000 bond - his total bond, including the later dropped charges of engaging in child abuse was only $12,000.

When Dana Loyd was arrested - the bond for her one (1) count of making a false abuse hotline call was $10,000. We submit for your review that Loyd's high bond is an indicator - in support of our theory / opinion - that the true purpose for Loyd's arrest was to retaliate against her critical articles attached to several members of the Brevard County justice system. This retaliation continued during her trial & sentencing. Want to know more - read our earlier articles (see top right of this page for web links).

The Child's Mother's Involvement
Sadly, and probably the most disturbing part of the Pallante-Burchfield matter is the fact that the child's mother was involved.

Teya Pallante is currently in Florida State Prison - serving a three (3) year sentence for facilitating the sexual performance by a child (F.S. 827.071(2)). Mrs. Pallante entered into a plea bargain with the State Attorney's office.

In Brevard County - does pimping out your own child ONLY equate to a mere three (3) year prison sentence? If so - then WTF is going on in Brevard County?

Teya Pallante is now a registered sex offender.

Oh and by the way - according to court records (plea bargain) - Teya Pallante, like Burchfield - has no probationary requirement to submit to a mental health evaluation.

Judge Robin Lemonidis sentenced Loyd to one year in jail, another year under house arrest, followed by three addition years of probation. Loyd must remove several of her articles from her website and is forbidden from posting any new articles. Loyd must also submit to a mental health evaluation.

Now think on that for just a second - pimp your child out - drink alcohol with a naked (12) twelve year old child - and no mental health evaluation is needed. BUT make a phone call attempting to report child abuse - that has been silenced via a judicial gagged order - AND publish some articles exposing corrupt practices BY GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS - and the court will order a mental health examination. We again ask the question - WTF IS GOING ON IN BREVARD COUNTY?

Click Here To Read
Teya Pallante's
Sexual Offender Status

We are of the opinion that there are a couple of truths that are staring us directly in the face. Deny them if you wish, if you can - but in the end - they are still there staring right back at you.

The TRUTH is that Brevard County officials don't give a rat's ass about the sexual abuse of children. You just can't argue that they care - if a school teacher can do what Jason Burchfield did -and not be sentenced to jail / prison time. How can they justify the plea bargain they gave Burchfield - no jail time - and adjudication withheld?

How can Brevard County allow a judge with some tolerance for pedophilia - to preside over cases - with child abuse allegations attached? What message does that send? For us here at VolusiaExposed.Com - the message is clearly received - they don't give a rat's ass. What say you?

The TRUTH is that Brevard County's arrest, prosecution, and sentencing of Dana Loyd was in retaliation for her publication - BREVARDSBESTNEWS.COM - and her critical articles detailing the river of corruption that runs through Brevard County's justice system. Why is it necessary for Loyd to submit to a mental health evaluation? - Why is it necessary for Loyd to remove her web articles? - Why can't Loyd publish anymore articles? - and all this is in response to her alleged false call to an abuse hotline? Does any of that make sense to you?

The TRUTH is that the allegations against Tim Michaud have NOT been properly investigated (** - see above reference). Regardless of Assistant State Attorney Susan Stewart assurances during her cross examination of Loyd - that BCSO Investigator Dale Young had fully investigated those allegations - and found nothing (see trial video page). The TRUTH is that Dale Young & Tim Michaud are friends - as evidenced by their Facebook pages. (see our earlier articles)

From where we are standing - it appears to us that the Michaud child has been effectively silenced via Judge Maxwell's gag order - and that the Court via Judge Robin Lemonidis has now silenced child advocate Dana Delaney Loyd with her illegal sentencing of Loyd (see our earlier article titled "The Illegal Sentencing Of Dana Delaney Loyd".)

Right now the TRUTH surrounding the Loyd matter is on the ropes in Brevard County - but we (VolusiaExposed.Com) pledge to you - our readers - that we will continue to "fly like a butterfly and sting like a bee" until Brevard's child advocate Dana Delaney Loyd again walks free.

Loyd has an open appeal within the 5th District Court of Appeal. Read our May 28, 2017 article regarding our concerns surrounding her appeal. Is this just more corruption within the judicial system?

Dana Loyd is currently being held in the Orange County jail. Loyd had several safety issues with being housed at the Brevard County jail - these issues include, but were not limited to Loyd's spouse's past employment with the BCSO & the Deputy Brimm issue.

Loyd can be contacted at the below address:

Dana Loyd
17009694 F-DORME-28
P.O. Box 4970
Orlando, Florida 32802-4970

And there you have it ....... Stand by to stand by ..... there is surely more to come......