Judge Robin Lemonidis Goes Rogue !

Did Lemonidis Attempt To Violate The Sixth Amendment?

January 12, 2017
"In a state where corruption abounds, laws must be very numerous." - Tacitus


In late August 2015 - the Chief Editor of BrevardsBestNews, Dana Delaney Loyd was arrested by the Brevard County Sheriff Department (BCSO) under the charge of making a false call to the Florida Abuse Hotline.

Dana's publication has been a VERY vocal critic of the BCSO, State Attorney's Office (SAO) and the Florida Department of Children and Families (DCF). Her criticism was especially focused on her concerns that they (BCSO,SAO,DCF) were ignoring allegations that a local father was sexually engaging his pre-teen daughter.

These allegations were being voiced by several individuals - with some reporting due to their professional legal responsibility to report.

VolusiaExposed.Com holds the opinion that the above law enforcement agencies indeed failed to properly investigation these allegations against the father - due to an apparent judicial "gag order" put in place by Circuit Court Judge George Maxwell. Judge Maxwell is known for his comment that there is nothing wrong with a "little pedophilia" - as outlined in a April 13, 2001 Orlando Sentinel article.

This "gag order" effectively has held both law enforcement officers and DCF investigators at bay - regarding several independent allegations against the father - to include Loyd's April 2015 call to the Florida Abuse Hotline. VolusiaExposed.Com has no opinion on whether the father actually sexually engaged his daughter - we only forward the OPINION that due to the gag order - law enforcement agencies have failed to properly investigate these allegations.

Regarding Judge Maxwell - more information on this topic is available within our November 4, 2015 article.

VolusiaExposed.Com has published several articles regarding the arrest and on-going criminal prosecution of Loyd. These articles have been incorporated within this article - to the right of this page -->.

January 9, 2017 Court Hearing


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In VolusiaExposed.Com's OPINION Judge Lemonidis has several conflicts of interest attached with her presiding over the Loyd prosecution.

Many of our concerns regarding Judge Lemonidis' assignment to the Loyd case have been addressed within our earlier articles. However, we shall quickly recap these concerns within this article.

May 23, 2016 Hearing

In early 2016 - Judge Lemonidis sealed the entire criminal case file in the Loyd prosecution - effectively keeping everyone - to include media outlets from securing - then publishing those Court records as supportive evidence to any critical articles written regarding the Loyd prosecution.

During a May 23, 2016 Court hearing (see video - right of screen) - Loyd's attorney again attempted to argue that Loyd's criminal court file should be open to public review.

During this hearing - Judge Lemonidis apparently opined that both Loyd and her attorney were using the Court records in a "passive aggressive" campaign of harassment against the victim of Loyd's alleged crime - the father of the pre-teen girl.(see minutes 10-13 of attached video)

Since "harassment" is one of the four elements of the crime that Loyd is charged with - it's our OPINION that Judge Lemonidis has already concluded within the Court record that Loyd is guilty.

Interestingly - a few weeks later - Judge Lemonidis vacillated - by issuing an additional Court Order lifting the seal on Loyd's court records.

For more information - regarding the above - we invite you to review our July 19, 2016 and August 29, 2016 articles

Within the August 29, 2016 article - you will also find a May 19, 2015 Administrative Court Order forbidding Judge Lemonidis's involvement in any court case involving a certain Brevard County law firm. Apparently, Judge Lemonidis has a long standing relationship with this lawfirm - which would call into question her abilities to remain unbiased in her judicial decisions.

Interestingly - Loyd's alleged victim - the father of the then pre-teen child - has been engaged in over a decade long custody battle with the child's mother. The father is represented by the very same law firm that Judge Lemonidis is forbidden to hear cases from. The child's mother supports the allegations that the father is sexually engaging their daughter. The mother is not allowed unsupervised visitation with her daughter - due to her refusal to recant her position regarding the father alleged sexual behaviors.

(Note: Judge Maxwell's Gag Order Is Mentioned Within This Video Clip)

Notice that within the May 23, 2016 hearing video (minutes 10-11) the State Attorney is requesting that Judge Lemonidis order Loyd's attorney to stop attaching Loyd's criminal case number to any documents she files in the civil child custody case. Why is that? Well it's our OPINION that the State, as well as Judge Lemonidis realizes that if these two cases officially attached to one another - Judge Lemonidis will have to recognize her conflict of interest attached to the law firm that represents the father in the custody case.

VolusiaExposed.Com SUSPECTS that there is an on-going conspiracy between at least the State Attorney's office and Judge Lemonidis to keep her (Lemonidis) assigned to the Loyd prosecution - so Lemonidis can assure a conviction - thus providing a "solid" (favor) for the law firm that represents the father (Loyd's alleged victim). With the Loyd conviction - both the BCSO and the State Attorney will rid themselves of a vocal critic. We invite our readers to read ALL of our above linked earlier articles in order to gain a full appreciation of what is transpiring within the Loyd prosecution.


VolusiaExposed recently attended - and video recorded - Loyd's January 9, 2017 hearing in front of Judge Lemonidis. The video is available for viewing within the upper right section of this article.

Loyd's is represented by (2) TWO attorneys - Jessica Burgess and Paul Bross.

In our OPINION - both of these attorneys are more than qualified to individually represent Loyd. However, together - they complement each other - to such a degree - that they effectively have become Loyd's dream team. While a peanut butter sandwich will satisfy your hunger - a peanut butter and jelly sandwich is much more satisfying. Attorneys Burgess and Bross are Loyd's peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

VolusiaExposed.Com invites our readers to watch the January 9, 2017 hearing video - notice that when asked by Judge Lemonidis whether she is ready for trial that day - Burgess informs the judge that Attorney Bross is currently attending another case within a Veira court room. Watch as Judge Lemonidis advises Attorney Burgess that she is "lead counsel" and gives the indication that the trial will proceed today - without Attorney Bross. Also carefully watch the male Assistant State Attorney - Sean Sendra - notice his body language - in our opinion he is very uncomfortable proceeding without Attorney Bross. We suspect that he rose out of his chair - claiming that he was also not ready to proceed - in order to keep Judge Lemonidis from violating Loyd's right to have the defense team of her choice.

While VolusiaExposed.Com maintains our belief that there is an active conspiracy within the Brevard criminal justice community to railroad Dana Loyd - we do appreciate the fact that some players for team conspiracy - might not have a high comfort level with their participation.

The sixth amendment to the U.S. Constitution attaches several rights to a criminal defendant - to include the right to an attorney and a speedy trial.

While one may argue that Judge Lemonidis was not attempting to deny Loyd her sixth amendment right to an attorney - due to the fact that Attorney Burgess was present. We maintain the position that Judge Lemonidis had no idea which attorney was prepared to argue the case to the jury. It's not un-common for one attorney to research the legal aspects of the case - and another argue the case to the jury.

Further - the denial of having Mr. Bross present - could have caused an appeal under section 3.850 of Florida Rules Of Criminal Procedures. We suspect that Mr. Sendra realized that and decided to save Judge Lemonidis from herself.

If true - and from what we have heard though the court house grapevine - this was not the first time ASA Sendra has "saved" Judge Lemonidis from herself. VolusiaExposed.Com has been advised via reliable sources - that in early November 2016 - Calton Brown January (Case # 05-2016-CF-021517) was standing trial under some rather serious weapon charges. During a break in the trial - a witness was observed talking with a juror. From what we heard - based on the communication between the witness and the juror - both the defense and the prosecution were seeking a mis-trial. Apparently - Judge Lemonidis decided that no mis-trial was necessary. ASA Sendra then offered the defense a rather sweet plea deal - that the defense quickly accepted - thereby nullifying the need for a jury trial.


Many may remember the circus attached to the removal of Brevard Judge John C. Murphy - as detailed in our December 19, 2015 article. Judge Murphy was removed by the Florida Supreme Court due to him denying criminal defendants their sixth amendment right to a speedy trial - and the representation of their attorney.

VolusiaExposed.Com suspects that by the completion of Loyd's trial - we will have secured enough of a video record on Judge Lemonidis - to have the Judicial Qualifications Commission open an investigation on her for similar judicial misconduct. If so - and as detailed within our May 13, 2015 article - this will not be the first time one of our videos was use by the Florida Supreme Court to take disciplinary action against a judge.

Loyd's next court date is this Friday, January 13, 2017 @ 9AM in the Titusville Courthouse.

And there you have it .... stand by to stand by ---- there is more to come......and until then we wish to say goodbye in a special way - take it away Lawerence !!! (play below video)