In The Defense Of Dana Delaney Loyd - Part 8

Judge Robin Lemonidis Reviews Loyd's Court Motions

November 22, 2016
"In a state where corruption abounds, laws must be very numerous." - Tacitus

The Stalled Wheels Of Justice

Welcome to the latest edition to our series of articles in the defense of Dana Delaney Loyd.

For our new readers - Loyd is the chief editor of BrevardsBestNews.Com - a publication critical of local law enforcement & government agencies.

In August 2015 - Loyd was arrested by the Brevard County Sheriff Department for allegedly making a false call to the Florida Abuse Hotline. Loyd had published a series of articles in which she raised concerns that a local Brevard father was sexually engaging his then pre-teen daughter. These concerns were ALSO supported by the official verbal and written reports of others - to include professionals within the child protection community, as well as an out of state law enforcement investigation.

VolusiaExposed has been advised that the State Attorney has given notice that they intend to block the introduction during trial of any references to other complaints filed or investigations conducted against the father.

THE NORTH CAROLINA INVESTIGATION - inclusive to our November 5, 2015 linked article - click here

Further - since Loyd's arrest - the Florida Department of Children and Families (DCF) have requested that the local Brevard Court lift the Court's gag order that forbids this particular child or the father from being interviewed or investigated for abuse allegations. This request was denied by the Court during a December 21, 2015 hearing.

DECEMBER 21, 2015 COURT TRANSCRIPT - inclusive to our February 17, 2016 linked article - click here

Now - think on that for a second - this father can not even be investigated for suspected abuse of his daughter - by the very government agency (DCF) empowered to investigate such allegations.

Circuit Judge Robin Lemonidis

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Motion To Suppress
Defendant's Recorded Statement

We imagine that if the local Court doesn't want DCF investigating suspected abuse attached to this particular father and daughter - that this same Court would have a problem with Loyd's publication - exposing any corruption attached to this situation.

Records support that this Court issued gag order was issued by Circuit Court Judge George Maxwell. Judge Maxwell is best known for his 2001 statement that he saw nothing wrong with "a little pedophilia". WTF !?

Does Judge Lemonidis Have An Impartiality Problem?

As discuss in our (VolusiaExposed) August 2016 and September 2016 articles, we have concerns regarding Judge Lemonidis' impartiality attached to the Dana Delaney Loyd prosecution.

The subject father is represented in the on-going child custody case by a local lawfirm that Judge Lemonidis has been forbidden from hearing cases from. Read our earlier article for more on this conflict. (see below)

Our July 19, 2016 linked article - Addressing Our Impartiality Concerns Regarding Judge Lemonidis - click here

And while it's true that Loyd's criminal case and the on-going child custody issue are separate matters - it's difficult for us (VolusiaExposed.Com) to separate the two cases - AND we (VolusiaExposed.Com) can easily imagine that prosecutors will have that very same difficulty separating these two cases during the pending trial.

So what do we (VolusiaExposed.Com) imagine will happen? We suspect that Judge Lemonidis' conflict of interest in this prosecution will bias her decisions - and that Loyd's trial will be nothing more than a dog and pony show - and a disgrace and miscarriage of justice - nothing really new for Brevard County courtrooms - need evidence - read the below articles for two quick examples.

The "Criminal Prosecution" Of Deputy Barre Taylor

The Removal Of Brevard Judge John Murphy

And there you have it..... more to come.... stand by to stand by...

In addition to the Motion To Suppress
Defendant's Recorded Statement

Loyd's attorneys have recently filed seven other motions....

Motion In Limine
To Exclude The Alleged Victim's Timeline Of Events

Motion To Exclude: Florida Abuse Hotline Call

Motion In Limine
To Exclude Allegations Regarding Contact With Space Coast Soccer Club

Motion In Limine
To Exclude Allegations In Colorado

Motion In Limine
To Exclude Allegations Regarding Contact Made With Titusville Police Department And Brevard County Sheriff's Office

Motion In Limine
To Exclude Agent Fischer's Summary Of The DCF Abuse Hotline Call

Motion In Limine
To Exclude Defendant's AT&T Phone Log



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