In The Defense Of Dana DeLaney Loyd - Part 5

Systematic Failures Within Brevard's Child Protective Services
Demand Our Support For Child Advocates Like Dana Delaney Loyd

February 17, 2016
"Like stars are to the sky, so are the children to our world. They deserve to shine!" - Chinonye J. Chidolue
Sometimes It Simply IS
A Government Conspiracy

Many dislike the words "government conspiracy" - that some how the use of these words in any article, will automatically assign the article, or the publication to the realm of yellow journalism.

If you are of that persuasion - then we would suggest that this article is not to your taste. We would suggest that you read no further - continuing in your bliss, and unwaivering trust of your government officials. That is - continuing in your bliss - at least, until these same government officials come after you, or one of yours.

Disturbed - Sound Of Silence

Dana DeLaney Loyd

If however, you are of the persuasion that it is not only the right of every citizen to question their government, but an obligation to question, because you realize that a government that goes unchallenged by their citizens will eventually conspire against their citizens - then please read on.

It is also necessary for us to submit an early apology to our long time readers. Some of what you will be reading in this article, has already been covered in our earlier articles. For the convenience of our newest readers - we have encapsulated much of the previous articles into this article.

A Law Enforcement Over Reach !

This article is part 5 of a series, covering the arrest and on-going prosecution of Dana Delaney Loyd, the Chief Editor of BrevardsBestNews.Com.

It is our understanding that in April 2015, Loyd made a call to the Florida Abuse Hotline, in which she voiced some concerns regarding the health and welfare of a 12 year old girl.

Several other individuals - some being professionals within the child welfare community had also made similar calls to the hotline - referencing similar concerns on the very same young girl.

These concerns are very disturbing - they center around allegations that the child's father is engaging in sexual contact with the child.

Last August 28th (2015), the Brevard County Sheriff Department arrested Loyd, the Chief Editor of BrevardsBestNews.Com. The BCSO charged Loyd with filing a false child abuse report and cyber-stalking. (see scroll box - below right - titled "document #1")

Florida Statute 39.205(9)
(9) A person who knowingly and willfully makes a false report of child abuse, abandonment, or neglect, or who advises another to make a false report, is guilty of a felony of the third degree, punishable as provided in s. 775.082 or s. 775.083. Anyone making a report who is acting in good faith is immune from any liability under this subsection.

Florida Statute 39.01(27)
(27) “False report” means a report of abuse, neglect, or abandonment of a child to the central abuse hotline, which report is maliciously made for the purpose of:
(a) Harassing, embarrassing, or harming another person;
(b) Personal financial gain for the reporting person;
(c) Acquiring custody of a child; or
(d) Personal benefit for the reporting person in any other private dispute involving a child.

Statistics Outlined In GetOutYourBlues.Com

To the credit of the local State Attorney's office (SAO) - they quickly dropped the cyber-stalking charge. However, to their discredit, and as detailed in our September 2015 article - the SAO has continued to prosecute Loyd for the charge of filing a false child abuse report - when they clearly lack the statutory required malicious intent, nor any of the apparent four elements of the alleged crime -- >. (OUR OPINION - we are not attorneys - see above right - F.S. 39.01(27))

In addition to our September 2015 article - you are invited to review our November, December 2015 and January 2016 articles in which we (VolusiaExposed) express our opinion that Loyd's arrest and prosecution is a retalitory strike by both the State Attorney and the Brevard Sheriff department - in their efforts to cease Loyd's critical reviews of both agencies within her BBN articles.




In Order To Provide Cover To The Court System
The System Must Provide Cover To The Father

Court Has Ruled That The Florida Department Of Children and Family Services (DCF)
Can NOT Interview The Daughter.
IMPORTANT QUESTION - Why Would DCF Wish To Interview The Daughter Last July-August (2015)? Could It Be That Like Mrs. Loyd - DCF Also Suspected Sexual Child Abuse?

Silencing DCF With A Court Order - Silencing Mrs. Loyd With Handcuffs

The Court: A Co-Conspirator

While VolusiaExposed heavily suspects that there is an on-going conspiracy between the BCSO and the SAO to silence a critic by their arrest and prosecution of Loyd - we further have developed the opinion that a third conspirator exist - the Court itself.

All three agencies (BCSO, SAO & the Court) have a common motive - they all three must cover for their inactions regarding numerous allegations against the father - regarding sexual contact with his own daughter.

As evidence, in support of our allegations against the Court - we offer what we have listed as Document # 2 & #3.
The Rosetta Stone Document

On December 21, 2015 - the father in question and the mother (divorced from one another) had a hearing in front of Brevard Circuit Court Judge Morgan Laur Reinman.

VolusiaExposed was able to obtain the transcript from the December hearing - and has incorporated three (3) pages of this transcript within this article.

On page 89 of the transcript (see above scroll box - Doc #2) Judge Reinman states that "this Court has made prior detailed findings that the former husband did NOT engage in sexual contact with his minor child". Judge Reinman memorialization of the Court's position regarding the father - also incorporated Circuit Judge George Maxwell's position regarding the father. Judge Maxwell was assigned to the case - prior to Judge Reinman's assignment. The importance of Judge Maxwell's involvement in this case will become apparent shortly.

During the December 2015 hearing - Judge Reinman also stated "as a result of the former wife's continued campaign of allegations of abuse, the Court, by it's final judgment of June 19, 2013, limited the former wife's time sharing to supervised".

Therefore, it is very clear that the Court has opted to punish the former wife, by restricting her visitation rights, due to her inability to accept the Court's assurances that her daughter has not and is not being sexually abused by her father.

Records seem to indicate that the Court is so convinced that the daughter has not and is not being sexually abused by her father - that they have actually banned the Florida Department of Children and Families (DCF) from interviewing the daughter without the Court's prior permission.

Father Will Not Allow
DCF To Interview Daughter

As outlined in page 50-51 of the Court transcript from December 21, 2015 (see above scroll box - right of page - Doc #3) - it is clear that DCF wanted to interview the daughter in July-August 2015. This being shortly prior to Loyd's arrest (August 28, 2015), but several months after her alleged false abuse call to the abuse hotline (April 2015).

DCF was unable to defeat the father's refusal to allow them to interview the daughter. It's our understanding that DCF had received additional allegations - similar to those alleged by Loyd.

Apparently by the Court's statement (see above scroll box - Doc #2) - "it is not in the minor child's best interest for these unfounded allegations to continue to resurface, and/or to be interviewed regarding same" - the Court believes that it is justified in forbidding further "allegations" being investigated against the father.

Court Hearing Transcript - December 21, 2015
Pages 50 & 51


As a point of order - all allegations should be considered "unfounded" - and once proven - allegations become facts. However, for allegations to be properly vetted - the allegations must be properly investigated -- right?.

VolusiaExposed submits that the Court's above statements clearly articulates what many that were (are) involved in the care and custody of the daughter already clearly know - make allegations against the father - and be prepared to suffer the wrath of the Court and law enforcement authorities. (This point will be of importance - later in this article)

Question: Is The Prosecution Of Loyd In The Child's Best Interest?

Given the Court's finding (logic), that it is not in the best interest of the child to be interviewed regarding allegations against her father - VolusiaExposed must ask - is the criminal prosecution against Loyd in the best interest of the child?

As a criminal defendant, Loyd has the U.S. Constitutional right to call witnesses and to depose the State's witnesses against her. It's our understanding - that the daughter has been listed as a State witness. Ironically - the State, and to some degree the Court, by their prosecution of Loyd, have opened the daughter up to questioning regarding the allegations attached to her father. Apparently, in direct violation of the Court's own order.

Based on our understanding of the allegations - it is hard to imagine the daughter not having to testify in Loyd's pending trial. (More on this later)

VolusiaExposed submits the OPINION that the Court, the BCSO and the SAO could give a "rat's ass" about what is in the best interest of the child. They are far more interested in ridding themselves of a very vocal critic - better known as Dana Delaney Loyd, Chief Editor of BrevardsBestNews.Com.

The Third Conspirator's Smoking Gun
Let's Silence Loyd By Taking Sanctions Against Her

The significance of the Court's statement regarding Dana Delaney (Loyd) (see above scroll box - Doc #2) during the December 2015 hearing must be fully appreciated to fully understanding what is really driving the criminal prosecution of Loyd. The Court stated "the unfounded allegations have resurfaced through Dana Delaney (Loyd) and Isabella Foster, and the former wife admits contact with both".

Here is our understanding of the above Court comments - since the former wife can not stop voicing her concerns regarding the father - her punishment is a more restrictive visitation schedule with her daughter. And since these allegations against the father have now resurfaced through Loyd - her punishment is her arrest and criminal prosecution.

Understanding The Judge George Maxwell Factor
The Devil Is In The Details

Earlier in this article - we promised to further explain the importance of Judge George Maxwell's participation in this child custody case.

To be able to appreciate the devil in the details of the Loyd arrest and prosecution - it is extremely necessary for you to understanding the Judge Maxwell factor.

Judge Maxwell was the initial judge that ruled that the father had not engaged in sexual contact with his daughter.

Now normally - that would not be significant - but Judge Maxwell has his own questionable past.

According to an April 2001 Orlando Sentinel article (see article web link - right of page -->)
April 13, 2001
Click Below To View Entire OS Article

Judge George Maxwell was highly criticized by the Department of Children and Families regarding his statement regarding how "a little pedophilia" should not be considered regarding a child custody matter.

This being the very same judge, that initially ruled that the father connected to the Loyd abuse call, did not engage in sexual contact with his daughter. How much faith do you have in Judge Maxwell's ability to properly handle child custody matters? Well, according to the attached April 13, 2001 Orlando Sentinel article, DCF did not have faith in Maxwell's abilities - they wanted him removed from all child custody matters.

Honestly, after our (VolusiaExposed) review of the entire December 21, 2015 Court transcript - we have no faith in Judge Reinman's abilities to protect the true interests of our children. VolusiaExposed would have provided the entire Count transcript for our readers review - however, the redaction (removal of names and personal information ) of that document would have been too time consuming.

Systematic Failures Within Brevard's Child Protective Services
Demand Support For Advocates Like Dana Delaney Loyd

According to a March 2014 media article (ALJAZEERA.COM), not only have there been failures within Brevard's judicial chambers - but the Florida Department of Children and Families (DCF) has also suffered their own deadly failures.

Just imagine the embarassment and liability that attaches to these government agencies when these scandals are uncovered by media outlets.

In Florida - judges, sheriffs, and yes, even the state attorneys are all politicians. However, not only are they politicans, they all have law enforcement powers - and in our opinion, these powers are routinely misused for political gain. (ie. - the Loyd arrest and current criminal prosecution)

Most politicians would not even consider taking on a high profile investigative reporter from one of the major news outlets (CNN, FOXNEWS, Orlando Sentinel, etc).

However, many of the major media outlets find some of their best human interest stories within small publications like BrevardsBestNews.Com.

Therefore, for any government agency attempting to avoid embarassment - the goal would be to "shut down" the small publication's article - prior to the major publications becoming aware of it.
Click Image To Review Entire Article
Loyd's Importance To The Community

Loyd has consistently exposed the corruption, as well as the weaknesses that exist within the local criminal justice system, including that part of the system, which ensures the health and safety of Brevard's children. In our opinion, without Loyd's BrevardBestNews.Com's articles regarding Officer / BCSO Deputy R. Pill's inappropriate conduct with underage girls - he would have never been arrested in May 2014. (Click here to review our January 2016 article for more information regarding BCSO Deputy R. Pill)

So Why Was Loyd Arrested

In our opinion, Loyd was arrested for the reason explained above - as stated by Judge Reinman during the December 21, 2015 hearing - Loyd continues to express "unfounded allegations" against the father in question. Further - during the abuse call - Loyd identified herself as "Theresa Smith".

Ahhhh... so Loyd did call in a false abuse report - she did so when she referred to herself as "Theresa Smith"...RIGHT?

NO ! - and here is why. Florida Statute 39.01(27) (see F.S. 39.01(27) to below right of this page) clearly defines what is considered to be a false child abuse report.

VolusiaExposed submits the OPINION that Loyd's use of the name "Smith" did not forward one of the four elements to qualify her call as a false report.

Loyd's use of the name "Smith" was no more a false abuse report - then if she would had provided a telephone number of (000) 000-0000.

Loyd was not attempting to gain a financial or personal benefit, or to harass anyone, nor was she attemtping to gain custody of the child (see F.S. 39.01(27)).

In our OPINION - Loyd was merely reporting suspected child abuse - as is ironically encouraged by Mr. Phil Archer, the local State Attorney (More on this later).

Here is the truth, as we see it. As indicated by Judge Reinman's statements of December 21, 2015 - Loyd was resurfacing what the Court had already ruled as "unfounded allegations" - and they (Court) felt harassed - and like with the mother of the child - the Court, and the system (BCSO / SAO) applied punitive action against Loyd.

We submit the OPINION that her arrest had little to nothing to do with her call to the abuse hotline - her arrest is much more connected to her articles on BrevardsBestNews.Com regarding the father and daughter - and the SYSTEM's (Court and law enforcement) desire to protect themselves from any oversight or criticism connected to their position regarding the father.

Florida Statute 39.205(9)
(9) A person who knowingly and willfully makes a false report of child abuse, abandonment, or neglect, or who advises another to make a false report, is guilty of a felony of the third degree, punishable as provided in s. 775.082 or s. 775.083. Anyone making a report who is acting in good faith is immune from any liability under this subsection.

Florida Statute 39.01(27)
(27) “False report” means a report of abuse, neglect, or abandonment of a child to the central abuse hotline, which report is maliciously made for the purpose of:
(a) Harassing, embarrassing, or harming another person;
(b) Personal financial gain for the reporting person;
(c) Acquiring custody of a child; or
(d) Personal benefit for the reporting person in any other private dispute involving a child.

What Loyd Knew !

Well, while Judge Reinman will assure the public that the allegations against the father have been reviewed in detailed - and been ruled to be "unfounded" - Loyd was aware of a North Carolina law enforcement investigation that differed from the local Court's findings.

VolusiaExposed invites our readers to review the North Carolina investigation to the right of this page. After reading it - and after factoring in that at least one local judge involved in this case is apparently comfortable with a "little pedophilia" in child custody cases - ask yourself this question - would YOU too consider calling the child abuse hotline - like Loyd and others have already done?




The Sound Of Silence

Earlier in this article, we stated that many individuals involved in the care and custody of the daughter are clearly aware that making allegations against the father, would subject them to the wrath of the Court and law enforcement authorities.

It has come to the attention of VolusiaExposed, that one of the rationales for Loyd using the name "Theresa Smith" was that she (Loyd) was reporting information that individuals directly connected to the care and custody of the daughter were apparently too scared to report - fearing retaliation by the father, the Court, and law enforcement.

With the arrest of Loyd, these individuals' fears seem to be well founded. Further, it is very disturbing to us, that professional child care providers have been so intimidated by members of the Court and law enforcement - that suspected sexual child abuse apparently goes unreported.

BUT here is a more important observation / question - if professional child care providers can be intimidated into NOT reporting suspected sexual child abuse - could our law enforcement officials also be so intimidated by an official Court position regarding the father, that they have chosen to ignore such abuse?

Remember - it's our opinion that absent Loyd's courage to report and push the Deputy Ryan Pill matter - his (Pill's) inappropriate conduct with underage girls would have never been addressed.
(Click here to review our January 2016 article for more information regarding BCSO Deputy R. Pill)

We suspect that as Loyd's criminal case gets closer to trial - that additional information will float to the surface and break additional silences.

What did Sheriff Ivey know?

Did the BCSO encourage / instruct Loyd to make an anonymous call to the child abuse hotline? (Anticipate more on this in future articles)
Hush little baby,
don't say a word

Silence, itself, is one of the primary tools sexual predators use to target our children.

Defendless children, and apparently mandated reporters, are easily silenced, and manipulated by adults with nefarious purposes.

What is most disturbing in this particular case, is that the government officials themselves, are exercising the predator's tool of silence.

While holding the position that the juvenile daughter was NOT sexually victimized by her father - the State Attorney's office still requested, and secured from the Court (Judge Robin C. Lemonidis), a Confidentiality Order - effectively banning the court file from public view.
(see below right - scroll box for a complete copy of Confidentiality Order - document #5)

As Posted On Children's Advocacy Center Of Brevard - Click Here

From our understanding - such Confidentiality Orders are usually only issued to protect the privacy of an alleged sexual assault victim. Then again - the State Attorney, and at least two circuit court judges do not appear to believe that the daughter has been sexually assaulted. How convenient all of this must be for Mr. Phil Archer's office - talk about having your cake and eating it too. (Phil Archer is the local State Attorney)

BSCO's History Of Harassing Loyd

VolusiaExposed.Com holds the OPINION that the August 2015 arrest of Loyd was just the newest chapter of BCSO sanctioned harassment against Loyd.

We (VolusiaExposed) suspect that several members of the BCSO, including high ranking administrators, have a proverbial axe to grind regarding Loyd's web publication - BrevardsBestNews.Com.

Court Approves Motion To Hide Court Records From Public View !

That this axe grinding has been on going for years, as can be evidenced by the fact that in 2013 - two BCSO deputies illegally ran Loyd's name through a law enforcement databased commonly referred to a D.A.V.I.D . (see scroll box document #6 - right of page - May 27, 2013 BCSO Letter -->)

We (VolusiaExposed) further suspect that Loyd's August 2015 arrest was merely an escalation of BCSO's harassment of her - for her continuing critical articles against both the BCSO, as well as the local state attorney's office.

BCSO Past Harassment Of Mrs. Loyd

Sheriff Wayne Ivey's And State Attorney Phil Archer's
Connections Within Brevard's Children Protective Services Community

State Attorney Phil Archer Encourages Individuals To Report SUSPECTED Child Abuse

It is of great interest to us here at VolusiaExposed.Com that both Brevard Sheriff Wayne Ivey & State Attorney Phil Archer are on the advisory board of the Children's Advocacy Center of Brevard.

Tyler Sirois, Executive director, Office of the State Attorney, 18th Judicial Circuit. is also the President of the Children's Advocacy Center of Brevard.

As Posted On Children's Advocacy Center Of Brevard - Click Pic
Apparently, both Sheriff Ivey and State Attorney Phil Archer have twiced assured the citizens of Brevard County of their committment to the safety of Brevard's children.

The first assurance came the day they were sworn into to their offices. The second assurance came the day they became associated with the Children's Advocacy Center of Brevard (CACB).

We invite you to read the "mission statement" of the CACB, once read, ask yourself this question - has either Ivey or Archer honored their oath of office or the CACB's mission statement?

Notice that Mr. Archer is standing behind the banner which encourages that individuals call the child abuse hotline if they suspect abuse. Maybe there should have been a caveat attached to the banner, stating not to call in suspected child abuse on a subject father that the Court has already ruled to be an "unfounded" offender.

Click Below - To Review CACB's Mission Statement Web Page

Early this month, and in preparation for this article - we sent Mr. Archer (State Attorney) an email inquiring whether he still supported the position that individuals should report suspected child abuse to the abuse hotline.

Mr. Archer's office did respond - stating that he "absolutely supports reporting suspected child abuse and stresses the importance of truthfulness in every detail".

What shall be interesting to see, as the Loyd case proceeds - is whether Mr. Archer maintains his support for the importance of truthfulness in every detail, regarding the criminal prosecution of Loyd - ie. - what the sheriff knew - and whether the BCSO encouraged / instructed Loyd to make the abuse hotline call?

We predict that the State Attorney's office will continue in their attempts to silence the details of the truth, similarly as we suspect they are doing, by constantly modifying their witness list. (ref. brevardclerk.us )

We suspect that the true details of why Loyd was arrested, and is now being prosecuted, are located within the State Attorney's proposed plea bargain offer. The BCSO, Court and the State Attorney's office desires that Loyd remove articles from her web publication BrevardsBestNews.Com that are critical of their agencies. (see plea offer within our December 3, 2015 article

Teflon Dad
BCSO's History Of Giving Dad
The Benefit Of The Doubt

It's important for our readers to understand that VolusiaExposed does NOT maintain the position that the father is guilty of engaging in sexual contact with his daugther - NOR are we sure that he did not engage in an incestuous relationship with his daughter.

Rather, our position is that local law enforcement and Court authorities have NOT properly investigated these allegations against the father. The mere fact that these allegations have been made by several individuals - some being professionals within the child protective services community - is very disturbing to us.

Other Allegations Of False Reporting Targeted
Against Individuals That Questions The Father


Also disturbing to us, is the father's ability in securing the benefit of the doubt - when under local law enforcement review / investigation.

VolusiaExposed was able to obtain a 2013 criminal complaint filed by the father, in which he alleged that his bank account had been hacked into - and that certain funds had been transferred to four (4) individuals known to him. (see police report - in above scroll box title Document # 7)

Within the attached police report - the father implicates his former wife as the prime suspect, as the person that hacked his banking account. The father goes on to tell the police that he suspects that his former wife's motive centered on her belief that he was engaging in a sexual relationship with their daughter. The father alleges that he had received some texts from his former wife detailing her suspicions. The father provided his home Internet IP address of

BCSO investigated both the alleged fraudulent money transfers and the text messages allegations. The investigating deputy noted the former wife's cooperation of providing him with immediate answers and documents to forward his investigation.

Eventually the investigation determined that the texts that the father alleged came from his former wife - originated from the very same home Internet IP address ( the father supplied the deputy as being his (father). Shortly thereafter - the father stop communicating with the deputy - causing the deputy to close the case.

Assuming that the father did not send the text messages to himself - from his own home IP address - who could have sent those messages? From our understanding - during this time frame (2013) - only two other persons resided with the father - the daughter and the father's girlfriend. Absent the father self texting himself, and lying to the deputy about it - we would suggest that either the girlfriend or the daughter sent the text messages stating - "How'd u like that you piece of shit go suck dick & stop fucking your daughter !! - the truth will prevail !!?

Was this a cry for help (either from the girlfriend or daughter) that the BCSO ignored?

Twenty (20) Times In Twelve (12) Years
With Zero Arrests

As listed in our December 3, 2015 article, VolusiaExposed has secured some second party documents - that seem to indicate - that over a twelve (12) year period (2003-2015) - police have been called out over (20) twenty times to the father's home. (VolusiaExposed has redacted the name of the person / subject & his home address from the attached BCSO reports - we believe these documents to be authentic - BUT we have NOT independently verified their accuracy)

These calls for police service included, but were not limited to, alleged incidents of domestic violence - whereas the subject of Loyd's DCF tip (father) was identified as the criminal suspect - but never arrested.

Our Suggestion - Loyd Truly Deserves The Benefit Of The Doubt

With the systematic failures that exist within Brevard's Child Protective Services. Coupled with the numerous other child abuse hotline calls received on the subject father. And finally, given Loyd's past history of exposing child abuse - we suggest that she deserves, at least the same level of the benefit of the doubt, that law enforcement has been willing to grant the subject father.

For us here at VolusiaExposed - we have no doubts in Loyd - therefore, we shall continue covering this developing story, and her on-going criminal prosecution - to it's completion. Stand by to stand by --- we anticipate the the plot will thicken as we more forward.


Court Hearing Videos - State of Florida vs. Dana Loyd

January 8, 2016 hearing
The judge ran The "white noise" generator for most of the hearing

January 21, 2016
Part 1 of 2

January 21, 2016
Part 2 of 2

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