In The Defense Of Dana DeLaney Loyd - Part 2

Is It More About Retaliation Than It Is About Allegedly Enforcing The Law?

Dana - Don't You Sometimes Wish Your Heart Was A Heart Of Stone?

November 4, 2015
"Don't piss down my back and tell me it's raining." - Actor John Vernon as Fletcher, 1976 - "The Outlaw Josey Wales"
Silence Her - By Arresting Her

On August 28th (2015) the Brevard County Sheriff Department arrested Dana Delaney Loyd, the Chief Editor of BrevardsBestNews.Com.

The BCSO charged Loyd with filing a false child abuse report and cyber-stalking - the State Attorney opted to drop the cyber-stalking charge.

In an earlier article, VolusiaExposed expressed our opinion, that Loyd's arrest and criminal prosecution were being forwarded in support of several political & personal desires within the administration of the Brevard County Sheriff Office (BCSO). Loyd has consistently exposed the corruption, as well as the weaknesses that exist within the local criminal justice sytem, including the part of that system, which ensures the health and safety of Brevard's children.

Cher - Heart Of Stone

Dana DeLaney Loyd

Is Loyd Guilty Of Filing a
False Report Of Child Abuse
Are Law Enforcement Officials Guilty Of Ignoring Child Abuse?

Loyd has expressed concerns that the father of a young girl has been engaging in sexual contact with his daughter. (VolusiaExposed has redacted the names of the father and daughter - many of these documents were received from local law enforcement agencies - UNREDACTED)

From our understanding - Loyd has had no personal knowledge regarding the alleged sexual contact between the father and daughter - but, such has been reported to Loyd by several individuals, to include the mother of the young girl, as well as other persons with custodial contact with the child.

Judicial Gag Order

From our further understanding - several custodial contacts of the young girl have some type of knowledge of improper contact between father and daughter, to include alleged statements from the daughter. However due to a gag order* from local Circuit Judge George Maxwell - these custodial contacts have apparently been so intimidated - that they are hesitant to report the alleged abuse through proper law enforcement channels. (*As per the Loyd arrest report - Judge Maxwell has a standing order that the child is not to be interviewed without first gaining his permission - thus hampering any investigation into suspected child abuse)
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Apparently these custodial contacts of the child felt more comfortable reaching out to Loyd - a known champion of children's issues - than they did making contact with local law enforcement officials.

According to the Loyd Arrest Warrant Affidavit (second to last paragraph of second to the last page) Judge Maxwell has a standing order that the daughter is NOT to be interviewed by anyone, to apparently include law enforcement, regarding ANY alleged abuse allegations. (The entire Arrest Warrant Affidavit is available for review - right of page - in below scroll box)

Was It Much Easier To Arrest Loyd
Then To Challenge A Judge?

Given Judge Maxwell's standing gag order regarding the questioning of the daughter - was it merely easier to arrest Loyd - then it would have been to approach Judge Maxwell to gain permission to investigate the abuse allegations?

Apparently, the custodial persons that reported the abuse to Loyd were correct in their concerns regarding reporting the alleged abuse to law enforcement officials.


Judge Maxwell's Apparent High Level Of Tolerance Regarding Pedophilia

According to a local media account (April 2001), and a known complaint by Florida Department of Children & Families - Judge Maxwell was accused of "taking chances with the safety of children".

The above concerns centered around an alleged statement made by the judge which appeared to support a judicial viewpoint that a "little pedophilia" was nothing to worry about regarding the welfare of a child.

Understandingly, DCF had reservations about whether Judge Maxwell's views regarding a "little pedophilia" were in the best interest of Brevard's children. Upon DCF's request - Judge Maxwell removed himself from the dependency docket. However, sometime bewteen April 2001 and now (2015) - Judge Maxwell was apparently reassigned to hear dependency cases.

While Loyd and DCF may or may not agree on whether she was acting in good faith last April when she made her abuse report - they (Loyd and DCF) appear to agree on one thing - that Judge Maxwell's assignment to the dependency docket is NOT in the best interest of Brevard's children.


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The 2010 North Carolina Allegations

Given the gag order by Judge Maxwell - regarding how additional abuse allegations are to be handled in reference to the subject child, and DCF's 2001 documented concerns regarding Judge Maxwell's inabilities to insure the welfare of children under his judicial review - we (VolusiaExposed) are left wondering whether Loyd should be issued a medal for bravery - rather than a court date for an alleged criminal offense?

While the BCSO's press release (see scroll box - lower right of page) mentions the additional 2010 North Carolina allegations attached to this very same father / daughter relationship - the BCSO release only states that the allegations were "unfounded".

"Unfounded" by who? - From our understanding - the 2010 investigation findings were not as cut and dry as BCSO officials would like many to believe.

Whatever the case may be - VolusiaExposed has secured the 2010 investigative report - and has incorporated it within this article for your review. (see scroll box - lower right of page)



Were There Additional Reasons
Behind Loyd's Arrest?
Can there Really Be More To This Circus?

Loyd also is known to champion the rights of adults that can not properly defend themselves - this includes jail inmates with "special handling needs" (mental health issues, violent tendencies, etc).

This was the case in July of this year (2015) when Loyd heard that an Brevard County jail inmate (Trevor Doss) suffering from what the jail has defined as "violent tendencies" - had allegedly been abused by jail staff.

Loyd heard of this alleged abuse via her husband (Chris Loyd)- a then BCSO jail deputy - who apparently witnessed the alleged abuse. Deputy Loyd has since resigned from the BCSO.

According to Loyd - she reached out and reported the alleged abuse directly to Sheriff Wayne Ivey via text messages and a phone calls. Apparently Loyd and Sheriff Ivey have a rather long history of discussing matters of relevance - to include this particular jail abuse allegation, as well as the particular child abuse allegation covered within this article. (Per our interview with Loyd))



The Trevor Doss Abuse Allegations

The Reader's Digest version of the Trevor Doss abuse allegations is that jail staff, over the course of three days in July, placed Inmate Doss on the hot recreation deck of the jail for several hours - while he was secured in rather tight (short) handcuff to legiron restraints - which seriously immobilized his ability to move and to obtain drinking water, or to even stand up.

Loyd has advised VolusiaExposed.Com that within the attached July 5, 2015 text and later phone conversation with Sheriff Ivey - she voiced concerns to Ivey over the alleged treatment of Inmate Trevor Doss. ----->

It is interesting to note - that per the attached BCSO internal investigation (see below scroll box - right of page) - the Doss investigation was opened the very next day (July 6, 2015) - however, the report also indicates on page 1 - the second sentence - that the reporter of the alleged abuse of Inmate Doss was an anonymous person.

Loyd has insisted to us (VolusiaExposed) - that she was the abuse reporter regarding Doss allegations. So - why would BCSO officials leave that fact out of their report?

Actually, it would appear that not only did the BCSO leave that fact out of their report - they falsified their abuse investigation by stating that the reporting party was an anonymous person.

BCSO Had A Legal Obligation
To Identify The Doss Complainant

Law enforcement and correctional officers in the State of Florida have certain rights while under internal investigation. These rights have been incorporated within Florida Statutes 112.531-112.535 - and are commonly known as the Florida Officer's Bill of Rights.

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Under F.S. 112.532(1)(d) - officers have the right to know the names of ALL the complainants that have lodged allegations against them. To us (VolusiaExposed) - BCSO not only falsified their Doss investigative report - but they violated Florida law by not identifying Loyd as the Doss complainant (Our Opinion).

F.S. 112.532 (1)(d) The law enforcement officer or correctional officer under investigation must be informed of the nature of the investigation before any interrogation begins, and he or she must be informed of the names of all complainants. All identifiable witnesses shall be interviewed, whenever possible, prior to the beginning of the investigative interview of the accused officer. The complaint, all witness statements, including all other existing subject officer statements, and all other existing evidence, including, but not limited to, incident reports, GPS locator information, and audio or video recordings relating to the incident under investigation, must be provided to each officer who is the subject of the complaint before the beginning of any investigative interview of that officer. An officer, after being informed of the right to review witness statements, may voluntarily waive the provisions of this paragraph and provide a voluntary statement at any time.

Irony Abounds

The BCSO has criminally charged Loyd with filing a false DCF abuse report, in part, because she alleged her name was "Theresa Smith" - BUT the BCSO has apparently falsified their own investigation into the Doss abuse complaint by alleging that the complainant was anonymous - when it appears that their own sheriff was keenly aware that the complainant was in fact Dana Delaney Loyd. How ironic and troublesome is that?

Think on this - since Loyd was apparently attempting to report the alleged child abuse in the most accurate way as it was reported to her - will law enforcement authorities now insist that she identify the custodial persons that reported the abuse to her? Bet on it ! For you must understand - only they (law enforcement) are allow to lie - as they did by giving Loyd the name "anonymous" in the Doss investigative report.

Did the BCSO falsify the Doss report by identifying Loyd as "anonymous"? We (VolusiaExposed) believe that per Florida Statutes - they (BCSO) did. However, did Loyd lie when she identified herself as Theresa Smith during her DCF abuse phone call? We (VolusiaExposed) hold the opinion that she did NOT provide a false statement, as would be defined by the Florida Statutes that govern abuse reporting. Our opinion and arguments are better defined within our earlier article. A quick understanding of our position is that any misrepresentations made by Loyd - are only prosecutable - if she made those misrepresentations - with the intent to forward a limited list of agendas - as defined within Florida Statutes. In our OPINION she did NOT - it's our opinion that any misrepresentations she made were done to protect the child and the identities of the individuals that provided her with the abuse information.

Since Loyd would not identify her sources to us - we are fairly sure she will not release those names to anyone - to her own probable detriment.

We highly expect that law enforcement officials will demand to known those names - so that they too can be dealt with (silenced) - afterall - if indeed, the abuse allegations have some validity - will that not place the following agencies in a negative light - BCSO - State Attorney - Judge Maxwell - DCF? Heck - next year is an election year - and after all - they (politicians masquerading as law enforcement officers) need to protect their abilities to be re-elected - right?

Loyd's silence - and NOT the enforcement of Florida laws, OR the protection of Brevard's children is, in our opinion, the main goal of Brevard's law enforcement officials. Need proof? Wait and see the conditions of any plea bargain they offer Loyd - betcha it includes redacting her website and enforcing her silence.

In the end - all that matters is whether Loyd honestly believed that the abuse allegations were true. We (VolusiaExposed) believe she did !

From our interactions with Loyd - she is a person of high morale character - she has principles - and rarely are such individuals liars. On the other hand - we invite you to just open any newspaper or news website and corruption from politicians and law enforcement officials will gladly slap you in the face many times over - and hopefully wake some of you up to reality. One very recent article that we invite you to review, is an article that details the number of law enforcement officers that have been de-certified due to sexual misconduct.

Hundreds of officers lose licenses over sex misconduct

Interestingly - Brevard County had it's own police officer that apparently was involved in sexual misconduct - AND without Loyd's articles - this deputy / officer would have probably NOT been prosecuted (Our VERY STRONG Opinion). Hey McFly ! - are we (VolusiaExposed) even starting to convince some of you (our readers) that Loyd's arrest and prosecution were / are retaliatory acts by the Brevard County law enforcement establishment?

VolusiaExposed - December 2013 Article Praising Loyd's Articles
Exposing BCSO Deputy (Officer) Ryan Pill's Sexual Misconduct

According to a local media account - Pill eventually pled the case down, his law enforcement certification was revoked, and was sentenced to five (5) years of criminal probation.

Pill is the son of former Deputy Barbara Pill - who was killed in the line of duty in March of 2012.

QUESTION FOR OUR READERS - Do you imagine that many within the Brevard law enforcement community have an axe to grind against Loyd for her exposing Pill's criminal conduct?

From our (VolusiaExposed) perspective - Loyd's arrest and prosecution is an inquisitorial inspired persecution of her - by a bunch of vigilante members of the Brevard County law enforcement establishment. They might as well get it over with - and burn her at the stake - like Joan of Arc.

Returning To The Doss Abuse Allegations
Does The 8th Amendment Even Exist In Brevard County?

IF the Doss allegations have any validity - then we (VolusiaExposed) suggests that the Brevard County jail was in probable violation of Mr. Doss' Eighth Amendment rights - as afforded him via the U.S. Constitution.

The Eight Amendment protects individuals from cruel and unusual punishments.

We (VolusiaExposed) invite you to read the Doss investigative report for yourself - so that you can determine for yourself, whether the jail was in violation of Mr. Doss' Eight Amendment rights.

To the suprise of few - the BCSO cleared themselves of any wrong doing regarding the Doss allegations.

Loyd's High Bail Bond
Yet Another 8th Amendment Violation?

Immediately after Loyd's August 28, 2015 arrest - she was assigned a $10,500 bond by the Brevard County officials. (See BCSO Press Release - Lower Right Of Page)

However, according to the official Brevard County Bail Bond Schedule (See Scroll Box - Upper Right Of Page) Loyd's maximum bond should have been $2,500 !

So why such a high bond? Well - We (VolusiaExposed) suspect that her bond had little to do with her criminal charges - but rather her bond amount was driven by retaliation for her criticisms of the Brevard County law enforcement establishment (BCSO - Judge Maxwell - State Attorney - Etc.).



In fairness to the BCSO - we reached out to their Public Information Officer - David Jacobs. He invited us to put our concerns and questions in an email to his office and that our concerns and questions would be addressed. We did so, and as of the posting of this article - we have NOT heard back from Mr. Jacobs.

VolusiaExposed is very sure that for several of our readers - most, if not all of what was covered in this article falls into the "conspiracy nut" category. For those individuals - we kindly remind them that one of their (Brevard) circuit court judges (Judge John Murphy) is currently being investigated by the Florida Judicial Qualifications Commission on whether he violated several criminal defendant's Sixth Amendment rights (speedy trial and legal representation).

Our Final Thoughts

So - why does a website that covers and exposes corruption within Volusia County - care so much of what is transpiring in Brevard County?

Easy - because if we sit back and quietly let them take Loyd today - tomorrow they will come for us AND MAYBE EVEN YOU!

BCSO News Release
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And remember the words of Rev. Martin Niemöller (1892–1984) - a prominent Protestant pastor who emerged as an outspoken public foe of Adolf Hitler and spent the last seven years of Nazi rule in concentration camps.

"First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out— Because I was not a Socialist.

Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out— Because I was not a Jew.

Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me."

It's our opinion that its time to SPEAK OUT - IN THE DEFENSE OF DANA DELANEY LOYD !

Loyd has opened a Criminal Defense - Go Fund Me Account.

It's Kinda Ironic That Loyd's Court Date Has Been Scheduled For The 5th Of November

We look forward to your comments on this situation.
Drop us a line to let us know what you think.