The Butterfly Indictment
The Trial & Sentencing Of Dana Delaney Loyd.

Arrested And Prosecuted Over A Phone Call.
Sentenced For Her Website's Articles Exposing Corruption.

Is The Brevard Justice System - Rotten To It's Core ?!

May 15, 2017
"Judges are the weakest link in our system of justice, and they are also the most protected."
Alan M Dershowitz

Corruption Squared - Justice Denied

Since the Brevard County Sheriff Department's August 2015 arrest of local child advocate Dana Delaney Loyd for allegedly* making a false child abuse hotline call - we (VolusiaExposed.Com) have been publishing an exposé of articles in the defense of Loyd.

*(Due to Loyd recent criminal conviction - some of our readers may take umbrage to our usage of the term "allegedly" - we welcome our readers to review all of our earlier linked articles (see right of page) - so that they can better understand why VolusiaExposed firmly holds our belief that Loyd did not commit the crime she was arrested for)

We invite our readers to review these previous articles - in order to have a full appreciation of how Loyd is now actually a political prisoner of the Brevard County justice system - in direct retaliation for her posted web articles exposing corruption within the Brevard justice system - rather than for an alleged false abuse hotline call. (see the below right of this article for links to our earlier articles - many of which reposted to Loyd's web site).

March 27, 2017
Judge Robin Lemonidis
Threatens To Arrest VolusiaExposed.Com Representatives

May 23, 2016 Loyd Hearing
(Watch Minutes 10:30-11:30)

March 27, 2017
Judge Robin Lemonidis
Runs Off The Bench to Have A Private Meeting With The Jurors

March 27, 2017
Judge Robin Lemonidis
Bumps In The Road Over Lunch

Brevard County's criminal justice system is rather infamous for it's long history of injustices. In addition to our articles detailing the injustices attached to the Loyd prosecution - we invite you to review FloridaToday's exposé detailing corruption within the Brevard County justice system which dates back nearly 40 years.

Another excellent source that exposes the corruption within the Brevard County justice system is BrevardCorruptionWatch's Facebook page.

In addition to being a child advocate - Loyd is the chief editor of the local news website BrevardsBestNews.Com (BBN). BBN is well known for it's critical review of local law enforcement agencies - to include their mishandling of child sex abuse allegations.

Brevard county has an infamous world wide reputation for it's failure to properly address child abuse allegations - to include those of a sexual nature. Brevard Circuit Judge George Maxwell brought shame to the 18th Judicial Circuit for his high tolerance of pedophilia - attached to a particular child custody case.

Our Earlier Articles Regarding
The Loyd Prosecution

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Judge George Maxwell - now recently retired (December 2016) - is connected to the alleged abuse situation - that Loyd was attempting to report - when she was arrested. In short - Judge Maxwell issued a judicial gag order that restricted ANY law enforcement officers from interviewing the subject child - regarding any allegations lodged against the subject father. By her call to the Florida Abuse Hotline - Loyd was attempting to report her concerns that the subject father was sexually engaging his pre-teen daughter.

We submit for your review and consideration - that by their arrest of Dana Loyd - the Brevard County criminal justice system was attempting to protect itself and Judge Maxwell from yet another scandal. Loyd was effectively exposing their corruption and poor decision making - regarding their failures to properly protect the children of Brevard County. The system needed to silence Loyd - ASAP. Her arrest, and now conviction - effectively has delivered Brevard authorities the silence that they need in order to avoid the scandal Loyd would soon be exposing.


While Loyd's criminal conviction and sentencing has effectively silenced her abilities to voice her concerns that local government officials have not properly investigated numerous documented concerns regarding the subject father. Loyd does have a successful track record of identifying and reporting on the sexual exploitation of children.

In 2013, VolusiaExposed.Com published an article congratulating Loyd in her efforts in exposing a local law enforcement officer's criminal sexual behavior (underage sex).

Further - even with her (Loyd) having pending criminal charges - Loyd was of great assistance to this publication in our articles exposing the criminal sexual misconduct of another Brevard County deputy - Deputy Barre Taylor.

As you might imagine - Loyd's efforts in exposing sexual misconduct within the ranks of local law enforcement departments - certainly did NOT make her a well liked person, especially within the walls of local police & sheriff departments' briefing rooms. In fact - VolusiaExposed would further submit that Loyd was also not well liked within the walls of the local State Attorney's office. Former Deputy Barre Taylor is a relative of a local assistant state attorney - therefore his reluctant criminal prosecution had to be given to another Florida prosecutor's office. Once again - all of this information is available within our earlier linked articles - and we encourage your review of those earlier articles in order to gain a full appreciation of the vile hatred local law enforcement has for Loyd - and to the true nature of Loyd's arrest, criminal prosecution and sentencing.

This article will focus on the recent criminal trial - criminal conviction - and sentencing of Dana Loyd. (March & April 2017)


Should you be of a certain stereotypical group - those that have full unquestionable faith in our local justice system - and you wish to blindly keep that faith - then we would strongly suggest that you stop reading this article now. If however, you wish to review our trial videos and documents - - and come to your our independent conclusion on whether Loyd received a fair trial - AND whether she was actually sentenced for the crime she was charged with - then we invite you to continue reading.


During her sentencing - Dana Loyd may or may not have been offended - when Judge Robin Lemonidis referred to Loyd's web publication as "fake news" and "yellow journalism" (see below sentening video # 3 - starting at minute 7:55). Here at VolusiaExposed.Com - we have no problem with our readers automatically assuming that we are a "fake news" site.

In fact in a recent WMMB-AM 1240 / 1350 broadcast (see minutes 13:30) - both the radio host, Bill Mick and Sheriff Wayne Ivey indicated their shared belief that Loyd's apparent supporters in the media were "fake news" sites.

VolusiaExposed.Com has been forwarding our long standing axiom - that we prefer our readers to initially assume that VolusiaExposed is "fake news" or "yellow journalism". Why? Easy - because there are alot of "fake news" sites out there. Its our responsibility to secure our readers' confidence - by presenting the evidence (videos / documents / etc) - that clearly support our published positions. And while we (VolusiaExposed.Com) will voice our own conclusions and opinions within our articles - we highly encourage our readers to form their OWN INDEPENDENCE conclusions and opinions.

In the end - it will be up to the public to determine whether this particular publication (VolusiaExposed.Com) and other publications have presented the supportive evidence to forward their conclusions and opinions.

With those above thoughts in mind - earlier in this article we alleged that many in local law enforcement don't particularly appreciate Dana Loyd's past efforts of exposing the sexual predators within their law enforcement ranks. Now it's time for us (VolusiaExposed) to either "put up" or "shut up" on these particular allegations against law enforcement. We opt to "put up".

Facebook is a wonderful resource - if used properly - and within certain parameters. Obviously - Facebook presents the opinions and views of many individuals - but like articles from VolusiaExposed - Facebook posts should also be taken with a grain of salt - until the positions and opinions published are backed with supportive evidence. With that said - Facebook is a valuable resource - in that it allows us to be able to look into the souls of those that post to it.


One of the first things that sticks out about Brevard County Sheriff's Office official Facebook posts regarding the Loyd matter - is how their (BCSO) Facebook post presents a large booking photo of Loyd - with large blue letters stating "CONVICTED" scrooled across the photo.(see upper right of page)

Loyd was convicted of a third degree felony - under the allegation of making a false call to the Florida child abuse hotline. Once that is clearly understood - we ask our readers to notice how the BCSO handles it's post regarding Jennifer Rose Trent - who was recently convicted of the premeditated murder of Doris Johnston, 70 years of age.

Notice the much smaller booking photo used in the Trent Facebook post - also note that there is no "CONVICTED" scrooled across the Trent booking photo. Now ask yourself this - which conviction does the BCSO seem to be more proud of - Loyd's or Trent's?

BCSO Facebook Post On Recently Convicted Murderer Jennifer Rose Trent

We submit for your consideration - that the BCSO appears to have much more pride in the Loyd conviction. Why is that? Well in our (VolusiaExposed) opinion - the BCSO is much more satisfied with the Loyd conviction because her conviction and jail sentence - effectively silences Loyd, a person, who they (BCSO) perceive to be a very dangerous media critic. With much interest and concern - it would appear to us - that the BCSO is more enthralled in it's own self protection (Loyd's arrest) - than in the life and safety of a 70 year old woman (Trent's arrest). How does this appear to you?

Okay now - here is where it is important for you to initially assume that VolusiaExposed is nothing more than a "fake news" and "yellow journalism" website - should we fail to defend our positions with the evidence.

Earlier in this article we mentioned the Deputy Barre Taylor sex scandal. In short - Deputy Taylor - a married man with a small child - was engaging in a sexual relationship with a female jail inmate. This situation was detailed in an April 2016 BCSO internal affairs investigation.

VolusiaExposed.Com's BCSO IA Investigations Archives Page

Should you care to take the time to read the Deputy Barre Taylor BCSO IA report you will quickly understand that BCSO Sgt. Jason Brimm was also a subject deputy in that particular investigation. According to the Taylor investigative report - Sgt. Brimm had some knowledge of Deputy Taylor's illegal behaviors (sex with an inmate) and failed to properly address them and / or properly report them up the chain of command. Further - and maybe most disturbing - the investigative report - memorializes some inappropriate comments made by Sgt. Brimm - regarding women and his fellow BCSO staff members.

From Brevard Sheriff Office's
Official FaceBook Site

Dana Delaney Loyd

BCSO Deputy
Jason Brimm Chimes In

VolusiaExposed Representative's
Post To Deputy Brimm



On March 30, 2017, a Brevard County jury found 44-year-old Dana Loyd guilty of the charge of Filing a False Report of Child Abuse, a felony, punishable by up to five years imprisonment in the Florida Department of Corrections.

On April 29, 2015, Brevard County Deputies responded to Quest Elementary School regarding a DCF investigation surrounding allegations of sexual abuse between a father and adolescent daughter. According to DCF documents, the allegations were reported by an individual claiming to be a substitute teacher, who identified herself as Theresa Smith and alleged that the victim had confided the abuse to her. The Quest Elementary School staff subsequently verified that the alleged victim did not have a substitute teacher for that date and furthermore, did not have a substitute teacher by that name.

On April 30, 2015, the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office initiated an investigation surrounding the possibility of a falsely reported child abuse. As a result of various evidentiary leads, Agents were able to develop a suspect, Dana Loyd, after matching her personal telephone number to the number that was used to report the false allegations to the DCF Hotline.

Additional information was also obtained through published articles in an internet site named “brevardsbestnews.” It is widely known that the suspect is the “Chief Editor” of the site that published two articles on April 17th and June 24th, 2015, titled, “Please Help Fight for Justice!!!” and “Blood in the Streets?,” which identified the father of the alleged child abuse victim by name, and in the last article, identified both the father and alleged victim by name. Additionally, it was learned that Loyd was allegedly contacting the father’s employment and other organizations where he was volunteering, advising he was a child molester. The investigation determined that the allegations of the reported abuse were unsubstantiated.

During the investigation, the agents interviewed Loyd, who confessed that she had in fact called DCF, and that the false allegation and calls to the father’s employer and others, were harassment. An arrest warrant was obtained and Loyd was subsequently arrested.

As a result of the arrest, Loyd was convicted by a jury of her peers and will be sentenced in an upcoming court hearing.

I am extremely proud of everyone involved in the investigation and subsequent prosecution as the investigation, arrest, and conviction sends a very strong message to anyone who falsely reports crimes in our community.

Sheriff Wayne Ivey
Frankly - based on what we have read - we have developed a strong opinion - that Brimm has failed to maintain Florida's moral character standards for police officers - as defined in Florida Administrative Code 11B-27.0011. But that's just our opinion - you should develop your own opinion of whether Deputy Brimm deserves to wear a badge?!

It is of some interest that according to a March 2014 FloridaToday.Com article both Deputies Brimm and Taylor were BCSO's Corrections Deputies of the year (2013).

The year 2013 appears to have been Deputy Brimm's high water mark with the BCSO. In addition to his involvement in the Deputy Taylor sexual misconduct investigation - which ended up with him being demoted from sergeant back to deputy - Deputy Brimm had his own internal affairs investigation in 2016 that dealt with excessive use of force allegations being lodged against him. Initially, the IA sustained some serious allegations against Deputy Brimm - allegations that should have called into direct question - his ability to continue serving as a law enforcement officer within the State of Florida. However, fortunately, for Deputy Brimm - he was exonerated - after the completion of a secondary review of the allegations against him.

Yes indeed - 2016 was a very hard year for Deputy Brimm - and the Chief Editor of BrevardsBestNews.Com Dana Loyd was assisting this publication (VolusiaExposed) in posting our articles and reports covering the allegations against Deputy Brimm.

After her arrest - and due to the BCSO being her arresting agency - Loyd concluded it would be a conflict of interest for her to expose problems within the ranks of the BCSO - as well as the local State Attorney's office (SAO). Therefore - pending the completion of Loyd's prosecution - we (VolusiaExposed.Com) developed our "Bungling Brevard" section of our web magazine - in order to appropriately report any concerns regarding the BCSO or SAO. Loyd reposted many of our articles to her web publication.

Volusiaexposed.Com now suspects that because Loyd reposted our articles, especially those critical of Judge Lemonidis - this caused Lemonidis to retaliate against Loyd. (more on this later in this article)

Finding The Truth In The Facebook Gossip

If you have already taken the time to read the Deputy Barre Taylor BCSO IA report you have now confirmed that Deputy Brimm lost his sergeant stripes for not properly reporting Deputy Taylor's sexual misconduct - AND for spreading rumors - to include a "rumor" that a jail supervisor was engaging in a sexual relationship with a subordinate employee.

Evidence (see right of page - >) documents that Deputy Jason Brimm made a very interesting post on the "Official BCSO" Facebook page - regarding his views on Loyd's criminal conviction. You will note that Deputy Brimm makes issue of Loyd's alleged slanderous behavior towards "the Brevard County Sheriff's Department and neighboring cities and municipal agencies". It's fairly clear to us (VolusiaExposed.Com) that Deputy Brimm has a full appreciation that Loyd's arrest, prosecution, conviction and sentencing had little to nothing to do with an alleged false call to the Florida Abuse Hotline. Rather, it has become clear to us (VolusiaExposed.Com) - that Loyd's arrest, prosecution and sentencing are directly connected to her published criticism of the Brevard Criminal Justice System - including articles exposing the sexual assaults perpetrated by two Brevard County sheriff deputies.

BCSO Deputy
Jason Brimm Chimes In

The evidence suggests that Deputy Jason Brimm posted the following comments - "Aww, such a shame for the "Chief Editor" to a website dedicated to essentially slandering the Brevard County Sheriffs Department and neighboring cities and municipal agencies. This woman did nothing for years besides bringing a bad name for herself and her family and disrespecting dozens of others. Good riddance to this disgrace of a "journalist", hope you enjoy whatever sentence you get, you coward."


By his Facebook post - has Deputy Brimm once again engaging in unsubstantiated gossip? Sadly - VolusiaExposed.Com actually believes that Deputy Brimm is voicing an actual belief - and his true feelings. We further suggest that these beliefs are held by many other BCSO deputies - to include senior BCSO administrators - that Loyd is in fact a political prisoner of the BCSO - thereby insuring that her law enforcement critical website is silence through her incarceration.

We make the following observation - that Deputy Brimm just could not help himself in celebrating the conviction of Loyd - by voicing the actual BCSO rationale for arresting - prosecuting and sentencing Dana Delaney Loyd. That Loyd was (is) an investigative journalist that was exposing corruption within the criminal justice system within Brevard County - and it was in the best interests of the BCSO, State Attorney's office and finally Judge Lemonidis to silence Loyd's criticisms.

Remember - Loyd had been exposing a lot of corruption within the BCSO - as well as within other local law enforcement agencies. So much so that some in law enforcement even acknowledged her abilities to root out corruption. Even Dale Young an investigator for the local public defender's office recommended her in a Facebook post as a person to contact in resolving a concern within the Brevard County jail (see FB post - right of page).

Within one of our earlier articles - we exposed that then Brevard County Sheriff Investigator Dale Young was the assigned investigator to handle earlier allegations against the subject father. Over the years - the subject father has had several allegations filed against him by various different individuals in several different states - regarding inappropriate behaviors with this pre-teen daughter. Investigator Young was assigned to investigate the allegations attached to the North Carolina investigation (see attached North Carolina Report).

If you take the time to watch the State's cross examination of Loyd during her trial - you will note that the State makes much of Investigator Young's investigative conclusion that the subject father had not abused his daughter. What you will not hear during this cross examination - is that evidence would suggest that the subject father and Investigator Young are Facebook friends. (see right of page).

Fortunately - we have more evidence than merely Deputy Brimm's or Deputy Young's Facebook comments. Directly below Brimm's comments on this page - you will find Brevard County Sheriff Wayne Ivey's written comments regarding Loyd's criminal conviction (see upper right of page). Sheriff Ivey can't even remain focused on Loyd phone call to the Florida Abuse Hotline - Ivey can't help but to mention Loyd's web publication - to the point of even listing the particular titles of her articles - as the catalyst for Loyd's arrest and prosecution.

The evidence trail does not stop there - later in this article - we will be reviewing Judge Robin Lemonidis' sentencing of Loyd. You will be able to watch the Courtroom video of Lemonidis' sentencing rant. We will leave it up to you on whether Loyd was sentenced for an alleged false phone call to the abuse hotline - or was she jailed for publishing critical articles detailing corruption within the Brevard's criminal justice system?


Does VolusiaExposed.Com believe that Loyd was railroaded through the Brevard criminal justice? Do we believe her arrest, prosecution, and sentencing has everything to do with her critical articles against the local criminal justice system. Our answer is: YOU BETTER BELIEVE WE DO !

Does VolusiaExposed.Com believe that the subject father has (is) sexually abusing his juvenile daughter? Our answer is: WE JUST DON'T KNOW - BUT WITH THAT SAID - IN OUR OPINION - NEITHER DCF, THE BCSO AND THE LOCAL COURT HAVE AN HONEST ANSWER TO THAT QUESTION EITHER - AND DON'T YOU THINK THEY SHOULD HAVE AN ANSWER?.

The Federal Bureau Of Investigation Chimes In
(Scrool Down Within Box To Review Entire Document)
2013 Email From FBI Intelligence Analyst - Wendy Dufford
As Posted On BrevardBusinessNews.Com

How do we support the above opinion / position - easy - once again - we suggest reading our earlier articles that are linked within this article. (see upper right of this page for web links) Upon your review - you will read about a judicial gag order that forbids law enforcement (to include DCF) from interviewing the subject child. A judicial gag order that was put in place by a circuit court judge (George Maxwell) that has expressed a tolerance level regarding pedophilia - so much so that a local newspaper wrote an article about it in 2001.

Our earlier articles contain much more supportive evidence - but if you don't have the time to read these articles - then might we suggest that you read the above linked 2013 email of FBI Intelligence Analyst, Wendy Dufford - in which she express her concerns regarding this particular child - and the local officials inability to properly investigate. So go ahead - assume the VolusiaExposed.Com is "fake news" - that we are "yellow journalism" - but is it too much to ask that you give the FBI just a little of your time?

So in the end - where do we stand? We find ourselves having the same concerns that FBI Intelligence Analyst, Wendy Dufford documents in her 2013 email. (see the above scrool box)


After reviewing the FBI Analyst Wendy Dufford's email - whereas she voices her concerns regarding the allegations against the subject father - and more importantly whether local Florida authorities were properly investigating the allegations - you may also wish to review Craven County (NC) Sheriff Investigator Whitfield's investigative report regarding the subject child and father.

During Loyd's trial - the Whitfield investigation was quickly mentioned by the State Attorney - but as quickly as it was mentioned - it was dismissed. Why? Because the subject father's Facebook friend - Brevard County Sheriff Investigator Dale Young had already concluded that those allegations against the subject father were unfounded. So at this time - you may wish to re-read FBI Analyst Dufford's email - whereas she expresses her concerns about Brevard's "Good Old Boys Club". Here is our question to you - our readers.... how comfortable are you - that Brevard County officials properly investigated the allegations against the subject father?



Investigator Dale Young was scheduled to be a witness for the State of Florida in the Loyd trial - but after we (VolusiaExposed.Com) exposed him (Young) as a FaceBook friend of the subject father within our February 17, 2017 article - Mr. Young's testimony for the State's prosecution was no longer needed. Imagine that ! But that didn't keep other Facebook friends from testifying in the Loyd trial - we anticipate publishing more about that in a future VolusiaExposed.Com article.


The Government's Vitriol For The News Media's Coverage Was Very Evident During The Loyd Trial
We invite you to review Judge Lemonidis' March 27, 2017 rant on how our representatives were "thwarting" the judicial process by including the potential jurors names within our press notes. Watch as our press notes are illegally impounded by the court deputy under the orders of Judge Lemonidis.(see video)

After filing a complaint with the public information officer for the court, our notes were returned to us the very next day.

Later VolusiaExposed.Com was advised - via an email from the Clerk of the Court - that the courtroom clerk had posted a file to the Clerk's website - the very same day our representatives were threatened with contempt of court for listing the prospective jurors' names within our press notes.

So why would Judge Lemonidis threaten us (VolusiaExposed.Com) with a six month jail sentence for merely including the prospective jurors names in our press notes - if she knew that the Clerk would be including those very same names in the court minutes - that would soon be viewable by everyone on the planet?

March 27, 2017
Judge Robin Lemonidis
Threatens To Arrest VolusiaExposed.Com Representatives

The answer - in our opinion - is very simple. That similar to Loyd's jail sentence having nothing to do with her making an alleged false call to the Florida Abuse Hotline - our (VolusiaExposed.Com) jail sentences would really have nothing to do with us writing the names of the prospective jurors in our press notes - but rather - our jail sentences would have everything to do with our coverage of the Loyd arrest, prosecution, trial, and the judge. Several of our articles are very critical of Judge Lemonidis - and we suspect that Judge Lemonidis is VERY thin skinned when it comes to criticism.

Again here are five (5) VolusiaExposed.Com articles that were highly critical of Judge Lemonidis
see additional article linked within this web page.

Article Example #1

Article Example #2

Article Example #3

Article Example #4

Article Example #5

We suspect that after you review the above articles
you (the reader) will have a better appreciation of why Judge Lemonidis attempted to find our representative in contempt of Court.

We submit for your consideration (see above video) - Judge Lemonidis' advisement to VolusiaExposed representatives that they would be better off not to return to her courtroom after the lunch break - thereby avoiding a possible jail sentence for direct contempt. Was Judge Lemonidis attempting to chill our first amendment rights - and Loyd's sixth amendment rights to a public trial? We leave that for your consideration.

Was Loyd's Guilt Determined In A "Side Bar" Meeting - Prior To The Start Of The Trial?
As you are considering whether Judge Lemonidis was attempting to deny Loyd a fair and public trial - we ask you to review pages 105 to 109 of the official trial transcript.

These five pages of transcript are of a March 27, 2017 pre-trial sidebar meeting between Judge Lemonidis, the prosecutors and Loyd's defense team.

We would provide you the video of this conversation - but this conversation transpired at "sidebar" with the white noise machine on so that members of the public - as well as the defendant can not hear what is being said. Fortunately however, these "sidebar" discussions are part of the official transcription record.

Within pages 105-109 of the official trial transcript - Judge Lemonidis seems to indicate a belief that VolusiaExposed.Com representatives were influencing Loyd in a negative way (page 106 - see right of page - scrool box).



Further - and more disturbing to us here at VolusiaExposed.Com - there appears to be an agreement between all parties (judge, defense attorneys and prosecuting attorneys) that Loyd is guilty and should just take the plea bargain (pages 106-107). While we can appreciate the prosecuting attorneys would have the mindset that Loyd was guilty, Loyd's attorneys pled her not guilty - therefore - one would imagine that the "not guilty" mindset would be what they would be forwarding to Judge Lemonidis during this side bar meeting. Sadly, this does not appear to be the case here. You decide.

Since this sidebar meeting transpired on March 27, 2017 - two days prior to the starting of the trial and the introduction of any evidence against Loyd - one would imagine that Judge Lemonidis would also be required to have the mindset that Loyd was innocent UNTIL proven guilty. It's really not too much to ask for - afterall is it not the very same requirement (innocent until proven guilty) that Judge Lemonidis demanded from the jurors.

This "sidebar" meeting transpired shortly after Judge Lemonidis had threatened to jail VolusiaExposed representatives for merely taking press notes.

Please make note that within pages 105-109 of the transcripts - Assistant State Attorney Sean Sendra appeared to agree with Judge Lemonidis' opinion that VolusiaExposed.Com representatives were negatively influencing Loyd's decision making. Mr. Sendra stated in his agreement with the judge's comments - that this was the rationale why the State had not withdrew the plea bargain.
Click The Below Images To Visit
Our Loyd Trial Video Page

April 6, 2017
Judge Robin Lemonidis
Sentences Dana Loyd

However, if you take the time to watch video #3 of the later April 6, 2017 sentencing hearing - Assistant State Attorney (ASA) Sendra upon being questioned by Judge Lemonidis - again recommended that Loyd only be sentenced to the conditions of the plea agreement. In fact - we were advised by Loyd's attorneys that ASA Susan Stewart had advised them that they (ASAs) would not be asking for more than what was outlined in the plea bargain.

Watch (within first minute of video) as Judge Lemonidis becomes upset when ASA Sendra merely requesting the non-jail sentence, as outlined in the plea deal. Now, why would Judge Lemonidis be so upset with ASA Sendra merely requesting that Loyd be sentenced to probation? Keep reading - we (VolusiaExposed.Com) are going to suggest to you that Judge Lemonidis felt herself victimized by Loyds' & VolusiaExposed.Com's web articles - and she (Lemonidis) was out for some retribution.

Was This Meeting Held To Forward Judge Lemonidis' Political & Retribution Agendas?
On March 27, 2017 - two days prior to the start of Loyd's trial - and a very short time after Judge Lemonidis had threatened to jail VolusiaExposed staff for contempt of Court - the Court opted to send Loyd home early due to Loyd becoming ill.

We (VolusiaExposed) invite you to review the attached video as Judge Lemonidis departs the courtroom with her baliff - to go downstairs so that she can advise the prospective jurors that they are excused for the remainder of the day.

We then request that you review the hearing that transpired immediately after Judge Lemonidis' return to the bench after excusing the jury for the day. Note how Judge Lemonidis advises both the defense and prosecution teams that she had advised the jurors that there had been some "bumps in the road" over lunch - and that these issues had to be worked out.(Watch Video #2 - Right Side Of Page)

Now remember - Judge Lemonidis had threatened to place our (VolusiaExposed.Com) representatives in jail for alleged contempt of Court over the lunch break. Were we (VolusiaExposed.Com) one of those "bumps in the road" that Judge Lemonidis advised the prospective jurors of? Did Judge Lemonidis say something to the jurors that might have biased them against the defendant, Dana Loyd? Well - we will never know - because this private meeting with the jurors was off the record.

Is it inappropriate (yellow journalism / fake news?) for us (VolusiaExposed.Com) to ask whether Judge Lemonidis has with purpose - attempted - and possibly succeded - in biasing and prejudicing the prospective jurors against defendant Loyd? We believe it is appropriate to question Judge Lemondidis' actions and intentions. Why? Well for two main reasons.

The first reason is that Judge Lemonidis has some "skin in the game" in seeing Loyd convicted. VolusiaExposed.Com published several critical articles regarding Judge Lemonidis' participation in the Loyd case. Loyd re-published these articles within her publication - BrevardsBestNews.Com.

In one of our earlier articles - we (VolusiaExposed.Com) question how Judge Lemonidis can be assigned to the Loyd prosecution due to a May 2015 Administrative Judicial Order which forbids Judge Lemonidis from hearing cases involving a certain Brevard County law firm.

The subject father is represented in the child custody case by the above mentioned law firm (see Judicial Order 15-25-b).

It is significant to us (VolusiaExposed.Com) that shortly before Loyd's March 29-30, 2017 trial - the 18th Judicial Circuit repealed Judicial Order 15-25-b and replaced it with Judicial Order 17-07-b. Things that make you go hmmmmm?

Again here are five (5) VolusiaExposed.Com articles that were highly critical of Judge Lemonidis - see additional article linked within this web page.

Article Example #1

Article Example #2

Article Example #3

Article Example #4

Article Example #5

We suspect that after you review the above articles - you (the reader) will have a better appreciation of why Judge Lemonidis attempted to find our representative in contempt of Court.

March 27, 2017 - Video #1
Judge Robin Lemonidis
Leaves The Bench To Have Private Meeting With Prospective Jurors

March 27, 2017 - Video #2
Judge Robin Lemonidis
Shortly After Her Private Meeting With The Jurors - Judge Lemonidis Returns To The Bench - Listen To What She Said She Told The Jurors

Judge Robin Lemonidis

Given that Loyd was convicted - and given Judge Lemonidis' sentence that Loyd must take down her articles regarding the subject father and daughter - it would appear to us - that our (VolusiaExposed.Com) re-published articles, critical of Judge Lemonidis, would be inclusive to Lemonidis' censorship order. What a convenient and self-serving sentence this is for Judge Lemonidis.

The second reason is also discussed later within this particular article. During the trial - Loyd's legal team - in a side bar meeting - alleged that Judge Lemonidis had made some prejudicial statements in front of the jurors that equated to inappropriate early jury instructions. Due to these alleged judicial statements - Loyd's attorney requested - but was denied a mis-trial by Judge Lemonidis.

A bigger question / concern for us here at VolusiaExposed.Com is why neither the State or Loyd's legal team voiced a concern with Judge Lemonidis meeting privately with the jurors? Then again our answer can probably be found within the then private "sidebar" meetings hidden behind the white noise machine - whereas the Court, the prosecution and sadly Loyd's own defense team had already determined her guilt. We submit for your consideration - that Judge Lemonidis was the de facto proxy representative of all three parties (Court, State, and Defense) - and they (Court, State and Defense team) where simply just processing her though what passes as the justice system within Brevard County , Florida.

Afterall - the Brevard County Justice System is known worldwide for it's corruption. If you have any doubts - may we suggest reading some of the recent articles written by FloridaToday's report John A. Torres. Hopefully it will not take 30 years to expose the corruption attached to the Loyd prosecution.

Over the last year and a half - VolusiaExposed.Com has attended and video recorded all of Loyd's pre-trial hearings. We also attended and recorded Loyd's two day trial (March 29-30, 2017).

With NO DOUBT in our minds - Loyd's arrest, prosecution, conviction and sentencing equates to the best railroad job we have witnessed since the founding of VolusiaExposed.Com in March of 2010.

Even after reviewing all the court transcripts and trial videos - should you conclude that Loyd is guilty of making a false abuse hotline call - which we have argued in our earlier articles that she is not guilty of - you must ask youself this question - do the falsehoods and professional conflicts of interest employed by the State and the Court out weigh any crime that Loyd may have committed.

We invite you to review the court transcripts - watch the trial videos - read our evidence of how Judge Lemonidis should have never been assigned to this case - due to an obvious conflict of interest. And then ask yourself whether Dana Loyd received justice - whether she was even convicted for the crime charged - whether her sentence had anything to do with a false phone call - and whether Judge Lemonidis had a professional agenda in censoring Loyd's articles from the Internet. Is this what you want to pass as justice in Brevard County - if so - then might we suggest that Judge John C. Murphy be reinstated by the Florida Supreme Court?.
VolusiaExposed.Com Has Secured & Provided To You (Our Readers) The Full Transcript & Video Record Of The Trial Of Dana Delaney Loyd - We Leave It To You To Review & Determine For Yourself Whether Loyd Received A Fair Trial.

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In an honest reflection - it's our (VolusiaExposed.Com) opinion - that the judicial misconduct of Circuit Judge Robin Lemonidis within the Loyd case - compares to the judicial misconduct that forced the Florida Supreme Court to remove Judge Murphy from the bench.

Initially - we (VolusiaExposed.Com) thought highly of Loyd's trial defense team. However - now being able to review the court transcripts - with particular attention given to the "sidebar" meetings

May 23, 2016 Loyd Hearing
(Watch Minutes 10:30-11:30)

that were white noised out - thus BLOCKING our ability to hear what was being said - our opinion regarding Loyd's defense team has changed.

We invite our readers to read all of the "side bar" meetings within the entire 900+ pages of the Court transcript - by using the search term "side bar" - and decide for yourselves whether there was a collusion between Judge Lemonidis, the State & the defense team to deny Loyd a fair trial. We suspect you will quickly realize that during these "side bar" meetings - Lemonidis, the State & the defense team were far more interested in avoiding appeal issues - than they were concerned whether Loyd received a fair trial. Afterall - based on the "side bar" meeting - they had already concluded her guilt (our opinion).

In one particular side bar meeting - Judge Lemonidis assures the defense team that she would assist them in avoiding an ineffective counsel appeal being filed against them by Loyd.(see pages 99 and 115 of the above linked court transcripts). Was this a Quid pro quo deal offered by Judge Lemonidis - you give me Loyd - and I will protect you from a ineffective counsel appeal?

Click Here To Read All Pages Of The Transcript Snippet

While we (VolusiaExposed) hold the opinion that Loyd's trial defense team eventually gave into Judge Lemonidis. It appears they did try to make a half hearted attempt to have the prosecution thrown out via a mis-trial. It just seemed too little too late.

Within pages 843-849 of the Court transcript (see link - above right) - one of Loyd's trial attorneys alleges that Judge Lemonidis improperly biased and prejudiced the jurors against Loyd with some of her in court statements. Loyd's defense attorney requests a mis-trial based on Judge Lemonidis' statements. This mis-trial motion transpired in yet another "side bar" meeting - unknown to everyone else in the courtroom - including the defendant - Dana Loyd. With no suprise - Judge Lemonidis denied the Motion for Mis-trial - imagine that. We (VolusiaExposed) suggest that this in court act of biasing the jurors against Loyd - goes hand in hand with our concerns that Judge Lemonidis biased and prejudiced the juror against Loyd in her private meeting with the jurors two days prior to the start of the trial.

It's the opinion of VolusiaExposed.Com - that from the very beginning Judge Robin Lemonidis suffered from a jaundice eye regarding the Loyd prosecution.

During a May 23, 2016 hearing - Judge Robin Lemonidis stated a belief that both Loyd and her attorney were engaging in a passive aggressive harassment of Loyd's alleged victim (see minutes 10:30 to 11:30 of the above left video). We suspect that Judge Lemonidis made this statement in order to intimidate Loyd's attorney. By trial - almost a year later - and as evidenced within the "side bar" meetings within the court transcripts - Judge Lemonidis has won over Loyd's defense team. Lemonidis has them admitting Loyd's guilt - has offered them assurances of assistance / protection should Loyd alleged an ineffective counsel appeal - and has even taken one of Loyd attorneys under her wing with her "mom talk" - regarding his inability to adhere to the Court's schedule. (see page 21 of the Court transcript).

So are we (VolusiaExposed.Com) saying that Judge Lemonidis with a nefarious purpose - biased the jurors against Loyd via a private meeting and in court statements - and then through judicial intimidation and with promises of judicial coverage - won over Loyd's defense team - convincing them to sacrifice their client to her judgement? We are saying - that facts and evidence seems to suggest so - what do you think?

Loyd's conviction, sentence and Judge Lemonidis' refusal to grant an appeal bond has all been appealed via the 5th District Court of Appeal.

Loyd has a new legal team out of Miami.

However, the Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi is now involved in Loyd's case.

Attorney General Pam Bondi and Brevard Sheriff Wayne Ivey have a long history of supporting one another.

When Sheriff Ivey was running for sheriff - Bondi endorsed his run.

Then again - maybe - just maybe - Bondi will be too busy defending herself against her own corruption allegations - to be able to assist Sheriff Ivey in his efforts in silencing Dana Loyd.

Standby to standby - there is surely more to come........

The Appeal Of Dana Delaney Loyd
Loyd Requests An Appeal Bond
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