In The Defense Of Dana Delaney Loyd - Part 11

From The Rabbit's Hole - On To The Spider's Web Of Deceit

February 17, 2017
"Oh what a tangled web we weave, When first we practice to deceive" - Walter Scott


Welcome to the latest edition of VolusiaExposed's series of articles titled - "In The Defense Of Dana Delaney Loyd". For the convenience of our new readers - links to our earlier articles in this series have been incorporated within this page (see right of page).

Loyd is the chief editor of BrevardsBestNews.Com - a website with a critical eye in exposing corruption within the local Brevard County justice system.

Loyd was arrested in August 2015 - under the charge of making a false report to the Florida Abuse Hotline. Loyd was reporting allegations that a local father was sexually engaging his pre-teen daughter. Many other individuals - some under their professional responsibilities - had reported similar allegations against the very same father. However, due to a 2013 judicial gag order - issued By Brevard County Judge George Maxwell - law enforcement officials were (are) forbidden from interviewing the child. (See arrest report from our November 4, 2015 Article ->)

In fact - months after Loyd's arrest - the Florida Department of Children & Families (DCF) received yet another allegation against the father. DCF approached the court - requesting permission to interview the child - but - during a December 21, 2015 court hearing - was denied any access to the child. When was the last time any of you heard of DCF being denied access to a child after a child abuse report has been filed?

For more information regarding the December 21, 2015 court hearing - please see our February 17, 2016 article. We further encourage you to read the February 17, 2016 article - so that you can fully appreciate Judge George Maxwell's rather high tolerance for pedophilia.

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Last month - in our January 17, 2017 article - VolusiaExposed.Com exposed the fact - that the Loyd prosecutors requested - and secured - a judicial order from Judge Robin Lemonidis - that forbids the past allegations against the father from being mentioned during Loyd's pending criminal trial.

We invite our readers to read our earlier article (January 2017) - in which we discussed the blantant discrepencies between the State's position that the past allegations against the father have no bearing on Loyd's criminal prosecution - or her defense - when compared to the State's demands in their plea offer to Loyd - that she removes her web articles - which highights the past allegations against the father. The question that surfaces is - if the past allegations against the father have no bearing in the Loyd prosecution - then why are the past allegations inclusive to the State's proposed plea bargain?

During the recent court hearing - the State argued that if Loyd was allowed to bring up the father's past history of allegations - that it would cause the jury to have to go down an unnecessary rabbit's hole.

VolusiaExposed.Com suspects that the failures of several Brevard County criminal justice agencies to properly address the past allegations against the father is the true catalyst for Loyd's arrest - than is any alleged false call to the abuse hotline. Thus the rationale of why the State does not wish to go down that rabbit's hole.

Loyd has opted to decline the plea bargain - and her trial is currently scheduled to start in Titusville, Florida the week of February 20, 2017.

BCSO Investigator Dale Young

Records indicate that in 2010 - Brevard Sheriff (BCSO) Investigator Dale Young "investigated" (we use that term very loosely) one of the mother's complaints against the father. These same allegations were also investigated by the Craven County, North Carolina sheriff department - their investigative report / interview can also be viewed within our February 17, 2016 article. (This Investigative Report Is An OMG Read)

While BCSO Investigator Dale Young's "investigation" concluded no wrong doing by the father - the North Carolina report tends to support a different investigative conclusion (OUR OPINION).

Let's Be Facebook Friends

VolusiaExposed.Com became aware that Investigator Young and the subject father are Facebook friends. (see Facebook screen shot to the right of this page -->)

VolusiaExposed.Com highly suspects that their (Young / Father) friendship - negatively influenced the veracity of the BCSO investigations regarding the allegations against the father.

During a recent court hearing - the State memorialized their intentions to have Investigator Young testify at the Loyd trial. We suspect that Young's Facebook friend status with the father will invalidate the impartiality of any testimony he will give during Loyd's trial. Also - what testimony could Investigator Young have regarding the April 2015 alleged false call to the abuse hotline? During that time frame - Young had already left the BCSO and was working for the public defender's office.

Dude - Head's Up - They Are Investigating You Again !

Further - VolusiaExposed has received records that support that in 2011 - the Brevard County Sheriff Department opened yet another "investigation" (again - we use that term very loosely) against the father regarding very similar allegations.

Based on a recently published May 10, 2011 email between the subject father and his attorney. The father indicates that Investigator Young was providing him back door information on the then on-going investigation. The email also appears to memorialize that Young contacted out of state officials, in his official law enforcement capacity - in order to secure investigative information helpful to the subject father. VolusiaExposed holds the OPINION that Investigator Young inappropriately (possibly - illegally) colluded with the subject father - by providing him with confidential law enforcement information - and in doing so - negated the integrity of the investigative process.

From our understanding - Investigator Young was not even officially assigned to the 2011 BCSO investigation. With no surprise - the 2011 allegations were also determined to be unfounded by the BCSO. Young resigned from the sheriff department shortly thereafter - and now works as an investigator for the local public defender's office.

In our opinion - there is little doubt that these less than professional "investigations" by the BCSO - were used to support Judge George Maxwell's 2013 gag order and the mother's very restrictive visitation schedule with her daughter (12 hrs of supervised visitation - monthly).

VolusiaExposed.Com does not have an opinion - regarding whether the numerous allegations against the father have merit. Rather, our opinion is simply that for whatever reasons (probably initially connected to father's friendship with Young - then later to Judge Maxwell's gag order) - the local Brevard justice system seems to "sandbag" any concerns / allegations they receive regarding the subject father.

The publication Brevard Business News (not connected to Loyd's publication of BrevardsBestNews.Com) recently published several documents connected to the Loyd prosecution. These documents can be viewed at this incorporated weblink (click here).Within these documents is the earlier mentioned May 10, 2011 email.

Below Is A Reported Recent Text From Investigator Young - In Which He Praises Loyd's Abilities To Root Out Corruption

Large Media Outlet's Article
Regarding Brevard's Failures

VolusiaExposed does understand the concept of attorney client communication privilege. However, we currently hold the opinion that this particular email record does not enjoy the privilege for two reasons.

Within our published series "In The Defense Of Dana Delaney Loyd" (see above web links - top right of page) VolusiaExposed.Com has forwarded the opinion that the arrest / criminal prosecution of Loyd is an illegal collusion between - the Brevard County Sheriff's Department - the State Attorney's Office & sadly the Court itself.

We forward the belief - that Loyd is being prosecuted - in order to quiet a media critic that threatens to further expose the failures within the Brevard County criminal justice system - in not safeguarding the well being of Brevard's children. Our concerns are similar in nature as a larger media outlet's 2014 media report exposing these very same failures within the Brevard County child welfare system. Given the content and context of the father's May 10, 2011 email - VolusiaExposed believes that this email supports our suspicion that the Brevard County Sheriff Department, and others, were in collusion with the father - to ignore, and NOT honestly investigate - good faith allegations against the father.

Therefore - we hold the belief (OPINION) that any attorney client privilege that was attached to this email correspondence was waived under the crime-fraud exemption.

Further - per our limited understanding of how this email was placed into general circulation - we suspect that the father waived his attorney client privilege by allowing third parties to have access to this communication.

Truthfulness In Every Detail?

While it may fit the political agendas of the State Attorney, the Sheriff, and the Court - to define Loyd's call to the abuse hotline as a false call - the truth is - Florida Statutes (Chapter 39) clearly defines what is a false abuse hotline call. VolusiaExposed's initial September 12, 2015 article covers - in detail - the official statutory definition of a false call to the abuse hotline. We argue, within our earlier articles, that any call made by Loyd - did not meet the statutorial definition of a false call.

And that's the way it (currently) is .... stand by to stand by - there is more to come.