In The Defense Of Dana Delaney Loyd
Part 13

The Brevard River Of Judicial Corruption Flows North

Does 5th DCA Judge Kerry I. Evander Have A Conflict Of Interest In The Loyd Case?

May 28, 2017
"Judges are the weakest link in our system of justice, and they are also the most protected."
Alan M Dershowitz


The St. John's River flows north out of Brevard County into Volusia County - and it now seems that the Brevard County river of judicial corruption also flows north into Volusia County.

If you have been a long time visitor to our web magazine - you know of our nearly two year exposé on the arrest, prosecution and sentencing of Brevard county child advocate & web magazine editor - Dana Delaney Loyd. All of our earlier articles are linked to the right of this web page.


While Brevard authorities state that Loyd committed a third degree felony in making an alleged* false Florida Abuse Hotline call - we (VolusiaExposed.Com) respond with the following; Within our earlier articles - we presented our case that Loyd did NOT by legal definition make a false abuse hotline call - we presented our case that Loyd's arrest - prosecution - and sentencing had nothing to do with a false abuse hotline call - but rather had everything to do with silencing and censoring a media critic - who was actively publishing articles critical of several government officials. We also present the argument - that even if you assume the existence of Loyd's criminal behavior & guilt - the criminal, retaliatory, and unethical behavior of several government officials against Loyd - and by proxy - against the public - far outweigh any alleged crime committed by Loyd.
*(Due to Loyd's recent criminal conviction - some of our readers may take umbrage to our usage of the term "alleged" - we welcome our readers to review all of our earlier linked articles (see right of page) - so that they can better understand why VolusiaExposed firmly holds our belief that Loyd did not commit the crime she was arrested for - nor was she sentenced for the crime she is alleged to have committed - but rather in retaliation for her critical articles.)

Immediately after Loyd's March 2017 criminal conviction - in what can only be properly described as a "dog and pony" trial - both her conviction - and in our opinion - her illegal sentence (April 6, 2017) - were appealed to the 5th District Court of Appeal in Daytona Beach, Florida.

Loyd is now represented by a Miami law firm that specializes in criminal appeals. We invite you to read our May 22, 2017 article - which incorporates a copy of one of the law firm's initial court motions - which explains why Loyd's sentence is illegal. This court motion will also provide some initial information supporting our opinion that Loyd was denied a fair trial.

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Within our earlier articles - we exposed this rather deep and strong river of corruption running through the criminal justice system of Brevard County. From the depths of this river of corruption - we have fished out - and filleted - the obvious conflicts of interest attached to Circuit Judge Robin Lemonidis' involvement in the Loyd prosecution. But sadly - we must now report that we have pulled and landed yet another whopper out of this river of corruption.

VolusiaExposed.Com has discovered documentation that confirms that 5th DCA Judge Kerry I. Evander is the brother-in-law of Brevard elementary school principle Elizabeth A. Evander. (additional records were secured which confirm that Elizabeth A. Evander is married to Judge Evander's brother - Gerry Mitchell Evander, P.A. - and both (Elizabeth A. and Gerry "Mitch" Evander) reside within the same Indialantic household. This information is not being published - rationale - safety and privacy concerns)

Judge Kerry I. Evander has been directly involved in denying Loyd an appeal bond. (see below Court documents within the scroll box - bottom right of this article)

Why is this Evander family relationship so important? The answer is that shortly after Loyd's August 2015 arrest - Loyd published within her web magazine - BrevardsBestNews.Com - a December 2015 article highly critical of Discovery Elementary School Principle, Elizabeth A. Evander. (the now known sister-in-law of 5th DCA Judge Kerry I. Evander)
(VolusiaExposed.Com has opted to re-publish the December 2015 BBN article - (see right of page) - our re-publishing of the article should not be seen as our agreement or disagreement with the article. We simply have posted it - so that it is available for your review.)

During Loyd's April 6th, 2017 sentencing - Judge Robin Lemonidis referred to Loyd's web publication as "yellow journalism" & "fake news". (see video to the right -->)

Interestingly, and as exposed within our May 15, 2017 article - Brevard County Sheriff Wayne Ivey - and at least one of his deputies have voiced a similar opinion regarding Loyd's web publication.

April 6, 2017
Judge Lemonidis Sentences Dana Loyd
So is it inappropriate for us (VolusiaExposed.Com) to question whether some members of the Evander family - to include - 5th DCA Judge Kerry I. Evander - share Judge Lemonidis' and Sheriff Ivey's opinion regarding Loyd's publication?

We believe that our concerns are legitimate - especially given the documented history of corruption attached to the Brevard justice system. Whether we chose to use the example of former Judge John C. Murphy OR the recent revelations EXPOSED by Florida Today's Investigative Reporter John Torres - the overall calculus remains the same - the Brevard justice system has a river of corruption running through it.

Will it also be necessary for Loyd to wait thirty (30) years for vindication - in order to facilitate - that the corrupt players within the Brevard justice system can enjoy their careers - and be able to sail quietly into their retirement?


During a October 4, 1999 meeting of the Brevard County County Commission - the Commission minutes memorialize the following statement from then Circuit Court Judge Kerry Evander - "Judge Kerry Evander advised he wants to make the Board aware that judges cover for each other". In order to insure fair and full disclosure - Judge Evander MAY have been referring to covering for other judges - in regards to scheduling conflicts.

However, due to the fact that BrevardsBestNews.Com's Editor Dana Loyd is doing a year long jail sentence - in what we believe to be a direct act of retaliation against her for posting articles critical of the Brevard justice system - and given that Judge Evander's sister-in-law MAY be consider a victim of Loyd's alleged "yellow journalism" & "fake news" - COULD it be possible - if not probable - that Judge Lemonidis - through her sentencing of Loyd - has provided the Evander family with some relief (or revenge) for Loyd's article - and Judge Kerry I. Evander has provided Judge Lemonidis some "coverage" - by twice denying Loyd an appeal bond (see bottom of page - scroll box - to review both denials from the 5th DCA).

Read Our May 22, 2017 & May 15, 2017 articles for a better understanding of the retaliation being targeted on Loyd.


If you read our May 15, 2017 article - we suspect that you will gain an appreciation of how Loyd was denied a fair trial. You will be able to read the court transcripts and watch the trial videos when Loyd's trial attorneys were denied their opening statement presentation - or when Judge Lemonidis improperly instructed the jury - basically advising the jury that Loyd was guilty as charged - and then denying a defense motion to declare a mis-trial over her improper jury instructions.

Our May 15th article will also give you the opportunity to watch and listen to Judge Lemonidis attack this publication for allegedly "thwarting" justice by simply placing prospective jurors names in our hand written press notes. Jurors names that ironically were posted to the world wide web (Internet) - by the judge's own clerk - within minutes of our representatives being threatened with six month jail sentences, for merely writing those very same names on a piece of paper.

VolusiaExposed Has Re-Published
The December 3, 2015 Article
From BrevardsBestNews.Com

Who is this woman that she can get away with treating children this way – who is this woman that feels she can treat parents this way? Where is the District when it comes to protecting children not only from other stud…ents but a Principal who in my opinion is a complete BULLY!

I thought we taught our children to report things – I thought this was the right thing to do! Sense when did it become the Principals Job to force a child to write a letter and say she lied and hold her hostage until she complies despite the fact that the child repeatedly told her she was NOT lying! Is this even legal let alone morally acceptable?

Are we that desperate in Brevard County for principals? If I had a child in this school I would take my child and RUN!

I usually don’t inject stories of my own – but this one has been beside myself for several reasons. First, the safety of our children and the lack of concern from the Principal at Discovery Elementary School – Elizabeth Evander. I truly have never met a person in my life that is so detached from what the purpose and duty of a Principal at an Elementary should be.

Let’s start with what happened – Two third grade students are talking on the playground, student #1 tells student #2 of a plan from a third grade student – she is going to bring a knife in her back pack to school and stab student #2 and kill her. Student #2’s parent picks up the child and notices something is just not right and asked what happened at school. The child shares what happened. Obviously the child is very afraid and confused and does not want to attend school. The parent calls the school and speaks to the Principal – the conversation was short and her words were ” this is just kids talking SMACK”

Maybe I am too old to remember what talking smack is – I thought it was just your junior bullying – you’re fat, you’re ugly, we don’t want to sit by you! I did not know it consisted of plotting and planning a gruesome little murder by stabbing. What is baffling to me as a side note – we seem to brush these incidents off – yet we destroy a child’s life for chewing a pop tart out to look like a gun!

Moving on – the parent of child #2 called the parent of child #1 to get the story and confirm, as she wanted this investigated as she felt there was enough, more than enough information for concern and the safety of the child. The child shared what had happened and mentioned that she also told the teacher. The principal then said that she would investigate ( poor thing, she had to do her job above and beyond)

Here is her investigation – when the grandparent of child #1 picks up child from school – and told in the car loop that the child will be serving a two day suspension for “lying”. I asked the parent if the child was lying? I asked the child, did you tell the Principal you were lying? She said – I told her NO I am not lying – for which she said the Principal yelled at her repeatedly that she was because she spoke with student #2 and she said she did not say that! ( Makes notes to self that if you just say NO you didn’t – your off scott- free-; end of story- end of investigation ….No not me! ) Student #1 asked “how do you know if she is not lying? The student said the Principal’s response was ” because I think you are!

Here is where I believe that lines were crossed – and in fact bullying occurred from the Principal herself – This child was forced to write a letter, stating that she lied, and another letter to student 3 and she was not allowed to leave and eat lunch and had to stay in the office until she did despite continued denials from the student -with her even expressing to the Principal “IF I write this letter than I will be LYING! You are Asking me to LIE”

The parents were beyond disturbed, as was I when we found out that the child that came forward with information that could harm another child is not the child that is being punished. In my opinion the child is being abused and bullied by the Principal of Discovery. But then again they have a long history of retaining Principals with this sort of “better than thou and I can do what I want attitude for years.” I told the parents that I would attend the meeting and met with them at 8:00 AM in the office – as I arrived I gave my ID and signed in, the ladies were very friendly admiring and complementing me on my Betsy Johnson necklace – next to me at the time was a mother and two smaller children trying to register for school – the was a language barrier and the mother seemed confused which seemed to upset this staff member – she was rude, raising her voice and telling her ” I have told you 5 times – what don’t you understand” The woman in a soft, sad voice said – you don’t have to be mean or rude. The woman behind the desk rolled her eyes and said “what ever” I am not rude! I quietly leaned over and said “actually I think you are being quit rude” As the mother was really trying to understand what it was she needed to get her children enrolled! She was sent away with no clear – understanding, kids in hand still not in school!

I sat with the parents and waited – the Principal finally came out – and motioned the family to the doors I followed – She in her “gone wild” mode said that she was not going to meet with me! I shared that the parents have the right to have anyone attend a meeting. And she shared it won’t be me – yelling ,and flinging her much needed touched-up hair all over the place. I thought for a moment she was having some sort of medical bout – she was so red, veins popping out, twitching and flinging hair! Until other parents that witnessed this said – she treats everyone the same!

Apparently when she does not want to answer to her actions, she threatens with Police Removal – which is an absolute ABUSE of her Power! I have heard several stories – and I would like to hear yours. Please feel free to share them here or PM them!! I will be forwarding them all to her superior for review.

This kind of nonsense has to stop – if you have any child that attends this school – please share this story!

Editor’s Note, please visit Brevard Public Schools Unofficial News and Updates on Facebook for comments, or comment here and I will get them forwarded.
You can watch as Judge Lemonidis sentences Loyd solely for the criminal offense of making a false abuse hotline call. You can watch and listen to Judge Lemonidis refer to Loyd as a "yellow journalist" and a publisher of "fake news".

You can watch and wonder why Judge Lemonidis is including within her sentence - the requirement - that Loyd must remove certain articles from her publication - and that she (Loyd) can not participate in any future articles (blog) for five (5) years. And - as you are watching this - your mind may form the following question. How does Loyd's website and articles - have anything to do with making an alleged false telephone call to the Florida Abuse Hotline? We suggest you will find the answer to that question within our May 15, 2017 article.

March 27, 2017
Judge Robin Lemonidis Threatens
To Arrest VolusiaExposed.Com Representatives

The short answer to the above question - is that the Loyd prosecution was a "dog and pony show" and a "bait and switch". The official purpose for her prosecution was under the allegation that she made a false abuse hotline call - BUT in reality - the TRUE purpose of her prosecution was to silence a media critic - critical of the local sheriff's office, DCF, the Court, the State Attorney's Office - and now - the evidence sadly suggests - Loyd was apparently too critical of an elementary school principle - who is the sister-in-law of 5th DCA Judge Kerry I. Evander. Is this the sad truth of why Loyd was arrested, prosecuted, denied a fair trial, denied a legitimate sentence, and now is being denied an appeal bond. We think so - but read our articles - and see if you come to the same opinion.

While Loyd's request for an appeal bond has been denied by the 5th DCA - the overall appeal of her conviction and sentencing are still pending within the 5th DCA. So - do YOU imagine that Loyd can expect a fair and independent judicial review from the 5th DCA?

The 5th DCA's Double Denial Of Loyd's Appeal Bond
(Scroll Down Within Box To Review Documents)

One final note - Judge Kerry I. Evander's brother - Gerry Mitchell "Mitch" Evander is an attorney for the Harris Corporation. We invite you to simply "GOOGLE" or "YAHOO" the terms "Harris Corporation" and "Sheriff Wayne Ivey". We suspect you will discover - as we did - that Sheriff Ivey and the Harris Corporation are - well - let's say - heavily involved with each other.

And there you have it - what passes and floats as justice within our local river of judicial corruption - stand by to stand by - there is surely more to come.......

Loyd can be contacted at the below address:

Dana Loyd
17009694 F-DORME-28
P.O. Box 4970
Orlando, Florida 32802-4970