The ILLEGAL Sentencing Of Dana Delaney Loyd

Was Judge Robin Lemonidis' Sentence Both Illegal & Self-Serving?

May 22, 2017
"Judges are the weakest link in our system of justice, and they are also the most protected."
Alan M Dershowitz

If you have been a long time visitor to our web magazine - you know of our nearly two year exposé on the arrest, prosecution and sentencing of Brevard county child advocate - Dana Delaney Loyd. All of our earlier articles are linked to the right of this web page.

In August 2015 - Loyd - the chief editor of Brevard's Best News was arrested by the Brevard County Sheriff's Office under the charge of making a false call to the Florida Abuse Hotline.

Shortly after her arrest - the State Attorney's Office (SAO) offered her a pre-trial plea bargain whereas she would be required to self-censor and remove several of her web articles. This plea bargain can be reviewed within our December 3, 2015 article.

From the very beginning we, VolusiaExposed.Com have maintained the opinion that Loyd's arrest - prosecution - AND now her sentence had little - to nothing - to do with an alleged false call to the Florida Abuse Hotline. We forward the opinion that Loyd is a victim of a government persecution - in retaliation for her web articles critical of several government officials / agencies - to include - but not limited to the Brevard Sheriff's Office, the State Attorney's Office and Circuit Court Judge Robin Lemonidis.

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In Support Of
Our Opinion

We (VolusiaExposed) provide both the supportive evidence and argument to the above listed opinion - within our May 15, 2017 article.

Loyd - seeing the plea bargain as an illegal attempt to censor her web articles - articles having no criminal connection to her alleged crime of making a false abuse hotline call - Loyd opted to go to trial.

On March 30, 2017 - after a very "managed"** trial - Loyd was convicted.

On April 6, 2017 - Judge Robin Lemonidis sentenced Loyd - to what we believe to be an illegal and self-serving sentence. (Read The May 15, 2017 article for particulars).
**VolusiaExposed holds the opinion that Loyd was purposely denied a fair trial - see May 15th article - also the attached court motion touches on some of the concerns that denied Loyd a fair trial.

Motion Filed To The 5th DCA
(Scrool Down Within Box To Review Entire Document)

Loyd has secured a Miami law firm to handle her criminal appeal - and after their review of the trial court transcripts - the law firm filed the attached motion supporting that Judge Lemonidis' sentence was indeed an illegal sentence. (transcripts are available for your review within the May 15th article)

While the law firm sees the sentence as illegal - here at VolusiaExposed - we see the sentence as both illegal and self-serving to Judge Lemonidis' apparent desire to have articles critical of her removed from Loyd's web magazine.

And there you have what passes for justice in Brevard County - stand by to stand by - there is surely more to come.......

Loyd can be contacted at the below address:

Dana Loyd
17009694 F-DORME-28
P.O. Box 4970
Orlando, Florida 32802-4970