Judge Lemonidis Is Forced To Walk Back Dana Loyd's Sentence

Recent U.S. Supreme Court Decision Influenced Walk Back

July 1, 2017
"Judges are the weakest link in our system of justice, and they are also the most protected."
Alan M Dershowitz

The Silencing Of A Media Critic

On June 29, 2017 - VolusiaExposed.Com attended Dana Loyd's sentencing modification hearing in front of Brevard Circuit Judge Robin Lemonidis.

We video recorded this hearing - and have incorporated the video within this article for your review. -->

June 29, 2017 Loyd Hearing

As is highlighted within our May 22, 2017 article - we presented the opinion that Judge Robin Lemonidis' sentencing of Loyd was both illegal and self-serving.

Within our June 28, 2017 article - we presented our opinion - and the supporting evidence that - Judge Robin Lemonidis has both personal and professional conflicts of interest attached to the Loyd prosecution - whereas Lemonidis should have long ago recused herself from the Loyd case.

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Yesterday's hearing in front of Judge Lemonidis - was in direct response to Loyd's on-going criminal appeal within the 5th District Court of Appeal. Further, a recent U.S. Supreme Court decision was used as an additional supportive authority - in obtaining Loyd's sentence modification.

In order to forward the appeal process - Loyd's attorneys filed an motion with the Circuit Court - to have Judge Lemonidis correct her April 6, 2017 sentence of Loyd - bringing Loyd's sentence into compliance with the law.

A copy of this court motion has been incorporated (hot linked) within this article - in order to assist our readers in following the events contained within the hearing video.

Loyd is represented by Gray-Robinson - a highly respected law firm located in Miami, Florida.


We (VolusiaExposed.Com) invite our readers to listen closely to Judge Lemonidis' numerous references to "turning off the tap" of information regarding Loyd's criminal case. While Judge Lemonidis also refers to the "information" as "dis-information" - her goal, in our opinion, is to silence - or gag the public's right to know what is really transpiring within this case.

Why would she (Lemonidis) be doing this? Well, in our opinion Judge Lemonidis not only has some self-serving conflicts of interest attached to the Loyd case - but she is attempting to hide her own judicial mis-conduct by turning off the informational tap.

Loyd's criminal conviction centers around an alleged false call to the Florida Child Abuse Hotline. Loyd reported an allegation - that a father was sexually engaging his minor daughter. The child's father and mother are divorced and are involved in a heavily litigated child custody battle - whereas the mother supports the sexual allegations against the father. VolusiaExposed.Com has NO OPINION regarding the veracity of the allegations against the father. However, we (VolusiaExposed.Com) do have a strong opinion that Brevard County authorities (DCF, Sheriff's Office, State Attorney's Office, and the Court) have failed to properly investigate these allegations.

VolusiaExposed.Com has now been advised that the mother is being denied access to court transcripts that she needs to be able to forward her litigation. It is of interest to us - that during the June 29, 2017 hearing - Judge Lemonidis connected the parents' civil litigation to Loyd's criminal case. This connection was made when Judge Lemonidis included - as a special condition - to Loyd's sentence - a prohibition in mentioning the couples' divorce. However, during pre-trial hearings - and during the Loyd trial - Judge Lemonidis employed great pain in declaring a separation between these two cases. Could there now be a connection between the mother's inability to secure records - and the Court's (Lemonidis') desire to "turn off the tap" of information in the Loyd case? Could it just be that Brevard officials desire both information taps (divorce & Loyd's criminal case) sealed - so that their corrupt practices and their failure to properly investigate child abuse are not EXPOSED? Want a quick example of this - watch the complete May 23, 2016 Loyd Pre-trial Hearing - video provide below.

Want to know more - then read our earlier articles (see web link - upper right of this page). Also stand by to stand by - we anticipate posting an article - that will question whether a Brevard County Sheriff investigator falsfied an official report - regarding if the investigator actually ever physically interviewed the subject child.

The stench increases - as the plot thickens. Stand by to stand by ... there is surely more to come. Get those clothespins ready!