Brevard Judge Robin Lemonidis
Removes Her Fraudulent Website

Did The Judge's Website Identify A Judicial Bias In The Loyd Prosecution?

July 14, 2017
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If you have been a long time reader of our web magazine - you should be aware of our nearly two year exposé regarding the arrest, prosecution and sentencing of Brevard county child advocate - Dana Delaney Loyd. Our entire exposé has been incorporated within our newly developed July 6, 2017 article.

In August 2015 - Loyd - the chief editor of Brevard's Best News was arrested by the Brevard County Sheriff's Office under the charge of making a false call to the Florida Abuse Hotline. Loyd alleged that a local father was engaging his then pre-teen daughter in a sexual relationship.**

VolusiaExposed.Com holds the opinion that Loyd did NOT commit the crime. Our argument for her legal innocence can be reviewed within our September 12, 2015 article. However, in March of this year - upon the completion of a dog and pony show trial - with Judge Lemonidis serving as the head ring master - Loyd was convicted of the crime. Should you have an interest in watching this two day show trial - we have made the entire trial video available for your review within this web link - click here. Grab a bag of pop-corn and start power watching.

In addition to our belief that Loyd's trial was a fabricated dog and pony show - we further argue that Loyd's arrest and prosecution had nothing to do with an alleged false call to the Florida Abuse Hotline - but rather her arrest had everything to do with the status quo's (State Attorney, Sheriff's Office, DCF, The Court) desire to silence a government media critic. Loyd's publication (BREVARDSBESTNEWS.COM) was exposing some serious flaws in the Brevard County child welfare system. In short - local officials were - and still are - failing to properly investigate allegations of child abuse -
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What Others Are Publishing Regarding Brevard County's Failure To Properly Investigate Child Abuse.
sadly - to include allegations of sexual abuse. For more on this topic - we again invite you to read ALL of the articles of our exposé - which are easily available within our July 6, 2017 article. In the particular - we recommend that you read our February 17, 2016 article.

VolusiaExposed.Com can NOT validate the veracity of Loyd's allegations against the subject father. The subject mother does support the allegations - and several professionals (medical, out of state law enforcement) have voiced their concerns. However, our position is simply that Brevard County officials have failed to properly investigate these concerns. That Brevard County officials know that they have failed to properly investigate these allegations - and are actively attempting to silence Loyd. Want to know more - read our earlier articles.

The Judicial Biases Of Judge Robin C. Lemonidis

In our exposé of articles we expose several perceived judicial conflicts of interest / bias by Circuit Judge Robin Lemonidis.

In our June 28, 2017 article - we question whether Judge Lemonidis - during a May 23, 2016 hearing - remained within ethical mandates - when she accused Loyd's attorney of assisting Loyd in the harassment of the child's father - simply for seeking out documents attached to the subject child's parents' divorce / child custody case.

May 23, 2016 Loyd Hearing
(Minutes 10:30-11:30)

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Judge Robin C. Lemonidis

Dana Delaney Loyd

Webpage From Lemonidis' Website Regarding Sex With Minor Prosecutions
Click Here To Review This Webpage

Based on the May 23, 2016 hearing - Loyd's attorney Jessica Burgess filed a July 26, 2016 motion with the Court - requesting that Judge Lemonidis recuse herself from the case. It is clear by Attorney Burgess' motion that she had concerns that Judge Lemonidis was in violation of Florida's Judicial Canons. Shortly thereafter, Judge Lemonidis responded by denying Attorney Burgess' motion.

Why would Judge Lemonidis insist so hard that Loyd's attorney stop sticking her nose into the parents' divorce / custody case? Well - unbeknowst to us at the time (May 23, 2016) - but as exposed in our August 29, 2016 article - there was judicial administrative order 15-25-B issued by Chief Judge John Harris - that prohibited Judge Lemonidis from hearing any case involving the Eisenmenger law firm. The subject child's father was and currently is represented by the Eisenmenger, Berry, Blaue, Peters law firm.

Judge Lemonidis had to be aware of the 15-25-B administrative order - and she was aware of Attorney Mark Peters involvement - his name was mentioned several times during the May 23, 2016 hearing. (see bottom of our August 29, 2016 article for a video link to the entire May 23, 2016 hearing)

It's of interest to us here at VolusiaExposed.Com that in May 2016 - when Loyd's attorney was attempting to build her a defense - Judge Lemonidis advised Loyd's attorney to stop sticking her nose into the parents' divorce / custody case.

However, after Loyd's conviction - and during her re-sentencing (June 29, 2017) - Judge Lemonidis has no problem stating that Loyd's entire criminal case has it's foundation in the divorce / custody case. (watch & listen the video from the June 29, 2017 hearing -->)

We submit for your consideration - that Judge Lemonidis was well aware of the Eisenmenger law firm's involvement in the case - and in her conflict of interest in being the trial judge (Judicial Administraitve Order 15-25-B).

June 29, 2017
Re-sentencing Hearing
(Minutes 10:00-10:50)
We further submit that Judge Lemonidis was attempting to assist several agencies in the silencing of media critic Dana Loyd - this included the sheriff's office, DCF, State Attorney, the Court, and the Eisenmenger law firm. Want to read more about the connection between Judge Lemonidis and the Eisenmenger law firm - then check out our August 29, 2016 article - some interesting financial documents are available for your review.

Want to know more about the June 29, 2017 hearing - then read our July 1, 2017 article.

There are many other examples of Judge Lemonidis' conflicts of interest attached to the Loyd prosecution. Whether you find it in our May 15, 2017 article - whereas Judge Lemonidis is caught on video threatening to jail VolusiaExposed.Com representatives for merely writing press notes. Or our June 28, 2017 article - whereas we expose Judge Lemonidis' connection to the National Child Abuse Defense & Resource Center - aka - http://www.falseallegation.org.

But maybe the most disturbing - if not the most recent discovered conflict of interest against Judge Lemonidis - is her website of www.not-guilty.pro.

Prior to her 2014 judicial election - Judge Lemonidis was a practicing private defense attorney out of Melbourne, Florida - and her website promoted her legal practice.

Problem is that until VERY recently (July 2017) - her website was still active - advertising herself as a practicing defense attorney.

FLORIDA STATE CONSTITUTION - ARTICLE V - SECTION 13. Prohibited activities.—All justices and judges shall devote full time to their judicial duties. They shall not engage in the practice of law or hold office in any political party.

Another problem - due to her 2.5 year delay in removing her legal practice website - is the legal advice and opinions she provided the public on said website. In the particular - we expose her opinion regarding alleged victims of underage sexual assault - or as she puts it - "sex with minors". We invite you to click the web link to the right of this page - in order to view her entire webpage regarding "sex with minors".

On this "sex with minors" page she states - "The sad fact is that many child victims have been coached (especially if the case arises in the middle of a divorce, as many do). In defending these cases, I use cutting-edge psychological research on child interview techniques and on the unreliability of child witnesses."
Webpage From Lemonidis' Website Regarding Sex With Minor Prosecutions
Click Here To Review This Webpage

We submit for your consideration - our premise that if a prospective juror in the Loyd prosecution had read Judge Lemonidis' website - that their ability to serve on Loyd's jury would be compromised.

Even Judge Lemonidis herself said during jury selection - that Titusville, Florida was a small community - therefore she preferred to address prospective jurors by name - and not by a juror number (example - juror #30). So it is really unreasonable for us to inquire whether any of the jurors viewed Judge Lemonidis' website - prior to serving on the Loyd jury?

And if they did view it - will they now honestly admit to viewing it?

In fairness to Judge Lemonidis - we wrote her a letter advising her of this pending article - offering her a chance to rebut the concerns listed in this article - as of the publication of this article - no reply has been received.

Loyd's case is still spinning through the 5th District Court Of Appeal.

Consider reading our May 28, 2017 article regarding a probable conflict of interest with 5th DCA Judge Kerry I. Evander.

Loyd can be contacted at the below address:

Dana Loyd
17009694 F-DORME-28
P.O. Box 4970
Orlando, Florida 32802-4970

Stand by to stand by - more is surely to come of this. Until then - you will find us at our local watering hole - we will be raising up our glasses against evil forces - singing whiskey for my men, beer for my horses.

Once we and our horses sober up - we anticipate writing an article about the futility of Florida's Judicial Qualifications Commission. Standby - our editor has to decide whether one of our men will write this article - or will it be one of our horses writing it - right now it would appear appropriate to allow a horse to write it - we suspect that this article will expose a ton of government HORSE SHIT !!