BCSO's Shoot And Scoot Homicide Of Clarence Mahogany X Howard

Given The Vague & Incorrect BCSO Press Release
Many Questions Still Go Unanswered

June 23, 2016
"What The Fuck - Over !" - Sgt. Ted Godfrey (1938-2003) - Volusia County Department Of Corrections

Road Rage?

Last Sunday morning (June 19, 2016) - Father's day - an alleged road rage incident occurred in Palm Bay - at the corner of John Heritage Parkway and Emerson Road.

Why are we (VolusiaExposed.Com) referring to it as "an alleged road rage incident"? Well - frankly - because the incident involved off duty Brevard County Deputy Yousef Hafza - in which Hafza shot and killed the alleged aggressor - Clarence Mahogany X Howard. Additionally - it's our opinion - that the BCSO's press release appears to have edited out some of the known details of the shooting - AND lastly, some of the information contained within the press release appears to be inaccurate - ie. the age of Mr. Howard.

Brevard Sheriff Department Press Release


While the BCSO press release stated that Mr. Howard's age is 22 - the below attached court records seem to indicate that Mr. Howard was born on October 23, 1990 - therefore his correct age would appear to be 25. What other inaccuracies exist in the BCSO press release? And why haven't these inaccuracies been corrected?

The Shoot & Scoot

Further - the press release fails to acknowlege the evidence that suggests - Deputy Hafza's immediate departure from the shooting scene - which left Mr. Howard medically unattended - and left a crime scene unsecured.

Listen To The Police Radio Traffic
Associated With The Howard Shooting

The evidence that suggests that Deputy Hafza quickly scooted from the shooting scene - can be heard within the above linked recording of the police radio traffic in response to the shooting incident. Listen closely to the recording - Deputy Hafza apparently left the scene and reported to his private residence on Snapdragon Drive..

Clarence Mahogany X Howard

Questions Involving Mr. Howard's Past Arrests

VolusiaExposed.Com invites our readers to review the attached copy of a Brevard Clerk of the Court web page. Notice that last December (2015) - Mr. Howard was arrested by the Palm Bay PD, (Deputy Hafza's former employer) under multiple charges of possessing child porn and promoting the sexual performance of a child. Our further research and review of the court records - support that after spending approximately a month in jail - Mr. Howard was released from jail without being required to post any bond. The records also confirm that on April 28, 2016 - the State Attorney's office officially abandoned the prosecution of Mr. Howard regarding these serious criminal allegations. Why?
Mr. Clarence Mahogany X Howard's Court Record
Click Below To Review Larger Copy

Information Available On-line At BrevardClerk.Us

Less than two months later - Mr. Howard is shot and left for dead on the side of the road by Deputy Hafza - a former Palm Bay police officer.

VolusiaExposed.Com suspects that there is a connection between the State Attorney dropping (abandoning) Mr. Howard's child porn charges - and his homicide / alleged road rage incident with Deputy Hafza.

However, regardless of our (VolusiaExposed.Com) suspicions - we believe that the public has a right to know why Deputy Hafza apparently left the shooting scene - and what was the State Attorney's justification for abandoning the child porn charges against Howard? With those questions in mind - VolusiaExposed.Com sent Sheriff Wayne Ivey and State Attorney Phil Archer the following email.
State Attorney Responds

Shortly after sending our email - Lynn Hooper from the State Attorney's office responded with this linked email. Apparently - after further review the State Attorney realized that they did not have the evidence to support their case against Mr. Howard.

Such a general response regarding lack of evidence leaves us (VolusiaExposed) wondering why it took the State Attorney's office nearly five months to realize the weakness of their case? Sorry - Mr. Archer - we here at VolusiaExposed just are not buying your account - in it's entirety. While we suspect - that like in many dropped criminal prosecutions - there are evidence problems - we suspect that in this case there are some missing details to what really caused the case to be abandoned.

Did evidence come up missing in the Palm Bay PD evidence room, or did later investigations determine that some influential people were also involved in Mr. Howard's crimes against Brevard's children? Was Howard blackmailing some influential folks - thus the true rationale for his homicide? Was it necessary for Deputy Hafza to leave the crime scene - in order to conceal evidence? Love triangle?
VolusiaExposed's Email To Sheriff Ivey
& State Attorney Phil Archer


Are we (VolusiaExposed) speculating? You bet we are ! But given the generic response we received from the State Attorney's office - and a no response from the Sheriff Department regarding our questions and concerns - we are only left to speculate - and to investigate - how an apparent 25 year old man can be listed as 22 years of age in an official BCS0 press release - why a trained deputy would abandon a crime / shooting scene - and why the State Attorney's office could not properly determine whether there was enough evidence to successfully prosecute an alleged sexual predator of our children - prior to making an arrest.

VolusiaExposed has been advised by a CREDIBLE source that a relative of Mr. Howard was on scene during his homicide (VolusiaExposed has not independently confirmed this information - but does believe it to be accurate). We suspect that the fog of speculation will be cleared once Jose Montinez - the reported brother-in-law of Mr. Howard - has the opportunity to voice his observations of the alleged road rage incident.

In closing - VolusiaExposed wishes to express our opinion that Brevard County officials seem to have a rather high tolerance for sexually based crimes - sadly even those involving the sexual exploitation of children. These same county officials seem to have a rather low tolerance for those individuals that report such sexual exploitation.

One recent example of Brevard County officials tolerance for sexual exploitation can been seen in the arrest of BCSO Deputy Barre Taylor. Deputy Taylor was arrested for engaging in a sexual relationship with a jail inmate. VolusiaExposed invites you to review our earlier article regarding the the Taylor arrest - and how we believe that his criminal charge was not the appropriate charge given his alleged crime. Interestingly - per court records and, as in the Howard prosecution, - the State Attorney has cancelled all court actions in the Taylor prosecution - with no court action occurring since last March. Will the State Attorney's office soon be abandoning the Deputy Taylor prosecution too !?

What is an example of how Brevard County officials retaliate against individuals that report sexual exploitation? There is currently no better example then the on-going criminal prosecution of the Chief editor of BrevardsBestNews.Com - Dana Delaney Loyd.

VolusiaExposed invites our readers to review our earlier articles regarding our defense of Dana Delaney Loyd - see above right - blue higlighed area for links to articles.

Stand by to stand by. We are fairly confident there is more to expose regarding the Howard homicide ...........

We look forward to your comments on this situation.
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