In The Defense Of Dana Delaney Loyd
The Failures Within The Brevard County Sheriff's Office

Did BCSO Investigators Fail To Properly
Investigate Sexual Abuse Allegations?

August 12, 2017


In 2006 the Brevard County divorce of Tim and Aimee Michaud* was finalized. Tim and Aimee had decided to go their separate ways, and according to Aimee - their marriage ended fairly amicably.

The Michauds did have a two year old daughter from their marriage - and according to the mother - both agreed to share custody of the child. The father would remain in Brevard County, Florida & the mother would reside in North Carolina.

However, according to the mother - and as supported by documentation - in late 2009 the daughter started to make "disclosures" to medical professionals that lead many to have concerns that the father was sexually approaching his daughter*. Thereafter - these on-going sexual abuse allegations - caught the attention of Brevard child advocate Dana Delaney Loyd. Loyd also is the owner and chief editor of the local Internet magazine - BrevardsBestNews.Com (BBN). Loyd's publication eventually did published some investigative articles regarding the Michaud matters.

Around 2011 - VolusiaExposed.Com became aware of Loyd's efforts to expose corruption within the Brevard County justice system. While we (VolusiaExposed.Com) shared Loyd's passion to expose the corruption - we advised Loyd that our publication had little to no interest in covering allegations connected to any divorce and / or on-going child custody battles.

Our opinion broadened with the August 2015 arrest of Loyd - under the charges of cyber-stalking and making a false report to the Florida Abuse Hotline. And while we (VolusiaExposed.Com) still have no desire to investigate any "he said / she said" allegations - especially those attached to any on-going child custody battles** - we soon discovered that Brevard County had a much larger problem than is simply outlined in the Michaud divorce / custody matters.

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We (VolusiaExposed.Com) have come to the OPINION that the entire child welfare system in Brevard County is in full free fall. Want to know more on this - read our exposé series titled "In The Defense Of Dana Delaney Loyd".

While Loyd's now judicially banned articles (more on that later) tended to support the mother's concerns that the father was sexually engaging his daughter - we (VolusiaExposed.Com) can NOT support that position*. Our opinion - in this matter - has it's foundation in our conclusion that these allegations have NOT been properly investigated by Brevard County officials / agencies (further explained in our earlier articles). These local agencies include the Brevard County Sheriff's Office (BCSO), the local State Attorney's Office, the local Court - and the local arm of the Florida Department of Children and Families (DCF). Therefore - without the proper investigation - these allegations against Mr. Michaud were not, in our opinion, validated - but under the same rationale - these allegations can not be FULLY invalidated either.

In short - it is our opinion - that Mr. Michaud is as much of a victim of the failures of Brevard officials as are the child, the mother, and Dana Loyd. With this caveat and understanding, we opine - that Dana Loyd is currently a political prisoner of Brevard County - within the confines of the Orange County jail.

A quick example of this systematic failure is evidenced and encapsulated within an April 2016 email between VolusiaExposed and a ranking member of DCF. This DCF official denies that they EVER (as of April 2016 - Loyd was arrested in August 2015) conducted an investigation to determine whether Loyd made an April 2015 false call to the Florida Abuse Hotline. It's our observation - and opinion - that this email is contradictive - to the sworn testimony provided by the prosecution during Loyd's March 2017 trial.

DCF PIO Kristin Gray's April 2016 - no false report investigation completed

Then again - are we really surprised to see contradictive evidence? Not at all - afterall - we (VolusiaExposed.Com) have constantly forwarded the opinion that Loyd's arrest had little to nothing to do with an alleged false call to the abuse hotline. Rather - we support the opinion that her arrest was driven by the desire of several local politicians to silence a media critic.

Evidence of this desire to silence a media critic can be found within Judge Robin Lemonidis' statement during her April 6, 2017 sentencing of Loyd. Judge Lemonidis referred to Loyd as a yellow journalist - and that Loyd's publication was "fake news". Interestingly - many of Loyd's posted articles were highly critical of Judge Lemonidis.

Judge Lemonidis' comments and sentencing requirements were so inappropriate - that during a June 29, 2017 hearing - Judge Lemonidis was forced to rescind or modify many of her sentencing mandates - in order to gain compliance with Florida law and the U.S. Constitution. One of these sentencing requirements was a mandate that Loyd remove any and all articles from her web magazine which references her coverage of the Michaud matter. Interestingly this judicial mandate appears to include articles that are highly critical of Judge Lemonidis. How convenient this sentencing mandate must be for Judge Lemonidis.

Loyd's conviction and sentencing is currently under appeal within the 5th District Court of Appeal.

The Judge George Maxwell Connection
Judicial Corruption Squared

So - what was the catalyst that kept all these local law enforcement agencies from properly investigating these sexual abuse allegations? Well - it's our OPINION that the rationale for the failure to perform - can be found in the initial assignment of Circuit Court Judge George Maxwell.

As is memorialized within a April 13, 2001 ORLANDO SENTINEL article - Judge Maxwell seems to have a rather high tolerance for the sexual perversion of pedophilia.

Such concerns - especially as highlighted by media outlets - caused Judge Maxwell to be reassigned from hearing child custody matters. However, he was shortly thereafter allowed to return to the family law docket - thus assuring his eventual assignment to the Michaud litigation.

Judge Maxwell also has a disciplinary history with the Florida Judicial Qualifications Commission (JQC). Such is significant - given the particulars surrounding Judge Maxwell's misconduct - AND the fact that the JQC only prosecutes a hand full of cases annually. Want - OR need to know more on this this particular topic - then read our earlier articles - just be prepared to lose your faith in our local criminal justice system.

Brevard Sheriff Agent Dale Young's 2009-2010 Investigation

By mid-2009 and into early 2011 - the mother - Aimee (Michaud) Casey - now remarried - developed concerns that her daughter was being sexually approached by the child's father. These concerns arose after the child returned to the mother's North Carolina residence - from a visitiation period at the father's Brevard County, Florida's residence.

In 2009 - the mother reported her suspicions / concerns to North Carolina authorities - who in turn reported their (Craven County Sheriff's Office - North Carolina) concerns to Brevard County, Florida officials.

Since the alleged sexual abuse transpired in Florida - the North Carolina authorites were only acting in a supportive role to the Florida authorities' investigation.

Enter into the mix - Craven County Sheriff Investigator John Whitfield. Investigator Whitfield's 2010 report was incorporated within our (VolusiaExposed.Com) February 17, 2016 article. Whitfield's report is very detailed - and very disturbing. While we invite you to review the report from within our February 2016 article - we issue the advisement that this report is not for the weak of the heart.

Investigator Whitfield's investigation - and his report tend to support the suspicion that the child had been sexually approached by her father. Unfortunately - Brevard Sheriff Investigator Dale Young alleged that Whitfield's investigative processes were flawed - and therefore, Young refused to even consider that it (Whitfield's report) may contain valid concerns.

In our opinion - BCSO Investigator Dale Young's 2009 "investigation" was extremely lacking - and was heavily influenced by a personal connection with the child's father. As detailed in our February 17, 2017 article - VolusiaExposed.Com presented evidence that suggests that Investigator Young and the subject father - Timothy Michaud were / are Facebook friends.(more on this - later within this article)

Brevard Sheriff Agents Michael Mazzone's & Michelle Stafford's 2011 Investigations

Shortly later - the mother moved to Massachusetts. The child continued to visit her father's Brevard County home - and in late 2010 - the child again returned to the mother's residence in a manner - that caused the mother to once again question whether her daughter had been sexually abused by her former spouse.

Mrs. Casey reported her concerns to her local Massachusetts authorities - who in turn notified Brevard County officials of their investigation / concerns. However, prior to a follow up interview of the child by Massachusetts officials - Brevard County Judge George Maxwell ordered the child to be immediately returned to Florida (April 2011) - and to be placed into the custody of the father. This had the effect of shutting down the Massachusetts supportive investigation.

Since early 2011 - the mother has had little contact with her daughter - and when she is granted contact - the contact must be supervised. By 2013 - Judge Maxwell had effectively issued a "gag order" against the mother - which forbids her from even mentioning to third parties, including law enforcement officials - her concerns regarding her daughter's safety and well being. This "gag order" came to our (VolusiaExposed) attention in our coverage of the the Dana Delaney Loyd matter. This "gag order / judical order" is consistently mentioned within official reports attached to the arrrest, prosecution and trial of Dana Loyd. (For More On This _ Read Our Earlier Articles)

Due to the mother's additional concerns (2010) - and based somewhat on the involvement of Massachusetts authorities - the BCSO opened two new investigations in 2011. The first investigation being opened in early 2011 - and was assigned to BCSO Agent Michael Mazzone - while the second investigation was opened in mid-2011 - and assigned to BCSO Agent Michelle Stafford.

Our Concerns

We (VolusiaExposed.Com) have reviewed both BCSO Agents Mazzone's & Stafford's investigative reports - and both - but with particular attention given to Stafford's report seems to state that their investigative conclusions were supported in part - by the alleged fact that BCSO Agent Dale Young had conducted interviewS with the Michaud child during his 2009-2010 investigation. (see attached linked reports) -->.

Brevard County Sheriff Office
Agents Michelle Stafford's & Michael Mazzone's 2011 Reports
(Scroll Down Within Box To Review)
Click Here To Read The Entire Stafford Report
Click Here To Read The Entire Mazzone Report

However, our review of Young's 2009 investigative report - does not support that he EVER personally interviewed the Michaud child. In fact - in a recently obtained May 2011 email - Mr. Michaud is noted memorializing a conversation between himself and Agent Young - in which Young states that he did not interview the child. Also - this email memorializes that Agent Young contacted Mr. Michaud and advised him of the on-going 2011 investigations - something that appears to us (VolusiaExposed.Com) to be totally inappropriate.

Why would Agent Young feel it necessary to reach out to the apparent subject of a law enforcement investigation - and advise the subject of the existence of that investigation? Come on - is that normal BCSO practice? We seriously doubt it !

And why would Agent Young reach out to Massachusetts authorities - regarding a 2011 BCSO investigation that he was not even assigned to? And then adding insult to injury - Young apparently believes it to be appropriate to provide the target of the investigation the information he collects from Massachusetts authorities? Come on folks - something is not right here !

Could the answer be found in Mr. Michaud's and Agent Young's Facebook friend status? And if so - did this conflict of interest infect all of the BCSO investigative findings - whether conducted by Agent Young, Mazzone, or Stafford?

And why did Agent Mazzone find it necessary to use a personal email address in the conducting of an official BCSO investigation? Hiding evidence from the public preview are we?

Hey BCSO - do you smell that smell - that smell of corruption that surrounds you?

That Smell - Lynyrd Skynyrd
Isn't it of interest that the BCSO - absent obtaining a supportive DCF investigative finding - arrested Dana Loyd under the charge of filing a false abuse hotline call - while at the very same time - their (BCSO) own internal criminal investigations have the inconsistency of whether any of the BCSO investigators had actually interviewed the Michaud child?

It's our opinion that Deputy Barney Fife - with the assistance of Larry, Mo & Curly could have conducted a much better law enforcement investigation into these serious allegations.

Last thought - did any of this poison the well against Dana Loyd's right to a fair trial? You better believe it did ! Loyd is a defacto political prisoner of the Brevard County power structure - they did this to silence her - and if you still doubt this - then we would highly suggest that you take the time to read our entire series of articles on this matter.

In preparation for this article - VolusiaExposed.Com sent former BCSO Investigator Dale Young this June 19, 2017 email - as of the posting of this article - Mr. Young has NOT responded.

VolusiaExposed.Com opted NOT to contact Tim Michaud for his input on this article. This decision was mainly due to some disturbing comments made by Judge Robin Lemonidis during Loyd's April 6, 2017 sentencing. In our OPINION Judge Lemonidis inferred that Loyd could be held responsible for actions and decisions of others - apparently including this publication (VolusiaExposed.Com). Given that Mr. Michaud was a witness for the prosecution in Loyd's trial - and given that Loyd's conviction is currently under appeal - we opted not to contact Mr. Michaud to avoid any possible allegations of witness tampering.

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Stand by to stand by - there is surely more to expose !.....

Loyd can be contacted at the below address:

Dana Loyd
17009694 F-DORME-28
P.O. Box 4970
Orlando, Florida 32802-4970

*advisement - Within our pre-trial articles - we felt an obligation to redact - and / or not use the identities (names) of either the father or the daughter attached to the Loyd prosecution. However, post trial - we (VolusiaExposed.Com) have re-evaluated our position in redacting these names. It is difficult for us to continue redacting these names - given the following factors. The father - Timothy Michaud testified during Loyd's PUBLIC trial - whereas his identity - and that of his daughter's - were clearly disclosed to the public. VolusiaExposed.Com has secured public records (court videos / transcripts, etc) whereas the Court has opted not to redact these identities from the official record. This is after - we were billed and paid for the records to be properly and legally redacted. Loyd has appealed her conviction to the 5th District Court Of Appeal - and those records incorporate the father's and daughter's identities.

Further - during a March 27, 2017 hearing - Judge Robin Lemonidis threatened our representatives with six (6) month jail sentences for merely taking notes on the prospective jurors (see video - right of page ->). Shortly (within minutes) of Judge Lemonidis accusing our representatives of attempting to "thwart" the judicial process by memorializing the prospective jurors names in our press notes - thus threatening them with direct contempt of court jail sentence - the judge's clerk posted those very same prospective jurors names to the world wide web (court's website - BrevardClerk.us) - two days prior to the start of the trial. Therefore - given that the father's and daughter's identities are easily available within the Court's records - and / or on the Clerk of the Court's website - we feel our attempts to protect these identities have been "thwarted" by the Court.

Lastly - VolusiaExposed.Com has NO opinion regarding the validity of any of the allegations regarding whether Timothy Michaud has engaged in an inappropriate relationship with his minor daughter. While - we acknowledge that several individuals - to include Loyd - have expressed their concerns regarding Mr. Michaud. Our CONCERN regarding this matter - solely centers on whether local officials have properly investigated these allegations. In our OPINION - these allegations have NOT been properly investigated.

**advisement - Aimee Michaud Casey is quick to argue that this is not a simple custody battle - but a battle to have sexual assault allegations properly investigated.

Video Of March 27, 2017 Hearing

Judge Robin Lemonidis threatens VolusiaExposed.Com representative with six (6) month jail sentences. More is available on this incident within our May 15, 2017 article.