Missing - Tampered Police Videos
& Suspicious Tasering Deaths
It All Has Happened Here In Volusia County Too !

December 23, 2015
"When You're A Hammer, Everything Looks Like A Nail" - Abraham Maslow

Blessid Union Of Souls - I Believe
Recent National Headlines Should Be Our Local Wake Up Call

While the City of Chicago teeters on the edge of possible rioting over some questionable excessive use of force deaths within the Chicago police department - it is important for Volusia County citizens to realize that our own community has suffered similar concerns within our law enforcement community.

These local deaths failed to attract the same level of media attention as was given to the now well publized incidents in Ferguson, Mo., Baltimore, Md., and Chicago, Il.

VolusiaExposed.Com invites you to review two recent VCSO shooting deaths (Miller - Cruice) - that we suspect were not properly investigated by either local or state officials.

Derek Cruice Shooting Death

Edward Miller Shooting Death

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The Deputy Laloo Incident

It has been suggested within the mainstream media - that the Chicago police department attempted to cover up the October 2014 shooting death of 17-year-old Laquan McDonald.

It took over a year for an investigative reporter to secure a court order for the release of the police dash cam videos which depicts CPD Officer Jason Van Dyke shooting (16) rounds into McDonald's body - several of the shots being fired after McDonald had collapsed on to the roadway.

On day prior to the court ordered release of the McDonald video - Officer Jason Van Dyke was arrested for the first degree murder of McDonald. The fires of suspicion against the CPD, and in support of a police department cover up, have been fueled by certain key facts.

- the year long wait for the dash cam videos & Officer Van Dyke's arrest

- the fact that a court order had to be obtained to secure the public release of the dash cam videos.

- and the allegation that the police erased a Burger King security video that should have captured the McDonald shooting.

The latter event (missing Buger King security video) is in our opinion, the most combustible of the three - because if true - then credible evidence exist in support a criminal conspiracy by the CPD, to tamper with the evidence attached to the McDonald shooting. While it would appear that Officer Van Dyke is now finally being held accountable for his actions in the McDonald shooting - the much larger and currently unaddressed question is whether others - either in the CPD or in the Chicago government, will ever be held accountable for their participation in the cover up?

Can it really be - that the Chicago political machine have convinced themselves - that their last minute sacrifice of Officer Van Dyke will satisfy the chanting masses that promises no peace absent the complete truth?

The Cover-Up Game Is Not Unique To Chicago

Volusia County Sheriff
Missing Video

In December 2014 - Volusia County Deputy Terry Laloo - was accused of excessive force on jail inmate Eddy Rios - while Rios was attending a court hearing at the DeLand courthouse.

In February 2015 - the Volusia County Sheriff Office (VCSO) confirmed via their internal investigation - that Deputy Laloo had engaged in an excessive use of force regarding Inmate Rios. (See Above Right Scroll Box - For Link To Our Article Regarding Laloo / Rios)

While we (VolusiaExposed.Com) applaud the VCSO's ability to conduct a timely (2 months) investigation into the Deputy Laloo allegations - we do have a major criticism of the VCSO's investigation.

Like in the Chicago PD shooting of Laquan McDonald - there is also missing surveillance video in the Deputy Laloo incident. However, what is of significance in the Laloo incident - is that the missing video is NOT a second party surveillance video (Burger King) - but rather the missing video is from the Volusia County Courthouse's own surveillance system. This video system is operated by the Volusia County Sheriff's Office.

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The Missing Burger King Video

While Rios only suffered minor injuries - it is significant to note - the apparent lack of concern the VCSO has regarding the missing court house surveillance video.

The VCSO is to be praised for having the courage to sustain the excessive use of force charge against one of their deputies. However, they deserve, and have earned - our criticisms and suspicions for their refusal to fully investigation the cause of the missing court house surveillance video (Our Opinion).

Chicagonians are rightfully critical and suspicious of a police cover up in the McDonald shooting - due largely in part to the reported missing Burger King security video. It is reasonable for Volusians to be similarly suspicious of the credibility of the VCSO because of missing surveillance video from their own court house security system?

When Less Than Lethal Force Becomes Deadly

Death By Taser
Acute Cocaine Intoxication?

In May 2013 - Linwood Lambert, 46 died in the custody of the South Boston PD, a police department in southern Virginia.

Records, to include the dash cam video - indicate that the police had initially taken Lambert into protective custody due to their concerns for his mental and physical health.

However, upon their arrival at the local hospital - Lambert kicked out the window of the patrol car and ran, while rear handcuffed, into the glass doors of the hospital ER entrance.

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Regarding The Recent Death Of Linwood Lambert, 46 In Virginia

Officers can be seen tasing Lambert multiple times while he is handcuffed and directly outside the hospital emergency department.

After Lambert's apparent and unsuccessful dash for freedom - and of course the breaking of the patrol car window - the police decided Lambert needed to go to jail rather than the hospital. Lambert was loaded up into the back of the patrol car and taken to jail. Upon arrival to the jail - it was obivious to all that Lambert was in medical distress - and he was transported by ambulance back to the very same hospital. Shortly upon arrival at the hospital, Lambert was declared dead.

The local medical examiner's report ruled that Lambert died after going into cardiac arrest - caused by an "acute cocaine intoxication". Interestingly, the manner of death was listed as an accident. Lambert's family disagrees, and has reportedly filed a civil suit against South Boston police alleging excessive force, wrongful death and denial of medical care. They are seeking $25 million civil settlement.

Much more information on the Lambert death can be found within the above linked MSNBC video article.

The March 2005 Questionable Death
Of Willie Towns, 30 - DeLand, Florida

Nearly ten (10) years prior to Mr. Lambert's in-custody death - Sanford resident Willie Towns was also tasered numerous times by the local police - and he too would allegedly die of "acute cocaine intoxication".

According to an Orlando Sentinel article, Mr. Towns was the seventh person in Central Florida to die after being shot with a Taser since 2002.

Major Concerns Within The
Volusia County ME's Office

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In our opinion, the Volusia County Medical Examiner's Office swims in a cesspool of corruption.

However, it's not merely our opinion - not too long ago a former Volusia County assistant medical examiner parroted some of our concerns.

We invite our readers to review the below two VolusiaExposed articles for additional information regarding the corruption that has infected the Volusia County ME's office.

Article 1
Article 2
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Regarding Willie Town's 2005 Death

Some Things Just Never Change !

According to a local Volusia County heritage website - Volusia County in the 1920's and 1930's was the second most corrupt area in the nation. Interestingly - Cook County, IL. (Chicago) came in as the most corrupt area in the nation.

Well, given the Laquan McDonald shooting scandal - not much has changed in Chicago over the last 100 years. What's your opinion about Volusia County - could it still qualify as one of the most corrupt areas in the nation?

If your answer is yes - Volusia County could still qualify as one of the most corrupt areas in the nation - then how much trust should you be assigning to your local government officials?

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