Gun Shot At Sunrise - Covered-Up By Dusk?

The VCSO Shooting Death Of Derek Cruice?
Can The Devil Be Found In The Details Of Deputy Raible's Yearly Performance Evaluation?

December 4, 2015
"It is the spirit and not the form of law that keeps justice alive." - Earl Warren

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Gun Shot At Sunrise
Covered-Up By Dusk?

At approximately 6:30 am on March 4, 2015 - the Volusia County Sheriff Department raided the Deltona home of Derek Cruice, 26.

The VCSO had obtained a search warrant on the Cruice home - in regards to their suspicions of drug activity within the home.

Almost immediately after entering the front door of Cruice's home - Deputy Todd Raible shot and killed Mr. Cruice with a gun shot wound to his face. Mr. Cruice was unarmed.

Prior to reading our views of this shooting - we invite you to review Sheriff Johnson's press release regarding the grand jury's decision not to indict Deputy Raible.
Sheriff Ben Johnson's Press Release

Grand Jury Refuses To Indict

In the below attached video - VolusiaExposed also invites our readers to review State Attorney R.J. Larizza's October 2015 rationale of why no charges were filed against Deputy Raible.

Larizza states that a grand jury refused to indict Deputy Raible - and such is true - but it's not the whole truth is it Mr. Larizza?

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While there is an old adage that a grand jury can be convinced to indict a ham sandwich - the reverse is also true. We (VolusiaExposed) submit the probability that given the level of corruption that exist within the State Attorney's office - an obviously guilty person could easily go un-indicted within the Seventh Judicial Circuit.
(Our opinion - detailed and supported within other VolusiaExposed articles)

Are we (VolusiaExposed) saying that Deputy Raible is an obviously guilty man? The answer to that is NO. We do however suspect that the "investigations" and the grand jury review of the Cruice / Raible shooting incident were nothing more than staged "dog and pony shows" to appease the public's concern.


VolusiaExposed has secured and incorporated those investigative records within this article. (See below web links)

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FDLE INVESTIGATION - doc06265320151013124659.pdf

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Grand jury reviews are far too secretive (Opinion). Grand jury hearings are held behind closed courtroom doors - outside the prying eyes of the public. Therefore - the public must now simply trust Mr. Larizza. Trust him - that his office did all they could in seeking an indictment against Deputy Raible.

Trust - is what most police administrators and politicians seek from their citizens. And after all - R.J. Larizza is both a politician and a law enforcement official.

However, securing the public's trust - especially for law enforcement administrators - seems to be a rather scarce nationwide commodity.

The police shootings in Ferguson, MO., Baltimore, MD., and now Chicago, IL. have seriously eroded the public's trust in law enforcement - the very same trust that most police administrators count on. The very same public trust that Mr. Larizza hopes he has regarding his handling of the Cruice-Raible shooting.

Many Chicagoans in October 2014 trusted the police in their initial account of the officer involved shooting of 17 year old Laquan McDonald

However, after a year long legal fight - lead by a news reporter for acess to the police dash cam video of the McDonald shooting - many citizens discovered that their un-questioned trust in Chicago law enforcement had been seriously misplaced. Sadly in the McDonald incident - the violation of the public trust does not appear to end with the CPD. While the now released video clearly invalidates the written and verbal accounts of what the CPD stated transpired prior, during, and after the shooting of Laquan McDonald - there is now apparent evidence of a cover-up conspiracy, which questions the involvement of the mayor's office.

Some Things Just Never Change !

According to a local Volusia County heritage website - Volusia County in the 1920's and 1930's was the second most corrupt area in the nation. Interestingly - Cook County, IL. (Chicago) came in as the most corrupt area in the nation.

Well - apparently not much has changed in Chicago over the last 100 years. What's your opinion about Volusia County - could it still qualify as one of the most corrupt areas in the nation?

If your answer is yes - Volusia County could still qualify as one of the most corrupt areas in the nation - then how much trust should you be assigning to your local government officials?

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Can The Devil Be Found In The Details Of
Deputy Raible's Employee Performance Evaluation?

Shortly after the shooting of Mr. Cruice - but prior to the completion of either the FDLE or State Attorney investigation - the VCSO completed Deputy Raible's yearly performance evaluation. (See Above Scroll Box)

VolusiaExposed has some problems with this evaluation - in that we suspect that the evaluation findings MIGHT have influenced the investigative conclusions in all three law enforcement investigations (FDLE, SAO & VCSO) into the shooting. And IF true - then there is a high probability that the grand jury review was also tainted (Logically these investigations were (or should have been) presented to the grand jury).

The evaluation memorialized several opinions about Deputy Raible's job performance - to include but not limited to - "performs well under pressure" - "his quality of work exceeds essential performance standards" - "he maintains tact and courtesy in more difficult and or stressful circumstances".
If firing a bullet into the face of an unarmed man qualifies as performing well under pressure and being tactful and courteous - and thusly, exceeding essential performance standards - then yes - we (VolusiaExposed) would agree that Deputy Raible's yearly evaluation fairly depicts his performance standards.

Did Performance Evaluation Compromise
The VCSO Internal Review?

Since the yearly performance evaluation has been signed off by Chief Deputy Robert Jones - and since VCSO Internal Affairs reports to Chief Deputy Jones - who in VCSO internal affairs is going to challenge Jones' already memorialized opinion of Deputy Raible's performance?

In our OPINION - the VCSO IA was effectively closed - the day Chief Deputy Jones signed off on Deputy Raible's yearly performance evaluation.

Closing Thoughts

Lastly, while we (VolusiaExposed) don't ascribe to the following rationale - it still none the less does exist - especially in the ranks of many law enforcement agencies. There is a viewpoint whereas law enforcement can not effectively do their jobs AND also be expected to strictly adhere to established governing priniciples in law enforcement. Sadly - sometimes this also includes not adhering to the U.S. Constitution.

In reference to the 1992 movie A Few Good Men many law enforcement practioners today, sadly many of them being police administrators, believe that they are justified in ordering a few "code reds".

Similar to Colonel Nathan R. Jessup's character in the movie - played by actor Jack Nicholson - these law enforcement "professionals" actually believe that they can violate these governing priniciples while maintaining a "Code" and having "Honor".

Talk about not being able to handle the truth !


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