Expert Calls Police Shooting Of Holly Hill Man 'Egregious'
Our On-Going Coverage Of The Michael Morrison Prosecution

September 24, 2016
"In a state where corruption abounds, laws must be very numerous." - Tacitus
Almost immediately after Mr. Michael Morrison's October 22, 2012 arrest - VolusiaExposed.Com started publishing our series of articles detailing our concerns and beliefs that law enforcement overstepped their legal authority - regarding their arrest and criminal prosecution of Michael Jon Morrison.

Morrison was arrested for aggravated assault of a law enforcement officer - for allegedly pointing a handgun at two police officers - as they were attempting to break into his Holly Hill home.

Our earlier articles' web links have been incorporated within this article - and can be found within the blue highlighted area -->.

The Daytona Beach News-Journal has also covered Mr. Morrison's long trek through our local justice system - as indicated by their most recent coverage regarding a September 21, 2016 court hearing.

VolusiaExposed.Com attended and video recorded the entire September 21, 2016 court hearing in front of Circuit Judge Terence Perkins. These videos have also been incorporated within this article. (see right of page ->)

Morrison's trial is scheduled for later this year. The Court is currently holding hearings to determine some motions filed by both the prosecutor and the defense.

The defense has filed a Motion to Dismiss - based on the argument - that the police had no legal authority to break into Morrison's home. In short - the police had no search or arrest warrant(s).

The prosecutor has filed a motion asking the Court not to recognize Roy Bedard as an expert witness for the defense. The prosecutor's motion was heavily discussed within our August 1, 2016 article.

While the prosecutor desires that the Court not recognize Mr. Bedard as an expert witness in the Morrison case - this very same prosecutor's office used Mr. Bedard's expert testimony less than a year ago - in a grand jury hearing - clearing Volusia County Deputy Todd Raible for the March 2015 shooting death of unarmed Deltona resident Derek Cruice, 26.

Within our August 1, 2016 article you can review Mr. Bedard's complete sworn deposition regarding his expert opinions pertaining to law enforcement's actions during the morning of Morrison's arrest. Within the incorporated videos on this page - you can listen to Mr. Bedard's sworn testimony on that same subject.

Obviously - the local State Attorney's office was very comfortable with Mr. Bedard's testimony in the Deputy Raible / Derek Cruice shooting - but they (SA) appear uncomfortable with Mr. Bedard's expert opinion in the Morrison shooting incident. Why?
Michael Morrison's
September 21, 2016 Hearing
Judge T. Perkins
Daytona Beach, Florida

In our opinion - absent a clear and transparent explanation as to why the State Attorney's office considers Mr. Bedard an expert witness in one case - but not the other - this will become a very slippery slope for our law enforcement community to traverse WHEN our community suffers similar police involved shooting deaths - as has recently haunted some other cities within this nation.

WHEN the spectre of one of these racially charged police shooting deaths arrives within our community - transparency in the investigative process will be prime real estate. Given the local State Attorney's vacillation regarding Mr. Bedard's expert witness status - we predict that local law enforcement will be left holding the low ground - while the well organized protest community will secure and hold the high ground. Our recommendation - start building the ark - and prepare for the flood.

Stand by to stand by - more is surely to come....... it look's like Volusia County is in for some stormy weather....

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