Circuit Judge Frank Marriott Recuses Himself
In The Michael Morrison Prosecution

Judge Marriott Cites Florida Rules Of Judicial Administration
(Rule 2.330) - As His Rationale For His Recusal.

February 6, 2016
"Man is least himself when he talks in his own person. Give him a mask, and he will tell you the truth". ~ Oscar Wilde

Judge Marriott Bails

Over the last three and half years - VolusiaExposed.Com has posted several articles regarding the Michael Morrison prosecution.

Morrison was arrested by Holly Hill PD in the early morning hours of October 22, 2012.

The police allege that while barricaded in his Holly Hill home - Morrison pointed a handgun at two police officers and one civilian, causing one of the officers to shoot him once.

However, the story is far more complex than that - for Morrison denies that he pointed a handgun at the officers or anyone - and no one seems to be able to logically explain how Morrison was shot in the back.

Now comes Judge Marriott's own request to recuse himself from the Morrison prosecution. VolusiaExposed ponders whether Marriott has been reading some of the concerns discussed in our earlier articles - with particular attention given to our January 22, 2016 article.

Filed Court Motion & Fl. Rules Of Judicial Administration - Rule 2.330
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Our Concerns

VolusiaExposed has over the last three and half years developed concerns, that the Morrison prosecution has been guided by a contrived scheme involving the Court (Marriott), the Office of the State Attorney, and sadly some of Morrison's own attorneys (most hand picked by the Court).

We suspect that the recent recusal of Judge Marriott is the most recently provided example of evidence which supports our conspiracy thesis.

We invite you to review our linked January 22, 2016 article - which will further explain our conspiracy thesis - as well as provide web links to our earlier articles.

We are currently working on an upcoming article referencing how this change in judicial appointment will NOT and can NOT repair the obvious constitutional damage done to Morrison's ability to receive a fair trial.

Stand by to stand by - there is more to come on this.......

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