Man Shot By Holly Hill Police Voices Concerns About His Legal Representation

Judge Frank Marriott Advises Defendant To Take It Up With His Attorney

February 20, 2015
"The minute you read something that you can't understand, you can almost be sure that it was drawn up by a lawyer." - Will Rogers

Mike Morrison Seeks A Fair Trial
He Is Offered A Dog & Pony Show

If you are a long time reader of VolusiaExposed, you may be aware of the October 2012 shooting of Michael Morrison, by the Holly Hill Police Department.

VolusiaExposed has our own theory about the cause of the Morrison shooting. In short, we believe that the evidence suggests that it was an accidental police shooting that has been sustained as a legitimate use of deadly force.

Our theory can be reviewed within our earlier articles.
Michael Morrison's February 9, 2015 Pre-Trial Hearing
Judge Frank Marriott
Sorry For The Squeaky Door You Hear In This Video

Keeping Up With Mike

Over the last two and half years, VolusiaExposed has kept in touch with Mr. Morrison, as he proceeds through the local criminal justice system.

We have observed three constants about Mike.

1. His belief in his innocence.

2. His desire for a fair trial.

3. And his frustration with his attorneys, especially his current attorney, David Damore.

Judge Margaret Hudson Inquirying Whether The Greenlaw Brothers
Were Satisifed With Their Attorneys
February 6, 2015

From what we can find elsewhere, Mr. Damore is a well respected, and well sought out defense attorney - but has in his past, assumed the role of prosecuting attorney.

Seeing Is Believing

Should anyone dare ask Mike how his criminal case is progressing - make sure you are prepared to be regaled with his detailed accounts of how his attorney refuses to accept or return his telephone calls, or how his attorney fails to keep appointments.

And if you are inclined to lend Mike your ear for a longer account of his trials and tribulations, he will inform you that his attorney refuses to interview and take his witnesses' depositions.

Mike gets especially amusing, when he explains how his court dates are changed, and his attorney doesn't even advise him of the changes.

We (VolusiaExposed) have not personally witnessed any of Mike's interactions with his attorney, with the exception of his last scheduled pre-trial hearing, in Judge Frank Marriott's courtroom on February 9, 2015.

VolusiaExposed video recorded this pre-trial hearing. (see above video)

During his last pre-trial hearing, his Attorney, David Damore, advised Judge Marriott that he was ready for trial. Of course, if you listen, Mike expresses a different opinion. Mike clearly articulates his lack of communication / access with his attorney - and further expressed his opinion that they are NOT ready for trial. Why - well maybe it's because, according to Mike - his witnesses have not been deposed, telephone calls go unanwsered, etc...etc...etc..?

But, what was especially interesting to us (VolusiaExposed) was Judge Marriott's response to Mike. "That's between you and him (attorney)".

While Judge Marriott attempts to explain to Mike, the job responsibilites of an attorney - we wonder, does Judge Marriott know what his job responsibilites are? In short, to insure a fair trial?

Judge Margaret Hudson Was Aware Of These Job Responsibilities

Recently, VolusiaExposed attended the two week murder trial of Ray and Wayne Greenlaw. Shortly, we shall be posting an article, with commentary, and a video record of the entire trial.

In the past, VolusiaExposed has been VERY critical of Judge Hudson, where we voiced our suspicions regarding the existence of a conflict of interest between her responsibilites as a judge, and her husband's connections with the Volusia County Sheriff Department.

We invite you to view the above video of Judge Hudson asking both Greenlaw brothers, if they were satisfied with the performance of their attorneys, and whether their attorney presented all of the evidence that they thought was proper for their defense.

We imagine that such questions are asked to resolve any possible appeal concerns regarding ineffective counsel.

Therefore, we (VolusiaExposed) suspect that such questioning in not unique to Judge Hudson - in fact, we expect, that should Morrison's case be resolved by trial, that Judge Marriott will have similar questions for Morrison.

Can you just imagine Mike Morrison's answer? We certainly can !

Stand by to stand by - VolusiaExposed intends to video record Mike's trial - should it go forth - gravel to gravel.

Video has a certain flare for separating what is fact, from what is mere opinion.



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