More Credibility Issues Within The VCSO

March 16, 2015
"A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on." - Winston Churchill

Get Arrested - Claim Rape, And Get Un-Arrested?

According to the attached Volusia County Sheriff Department records, Jessica Monroe 29, was arrested on February 19, 2015 under the charge of battery.

The VCSO arrest report alleges that she had physically battered her boyfriend / date, Gregory Plewa 42.

VCSO supplement reports (These Reports Are Inclusive To The Second Scroll Box -->), gives clear indications, that Ms. Monroe did not go quietly to jail. Ms. Monroe was arrested only a short drive from the county branch jail, and the deputy had to stop his patrol car, and request additional assistance in calming Ms. Monroe, eventually she had to be placed in a hobble restraint.

The supplement reports further document Ms. Monroe's refusal to cooperate with her jail booking process, ie. refusing to be finger printed.

Even with all of this violent, and uncooperative behavior, VCSO and jail personnel were committed in their task of booking Ms. Monroe into the jail. However, their committment came to a quick halt, once Ms. Monroe made her rape allegations.

The Game Changer - Rape Allegations !

While Ms. Monroe was in the jail booking area, she made a declaration that she had been raped. The jail had already accepted her into custody, by assigning her a jail booking number (943816).

6-16-1972 Is NOT Monroe's DOB
Her DOB is 2-19-1986
Officials Incorrectly Posted Mr. Plewa's DOB Into Monroe's Jail Records.

As soon as Ms. Monroe made her rape allegations, jail personnel demanded that VCSO retake custody of her, and take her to the hospital for a medical examination. That task was much easier said than done. Ms. Monroe continued in her uncooperative behaviors, and fortunately someone at the jail started to video record her behaviors.

Monroe Video
Part 1 of 2

Monroe Video
Part 2 of 2
A review of the written reports revealed that, Ms. Monroe did not accuse Mr. Plewa, or any of the arresting or transport deputies of rape - but rather identified a man name "Jimmy" (see page 3 of supplement reports) However, it should be noted that on page 7 of the VCSO supplement reports, the alleged rapist is referred to as an "unknown male".

"Jimmy" is an alleged regular patron at Ms. Monroe's place of employment - OB's Restaurant & Lounge - a well known "cop bar" in DeLand.

The Rape Investigation

The VCSO supplement reports memorializes some type of "rape investigation" being conducted by their agency. However, not much ever came out of their investigation - due primarily to Ms. Monroe's alleged conflicting statements.

Who Is Officer Daniel Piccola?

While the VCSO supplement reports only briefly mentions Ormond Beach Police Officer, Daniel Piccola, as an "acquaintance" of Ms. Monroe - a review of the above videos will reveal that according to Ms. Monroe - Officer Piccola was much more - up to, and including her next of kin. Ms. Monroe mentions Piccola several times during the videos.

The Baker Acting Of Ms. Monroe

All of the VCSO reports support that Ms. Monroe was engaging in behaviors that could have easily warranted the filing of a Baker Act. However, what is significant to us (VolusiaExposed) is the fact that the Baker Act was not filed until after Monroe made her rape allegations. Surely, Monroe's mental health status was easily observable prior to her rape allegations.

The Un-Arrest Of Ms. Monroe

On page 3 of the VCSO incident report - highlighted in yellow (see right of screen), the VCSO clearly documents that Ms. Monroe was "un-arrested".

We (VolusiaExposed) pose the question - exactly how does a person get "un-arrested"? Did the probable cause connected to her battery charge simply evaporate, the moment that she voiced the rape allegations?

Further, the supplement reports support that Ms. Monroe was engaging in other criminal acts while in-custody, to include - refusing to be finger printed, attempting to kick out a patrol car window, and biting and kicking paramedics (see page 7 of supplement reports) So apparently, not only did she get "un-arrested" for her battery against Mr. Plewa, her other criminal acts were also being ignored by the sheriff department. Why?

The VCSO Back Pedals
Monroe Was Not "Un-Arrested"
Her Arrest Was Changed To A Complaint Affidavit

Being physically put into handcuffs, and taken out to the jail for booking, is the most common way someone is arrested. However, there are a few other ways to be criminally charged with a crime. One of these other ways, is the filing of a "complaint affidavit" with the State Attorney's office (SAO).

Usually a complaint affidavit is filed if the police officers have questions on whether they have enough probable cause to make an arrest. By filing the complaint affidavit to the SAO, the SAO can review the complaint affidavit, and determine whether probable cause exist, prior to making a physical arrest.

While page 3 of the original VCSO report clearly documents that Ms. Monroe was "un-arrested" - on page 9 - line 66, of the supplement reports, VCSO Investigator Stella Ott documents that Ms. Monroe's arrest was modified to a "complaint affidavit" by the patrol deputies.

We Smell A Rat

We (VolusiaExposed) felt it strange, that Ms. Monroe's original charge of battery would be filed as a "complaint affidavit", since she was originally physically arrested on that charge - thus indicating that the arresting deputy believed that probable cause existed in support of the arrest. Therefore, with our suspicions in hand - we (VolusiaExposed) made a public record request (PRR) for a copy of the complaint affidavit mentioned in Investigator Ott's official report.

Gary Davidson, VCSO Public Information Officer sent us (VolusiaExposed) an email reply to our PRR for the Monroe complaint affidavit. Davidson stated that he had already sent us the complaint affidavit (Please refer to page 4 of the original report - also see yellow highlighted page to the right of your screen -->)

Notice that the report Mr. Davidson identifies as the "complaint affidavit is checked off as an "arrest" and NOT an "affidavit" (see yellow highlighted area of left top of form). Also take note, that there is an assigned bond of a $1000.00 within this form. Now why would an alleged "complaint affidavit" come with a bond?

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Our Attempts To Locate
The Complaint Affidavit

Since the VCSO was being less than cooperative in locating the alleged filed complaint affidavit, we (VolusiaExposed) contacted both the Volusia County Clerk of the Court, and the State Attorney's Office in our attempt to locate Ms. Monroe's complaint affidavit.

Laura Roth, from the Office of the Clerk of the Court advised us that her agency did not have any VCSO affidavit on Ms. Monroe. Roth also advised us via an email, that due to a 2003 judicial order, all complaint affidavits are filed directly to the State Attorney's office.

With that information in hand, we (VolusiaExposed) contacted Spencer Hathaway, Public Information Officer for the local State Attorney's office (SAO). Mr. Hathaway advised us
via an email that no complaint affidavit was received by the SAO.

A check of local court records indicated that Ms. Monroe did not have any 2015 criminal cases (either open or closed).

A few days ago, we (VolusiaExposed) sent a follow up email to Mr. Davidson attempting to gain further clarification from his office, on why neither, the Clerk, or the SAO, had a copy of the alleged complaint affidavit filed on Ms. Monroe. As of the date of the posting of this article (March 15, 2015) - Mr. Davidson has not responded to our request for clarification.

So There You Have It,
Yet Another Missing Law Enforcement
Record Within The VCSO

It's only last week (March 9th) when VolusiaExposed posted an article exposing the fact that the VCSO has "lost" 84 seconds of crucial courthouse surveillance video, attached to a sustained excessive use of force complaint against a VCSO deputy. Now, the VCSO has assured VolusiaExposed that Ms. Monroe was not "un-arrested", as their very own reports clearly stated, but rather her criminal charges were filed as a complaint affidavit.

However, the VCSO can not present a credible complaint affidavit - nor does the Clerk of the Court, or the State Attorney's office have knowledge of this complaint affidavit. Wow - talk about a credibility issue. And all of this coming from the very same law enforcement agency that wishes the public to believe their deputies' accounts / actions, regarding two recent deputy involved shootings. (Miller 2014 & Cruice 2015)

Thoughts To Ponder
Twenty Years Ago, A Local Police Chief
Lost His Job To An Un-Arrest Incident

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Our Final Thoughts

So why was Ms. Monroe "un-arrested"? In the end, that is the $64,000 question that goes unanswered. However, maybe the much larger, more important question is - where is the alleged complaint affidavit? Known to exist only to the VCSO - and unknown to the Clerk of the Court, and the State Attorney's office.

Are we on to something - or should we just loosen the straps on our tin foil hats?

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