The Fix Is In !

How The Florida Political Machine Circumvents Judicial Elections

Governor Scott Appoints Two To The Seventh Judicial Circuit Court

December 21, 2015
"I don't see why we need to stand by and watch a country go communist due to the irresponsibility of its people. The issues are much too important for the Chilean voters to be left to decide for themselves". - Henry Kissinger - regarding the 1973 US backed Chilean military coup d'├ętat that overthrew Salvador Allende's democratically elected government

The Fix Is In:
How The Florida Political Machine
Circumvents Judicial Elections

So do you vote in every election? If you do - how often do you remember voting in a Volusia County judge race?

Might we (VolusiaExposed.Com) suggest that you - as a citizen - have not been provided with enough opportunities to select - by direct vote - your own local judiciary.

Many voters are completely unaware that many, if not most judges are appointed by the Florida Governor via a vetting process called the Judicial Nominating Commission (JNC).

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The JNC selection process was introduced in 1971 by then Florida Governor Reubin Askew.

Each judicial and appellate circuit within the State of Florida has it's very own JNC - with the JNC commissioners also being appointed by the governor.

The initial concepts behind the creation of the JNCs were practical and honorable. They (JNCs) allowed for the almost immediate replacement of judges - in cases of death, retirement or removal from office. There would be no need to hold a special election OR worse yet, to await the next election in order to fill the empty judicial seat.

Local Attorneys Elizabeth Blackburn & Mary Jolley
Receive Gubernatorial Judicial Appointments

Elizabeth Blackburn's
October 2015 Judicial Nominating Commission Interview
Sinister Plot By
The Politically Connected

A Plot So Sinister - Only The Likes Of Nixon Or Kissinger Could Appreciate It!

However, like what happens with many good ideas - someone always seems to finds a way to manipulate it for their nefarious purposes. We (VolusiaExposed) propose the opinion that the JNC has become a sinister plot by members of the politically connected minority to control the judiciary of our sovereign State of Florida.

Mary Jolley's
October 2015 Judicial Nominating Commission Interview

In political reality the Florida Govenor does NOT select judicial candidates - the governor merely appoints them. The 800 pound gorilla in the room that many choose to ignore - is that local financial and political powerbrokers are the true "deciders" of who will become a judge - and not the mere governor. For you must understand - the real day to day power is NOT located in the Governor's Mansion - but rather it is found in every courtroom across the State. In short - the truth is - that the manipulation of Florida's courtrooms is where true power beds down within the corrupt Florida political machine.

Spotting The 800 Pound Gorilla

WOW - that's a mighty big opinion there VolusiaExposed - can we support it with some evidence or examples? Why yes we can !

In 2010 - Nancye R. Jones - an Assistant Volusia County Attorney made an application to the JNC for their consideration that her name be forwarded to the governor's office. In the end - Jones was one of the names forwarded to the Governor Crist's office for consideration in the pending judicial appointment.

Then again - how could Jones have failed to make the governor's short list - afterall Mary Jolley - a friend and fellow assistant county attorney was also a JNC Commissioner.

However, Jolley decided that she needed to do more to ensure Jones' judicial appointment. So within a November 4, 2010 email to an Andy Hagan of ICIhomes.com - Jolley stated that although she was aware that several Volusia County Council members and the County Manager had already reached out to his (Hagan) boss "Mori" on Jones' behalf - she felt an obligation to do "her part" to also reach out to Mori.

Inconvenient Ethics

What's of particular importance here - is not whether members of the Volusia County Council or the County Manager reached out to "Mori" on Jones' behalf - but rather that JNC Commissioner Mary Jolly did - given her assignment on the JNC.

Per JNC ethics rules - members of the JNC can not attempt to rank the judicial nominees - nor are they (JNC Commissioners) authorized to contact the governor's office in an attempt to influence the governor's decision. (Particular Attention Should Be Given To Page 5-6 Of The JNC Rules) VolusiaExposed submits the opinion that Commissioner Jolley did both - she rated nominee Jones over the other nominees & attempted, by proxy, to influence the governor's decision.

In the end - Jones was NOT appointed to the bench.

So do you suspect that Commissioner Jolley violated JNC ethical rules? If so - how much faith do you assign to her regarding her abilities to follow Florida's Judicial Canons? With that thought in mind - please be advised that this past Friday - December 18, 2015 - Florida Governor Rick Scott appointed Jolley to the judicial bench.

The Mystery Man Mori

Who is this "Mori"? He must be someone of some real importance - given that several Volusia County Council members, and the County Manager would feel the need to reach out to him - in the assurance that Jones be given the appropriate level of consideration regarding the judicial appointment. Hey why even reach out to "Mori" - why not just cut out the middle man and reach out directly to the governor himself? Ahhhh.... but that just it - the 800 pound gorilla in the room - even the members of the local political machine are keenly aware that it's the local power brokers, like "Mori", who actually make the judicial selections - the governor's office participation in the selection process is merely a convenient political facade - in place to instill a certain level of comfort to the populace. (OUR OPINION)

So who is this king maker named "Mori"? We (VolusiaExposed) suggest that he is the CEO of ICI Homes - Mori Hosseini.

So are we saying that Mori Hosseini is corrupt? NO - the alleged facts seem to state just the opposite. The alleged facts support that he is a rather successful businessman - with Iranian roots. Heck - if anything - he should be admired for obtaining the American dream. After all - it's probably not even his fault that the local political machine appears to see him as the king / judge maker.

Florida politicians are notoriously known for their corruption - hey - don't take our (VolusiaExposed) word for it - a 2014 Washington Post article clearly details that Florida is one of the leading states regarding it's level of political corruption. So here is what makes us nervous - why would a local political machine think it is necessary to seek out someone like Hosseini - in order to secure a judicial appointment? The old adage "birds of a feather flock together" comes to immediate mind.

Are There Too Many Appointed Judges?
The Henry Kissinger Factor
Not Trusting Citizens To Elect Their Own Judges

In 1973 the citizens of the Country of Chile democratically voted in a socialist president - Salvador Allende.

The U.S. Nixon administration quickly labeled Allende as a communist and supported a Chilean military coup d'├ętat of Allende's government led by Chilean army chief, Augusto Pinochet. Pinochet's 17 year reign did NOT go well for the average citizens of Chile - and to this date - relations between the US and Chile remain somewhat strained.

Henry Kissinger - the National Security Adviser and Secretary of State during the Nixon administration reportingly stated the following regarding the Allende election - "I don't see why we need to stand by and watch a country go communist due to the irresponsibility of its people. The issues are much too important for the Chilean voters to be left to decide for themselves "

VolusiaExposed proposes yet another opinion or thought - could it be that like Kissinger - the local Volusia County political power brokers believe that the selection of judges is much too important for the Volusian voters to be left to decide for ourselves?

Elected Judges Vs. "Made" Judges

VolusiaExposed holds the opinion that far too many of our judges are selected via this JNC process - then are directly elected by the citizens of Volusia County. Furthermore - these appointed judges routinely run unopposed during later election cycles. Why? Well, as we have argued - these appointed judges were hand picked by the power brokers - so shame on any local attorney that wishes to challenge that decision. VolusiaExposed akins these power broker judicial appointments as being a made man in the Mafia. If you are the "made man" - you do as the "Godfather" tells you, when he tells you. If you are not a "made man" - you never challenge the "made man" for his position without running the risk of serious consequences from the Godfather.

Recently - both local Circuit Court Judges Margaret Hudson and Leah Case ran unopposed for re-election - thus both secured another (6) six year term without having to be placed on the ballot. Both Judge Case and Hudson were initially appointed to the bench via the JNC process.

In the end - are not judges merely politicians with judicial robes? If YES - then who are politicians aswerable to? Maybe the people that elected them to office? BUT how about the judges that were "made" or appointed - they have no electors to be loyal or answerable to - who do they answer to? Does not logic dictate that these non-elected judges would be answerable (loyal) to the governor that appointed them - or if you subscribe to our (VolusiaExposed) theory - to the power brokers that "made" them?

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VolusiaExposed.Com recently posted several articles on Judge Hudson, in which we voiced a concern that she had a particular conflict of interest in the Luis Toledo murder prosecution. Our concerns were published in several mainstream media outlets after Mr. Toledo answered our letter - stating that he shared our concerns. While Chief Judge Terence Perkins makes little of our concerns in a May 9, 2014 letter (see above link) to a local media outlet - the fact is, that Judge Hudson was eventually removed for the case. Local officials implied that Hudson's removal was due to a pending judicial rotation schedule - however, Hudson reassigned off of the Toldeo case came months prior to the actual rotation.

Suggested Change

VolusiaExposed suggests a change in the way initially appointed judges face their first bid for re-election. Should they run unopposed - then they should still be placed on the ballot under a confidence vote status. In other words - "Should Judge "Whoever" maintain his or her position initially granted via gubernatorial appointment?" Doing such would give the local voters a voice in deciding who are qualified to wear judicial robes in OUR courtrooms.

Does Governor Scott - Judge Shop?
Gubernatorial Manipulation Of The JNC Process?

While VolusiaExposed has forwarded the opinion that local officials and power brokers have manipulated the JNC process - we are apparently not alone in our beliefs that the JNC process has been politically perverted.

A 2014 Sun Sentinel article also appears to address some of the concerns voiced in this particular VolusiaExposed article - on how the JNC process is being manipulated to forward political agendas.

At the very least - our's and the Sun Sentinel's articles are something to ponder - if you ever find yourself in a Volusia County courtroom.

From our viewpoint - last Friday (12-18-2015) - Volusia County power brokers got at least one, if not two more judges placed into their pockets - of course at the expense of both justice and the citizens of Volusia County.

VolusiaExposed suggests that it's time for us to defend our "sunshine" (freedoms / rights) ! - What Say You?



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