SEX and the Badge, and other alleged misconduct within the VCSO.


The Volusia County Sheriff Department is REVIEWING numerous anonymous allegations received by VolusiaExposed.Com

Both the County and the Sheriff Department have investigated these types of anonymous allegations / complaints in the past.

After the completion of their REVIEW, will the County and / or the Sheriff Department investigate these allegations?

August 6, 2012
"As any of you know, in law enforcement, if a superior officer gives you an order, unless it's unlawful, you are required to obey it,
whether you work for that superior officer or not, or you are insubordinate and subject to discipline....."

Assistant Volusia County Attorney, Nancye Jones - during VCBP Captain Gardner's April 2012 Personnel Board hearing.

Sex, extra-martial affairs and the VCSO

On Monday, July 30, 2012 - VolusiaExposed.Com received the below anonymous linked email.

The email contains several alleged incidents of misconduct within the Volusia County Sheriff Department (VCSO). Upon invitation by the VCSO, VolusiaExposed.Com has forwarded the anonymous email for their review, and hopefully for their investigation.


VolusiaExposed.Com has NO supportive documentation that can support any of these documented allegations. However, the author of the email appears to have operational knowledge of the VCSO.

Fortunately for the citizens of Volusia County, their County government and the VCSO appears to understand the importance of anonymous complainants. In the recent past, both County government and the VCSO have opened formal investigations on alleged misconduct that was reported to them via anonymous allegations / complaints.

The VCSO Sgt. McGuire and VCBP Captain Gardner investigations are just two recent examples of the VCSO and VCBP opening formal investigations based on anonymous allegations.

We invite you to read both the anonymous letters received in the McGuire and Gardner situations. In the Gardner anonymous letter, the author even qualifies his / her information as "rumor-speculation".

The anonymous letter attached to the VCSO Sgt. McGuire investigation

The anonymous letter attached to the VCBP Captain Gardner investigation

During the Captain Gardner Personnel Board hearing in April 2012, Assistant County Attorney Nancye Jones defends the county's rationale for investigating these serious allegations, regardless that they came from an anonymous source.

We invite you to listen to how Attorney Nancye Jones argued that inappropriate sexual relationships between supervisors and subordinates can and do negatively influence the morale of a law enforcement agency. (see videos to the right of this web page)

Listen to how Attorney Jones argued that regardless if Captain Gardner was Officer Gittner's immediate supervisor, that in law enforcement, a subordinate officer must obey any lawful order of a supervisor.

Listen to how Attorney Jones argued that these type of sexual relationship caused the perception of favoritism within law enforcement agencies - that in fact, as Attorney Jones states - "perception is reality".

Attorney Jones handles civil litigation coming out of the VCSO. In 2010, Jones applied for an open local judicial position. The Volusia County Sheriff wrote her a Letter of Recommendation, in which he praised her handling of VCSO civil litigation.

Sheriff Johnson's Letter of Recommendation for Nancye Jones

VolusiaExposed.Com has been critical of Jones' involvement in VCSO legal matters, due to the fact that her husband, Major Robert Jones is the supervisor of the Law Enforcement Services division of the VCSO. We suspect that some law enforcement investigations have been compromised, due this apparent conflict of interest.

Ironically, should the VCSO / County decide to open a formal investigation into these anonymous allegations, Attorney Jones' participation would, in our opinion, be another conflict of interest, being that her husband has been listed as one of the participants of the alleged misconduct.

The bottom line in these new allegations, is whether the VCSO / County will formally investigate them? County / VCSO policies and past practice tend to support that they will investigate. However, absent such formal investigations, would it be appropriate to question whether the suspected Jones conflict of interest is, once again, manipulating the investigations within the Volusia County Sheriff's Office?

VolusiaExposed.Com intends to follow these allegations - we will let you know whether the VCSO formally investigates them - Stay tuned.

Assistant County Attorney Nancye Jones argued during VCBP Captain Rich Gardner's April 2012 County Personnel Board Hearing, that he was Officer Cara Gittner's supervisor, regardless if she was NOT assigned to his direct supervision.

Assistant County Attorney Nancye Jones stated that the Capt. Gardner investigation was started over an anonymous allegation.

Assistant County Attorney Nancye Jones argued during the Gardner hearing that such departmental relationships are bad for the agency's morale.

Assistant County Attorney Nancye Jones again stated that the Captain Gardner investigation was started over an anonymous complaint.

Assistant County Attorney Nancye Jones argued that Captain Gardner's sexual relationships with subordinates caused the perception of favoritism within the Beach Patrol staff.


VCSO Sexual Harassment policy

VolusiaExposed's email to VCSO advising them of the allegations

VCSO's email requesting to review the anonymous allegations

VolusiaExposed's email to County Personnel Director, Mr. Tom Motes


Conflict of interest- Knudsen v Volusia County

In-Custody jail deaths being manipulated?

The Inmate Tracy Veira in-custody death lawsuit - PDF format

Daytona Beach News Journal article on the Tracy Veira lawsuit

If you found this article to be thought provoking, we (VolusiaExposed.Com) invite you to review, the below linked, Special Investigative Report, exposing law enforcement corruption with the State of Florida.


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