Democracy Short Circuited?

Daytona Beach City Commission Candidate Steven Miller
Expresses Additional Conflict Of Interest Concerns.

September 17, 2014
"Police throughout the United States have been caught fabricating, planting, and manipulating evidence to obtain convictions where cases would otherwise be very weak. Some authorities regard police perjury as so rampant that it can be considered a "subcultural norm rather than an individual aberration" of police officers."
Dale Carpenter - Flagrant Conduct: The Story Of Lawrence v. Texas

Bruce Hornsby - The Way It Is

That's The Way It Is
Somethings Will Never Change.

Earlier this month (September 2014), VolusiaExposed.Com posted an article detailing Circuit Court Judge William Parsons' judicial order removing Steven Miller from the pending November 2014 ballot as a candidate for the Daytona Beach City Commission - Zone 3

Mr. Miller has since reached out to VolusiaExposed.Com with some further disturbing allegations of probable corruption within the Volusia County court system.

In our initial article, we detailed some probable and possible conflicts of interest with Judge Parsons hearing the civil lawsuit involving Mr. Miller's candidacy. Mr. Miller's political opponent, Kelly White is a very good friend and musical band mate of Judge Parsons daughter, Kelly Parsons Kwiatek. (see our early article for details)

Mr. Miller has now alleged, and provided us with evidence that suggests that a much bigger conflict of interest conspiracy is afoot to derail his bid for elected office.

In a September 15, 2014 email to VolusiaExposed, Mr. Miller alleges that his attorney, Mike Slick's fiancée, Kathy Weston is an attorney within the Daytona Beach law firm - Cobb & Cole.

The alleged romantic relationship between Slick and Weston appears verified within the below web link.


Judge Parsons' August 28, 2014 Order
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Kathy Weston is also currently a candidate for circuit court judge. She is running against Adam Warren in the pending November 2014 elections.

Kelly Parsons Kwiatek, the daughter of Judge Parsons is a partner within the Cobb & Cole law firm. Both Kwiatek and Weston's affiliations with Cobb & Cole can be verified on their web site.

In a recent interview with VolusiaExposed, Mr. Miller stated that he initially went to seek counsel within the Cobb Cole law firm when the lawsuit was filed against his candidacy. Cobb Cole advised him that they could not represent him due to a possible conflict of interest between Kelly Parsons-Kwiatek and her father Judge William Parsons. Interestingly, Judge Parsons was the assigned judge attached to the Miller candidacy litigation.

However, according to Mr. Miller - Cobb Cole was very accommodating in recommending and then setting him up with Attorney Mike Slick.

When questioned by VolusiaExposed, Mr. Miller stated that no one at Cobb Cole ever advised him that Mr. Slick's fiancée, Attorney Kathy Weston was a practicing attorney within the Cobb Cole law firm.
Steven Miller


In a recent, Daytona Beach News Journal article, Attorney Slick admitted being aware of the relationships between Parsons-Kwiatek, White and Judge Parsons - but that he did not advise his client, Mr. Miller, because he (Slick) did not perceive any conflicts of interest.

Maybe, Mr. Slick was unable to perceive any probable / possible conflicts of interest between Parsons-Kwiatek, Judge Parsons and Kelly White - due largely to the fact that Slick could not perceive the probable conflict of interest that existed between himself, his fiancée, and his representation of Mr. Miller.

Then again, maybe Mr. Slick was correct in his statement to the Daytona Beach News Journal and that there were no conflicts of interest in existence between Judge Parsons and his daughter Kelly Parsons-Kwiatek - but in the end - was that his (Slick) decision to make - or was it his client's decision to make? We suspect that it was Mr. Miller's decision to make - after being fully advised by his attorney. Afterall, when you hire an attorney - you hire him / her not only for their legal knowledge - but also their knowledge of the local justice system.

As Thick As Thieves

Parsons' Past Recusal
Due To Daughter

Then again, if Mr. Slick was an attorney of any standing within the local community, and we believe that he is - he would have been keenly aware that Judge Parsons has had to recuse himself in other litigation(s), due to his daughter's associations with the Cobb Cole law firm. ------->

Apparently, per the attached judicial order - Judge Parsons only recused himself AFTER the defendant in the "PACETTA" litigation made a recusal motion to the court.

Miller Appeals To The 5th DCA

Court records indicate that Mr. Miller has filed a Pro-Se appeal to the 5th District Court Of Appeals. The 5th DCA has relinquished jurisdiction (45 days) to the circuit court for further review and consideration.

White Nominates Kwiatek To The
City Of Daytona Beach
Charter Review Commission

VolusiaExposed has also become aware - that during a December 18, 2013 meeting of the Daytona Beach City Commission (see page 15) - Commissioner Kelly White successfully nominated her friend, Kelly Parsons Kwiatek to the Daytona Beach Charter Review Commission. Well isn't that special !

Judge Parsons' Recusal Order In Unrelated Litigation
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If you found this article to be thought provoking, we (VolusiaExposed.Com) invite you to review, the below linked, Special Investigative Report, exposing law enforcement corruption with the State of Florida.


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