Florida Bar Finds Probable Cause
In Misconduct Case Involving An Assistant Volusia County Attorney

January 15, 2016
"Tell a lie once and all your truths become questionable". - Unknown


According to a recent Daytona Beach News Journal article - Assistant County Attorney Nancye Jones had no comment regarding the Florida Bar's recent finding of probable cause - attached to a misconduct complaint filed against her.

While we (VolusiaExposed) respect Jones' right to have no comment - we believe her words to Judge Rouse during a January 2012 hearing & her words to the County Personnel Board in April 2012 speaks volumes.

The premise of the attached video presentation appears to initially focus on whether Jones presented two different and opposing arguments to Judge Rouse, and then to the County Personnel Board, regarding Gardner's Florida Police Officer's Bill of Rights. However - this video presentation also covers other allegations.

Nancye Jones - In Her Own Words
Listen For Yourself And Determine For Yourself
Whether Jones Engaged In Ethical Misconduct

The above forty minute video is video footage recorded by VolusiaExposed.Com (Jan 2012 hearing in front of Judge Rouse & April 2012 Gardner Personnel Board Hearing). However - this video presentation was not created by VolusiaExposed.Com. The views expressed in this presentation are solely those of the creator of the presentation. The management of VolusiaExposed may or may not agree with the views expressed in the presentation. The videos used in making this presentation can be viewed in their entirety within our earlier Gardner articles.
Within the above linked Daytona Beach News Journal article - Jones' attorney - Jack Weiss stated that "the accuracy of that allegation" (opposing arguments) was denied and he was unaware if that particular allegation led to the probable cause finding.

However, VolusiaExposed was able to confirm the inclusion of that particular allegation in Gardner's October 2013 Bar complaint. (Bar complaint NOW AVAILABLE - LARGE FILE ALLOW TIME TO DOWNLOAD)

A bit of trivia - The person sitting to Jones' left is recently appointed Circuit Judge Mary Jolley (Our article on Jolley's appointment)

It's Been A Long Time Coming

VolusiaExposed.Com has received word that the Florida Bar has found probable cause to proceed with a complaint of misconduct filed on Volusia County Assistant Attorney Nancye Jones. (See Attached Letter)

The complaint was filed by former Volusia County Beach Patrol Captain Rich Gardner.

Starting in late 2011 - the County filed a series of allegations against Captain Gardner which initially lead to his employment termination. Gardner appealed his termination - and eventually won his appeal during a two day April 2012 County Personel Board hearing.

In order for our readers to have a better appreciation of the county's allegations - VolusiaExposed.Com has attached some of our earlier articles on the subject.

October 2011

March 2012

April 2012

June 2012

Florida Bar Probable Cause Letter

However, due to the county's unwillingness to place Gardner back in his original post - as a captain within the Beach Patrol division - Gardner opted to retire from county employment.

Our Opinion

In our opinion - Captain Gardner was railroaded by county officials - with particular attention given to members of Volusia County's legal department.

VolusiaExposed invites our readers to review the attached Florida Bar letter for an understanding on how this case will proceed forward.

Another Matter Attaches Itself To The Gardner Personnel Board Debacle.

Volusia County has for decades failed to operate their employee personnel board within the confines of their own county charter / merit rules (Our Opinion - further supported within some of our earlier articles).

Recently, a former Volusia County sheriff deputy sought civil relief from a circuit court judge regarding the county's failure to provide him a fair personnel board hearing. The judge ruled that the county's personnel board was not in compliance with the county charter - therefore the deputy deserves another hearing.

VolusiaExposed recently posted an article on the above debacle. (Well worth your time to read)

With little doubt - Gardner's April 2012 personnel board contained the very same violation of the county charter. (Our Opinion).

Stay tuned to VolusiaExposed regarding any future developments with this Bar complaint - this should prove to be very eye opening. Hopefully it will bring some level of redemption to Mr. Gardner - and a level of protection for other county employees who fall into the same or a similar category of having been railroaded by Volusia County.




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