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July 31, 2016
"An intellectual is a person who's found one thing that's more interesting than sex." - Aldous Huxley

Earlier this year (2016) VolusiaExposed.Com decided to develop a new section within our website devoted to the coverage of Brevard County.

We felt an obligation to assist BrevardsBestNews.Com's Chief Editor - Dana Delaney Loyd in her excellent coverage of Brevard - due to her August 2015 arrest by the Brevard County Sheriff Department over her coverage, and her call to the Florida Child Abuse Hotline regarding concerns she developed of whether a father was sexually engaging his pre-teen daughter.

Want to know more about Loyd's arrest and on-going prosecution - check out our articles in the defense of Loyd.

Aerosmith - Janie's Got A Gun

Obviously - since Mrs. Loyd is currently being prosecuted for making this alleged false call to the abuse hotline - her ability to write articles questioning the practices of both the BCSO and the State Attorney has been restricted. In developing our (VolusiaExposed) Brevard County coverage section - we also decided to develop our Brevard Brady Cop page.

Officers' Negative Behaviors Continue To Go Unproperly Checked

Rockledge Police Officer Steven Tagye became our first Brevard Brady Cop when Brevard County Judge Stephen Koons in June 2016 - suppressed evidence in a case - ruling that Officer Tagye's account of a early morning vehicle pull over was not credible.

Even with this ruling - Officer Tagye continues to patrol the streets of Rockledge - having recently been honored as Rockledge's Officer of the Year.

NOW - we invite our readers to review three (3) of the four (4) Brevard County Sheriff Department internal affairs investigations completed last month (June 2016). Read for yourself how Brevard's finest handles handjobs - Ménage à Trois & domestic violence issues. How comfortable are your with the final disciplinary actions given in these internal affairs investigations?

Links To June 2016 BCSO Internal Affairs Document
2016-CI-011 - Deputy Eric Firmin - Domestic Violence / Sex Allegations

2016-CI-012 - Deputy Patrick Ford - Domestic Violence / Special Treatment Allegations

2016-CI-014 - Agent Matthew Preston - Domestic Violence Allegations

Want to read other internal affairs (IA) investigations coming out of the BCSO - then go to our BCSO IA page - we post completed IA investigations once a month.

We also encourage you to review our Volusia County IA page.

Coming next - has a Florida sheriff ever recommended that his deputies demand oral sex from their wives? Stand by to stand by?

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