Did Deputy Deane illegally, and without probable cause, arrest a sexual rival?

If so, did the Sheriff Department or the State Attorney take appropriate action against Deputy Deane?

July 16, 2012
"Facts are stubborn things; and whatever may be our wishes, our inclinations, or the dictates of our passion, they cannot alter the state of facts and evidence."- John Adams


Back on June 9, 2012 - VolusiaExposed.Com published our initial article on the then on-going Deputy Deane investigation within the Volusia County Sheriff Department.

Part 1 - The Deputy Travis Deane investigation

Media accounts had indicated that Deputy Deane was facing disciplinary action due to his arrest, connected to underage drinking at his home.

Since our initial June 9, 2012 article, VolusiaExposed.Com has been advised that the Sheriff Department has terminated Deputy Deane's employment.

Deputy Deane's termination letter


While the Volusia County Sheriff Department (VCSO) has terminated Deputy Deane's employment, due to his arrest involving supplying underage girls with alcohol, both the VCSO, and the local State Attorney, appear to be ignoring the seriousness of the probable false arrest of Stephen Dehut.

Mr. Dehut was the 21 year old boyfriend of 18 year old Kelli Capps, one of the underage girls apparently being supplied alcohol by Deputy Deane.

While the documents attached to this article articulate, both Deputy Deane's and Kelli Capps assurances that they were not engaged in a romantic relationship, the investigative documents also support that they (Deane and Capps) referred to each other in terms of endearment - "wifey" and "hubby"- (refer to page 4 of the Deane termination letter).

We, VolusiaExposed.Com have concerns that Deputy Deane manipulated members of the VCSO, in order to affect the arrest of Mr. Dehut for the alleged domestic abuse of Kelli Capps, so that he (Deane) could rid himself of a sexual rival regarding the affections of Ms. Capps.

VolusiaExposed.Com invites our readers to review the testimonies of VCSO Deputies Sierstorpff and Whitener - the arresting deputies in the Dehut arrest. We further invite you to review the testimony of VCSO Sgt. McGuire, Deputy Deane's supervisor. Sgt. McGuire apparently does not support that Deputy Deane was fully forthright in his explanations and involvement in the Dehut arrest.

Deputy Sierstorpff's initial statement           Dep. Sierstorpff's second statement

Sgt. Whitener's statement

Sgt. McGuire's initial statement           Sgt. McGuire's second statement

Interestingly, even Ms. Capps believed that Deputy Deane was trying to remove her boy friend (Dehut) from the picture, in order to be able to develop a closer relationship with her. (See top of page 12 of Ms. Capps initial statement to the VCSO investigators)

Kelli Capps' initial statement

Ms. Capps documents in a sworn statement to the Court, that Mr. Dehut did not do anything to harm her.

Kelli Capp's Court statement

Documents associated with
Deputy Travis Deane

Primary Documents

Stephen Dehut's arrest report

State drops Dehut's charges

Kelli Capp's Court statement

Kelli Capps' initial statement

Kelli Capps' second statement

Kelli Capps' third statement

Juvenile witness' statement

Deputy Deane's termination letter

Deputy Deane's initial statement

Deputy Deane's second statement

Deputy Deane's arrest report

Secondary Documents

Deputy Sierstorpff's initial statement

Dep. Sierstorpff's second statement

Sgt. McGuire's initial statement

Sgt. McGuire's second statement

Sgt. Whitener's statement

Miscellaneous documents

Civilian Statements
regarding the house party
and underage alcohol

Clayton Walker

Courtney Walker

Jason Cyphers

Mike Allcock

Mike Weedin

Molly Cummings

Sara Schearer

Wade Hunter

So was Stephen Dehut a victim of a false arrest? We suspect so, but we suggest that you, the individual reader, review all of the primary witness statements, and form your own conclusion.

In our opinion, the Capps' interview transcripts support that the VCSO investigators were attempting to manipulate Ms. Capps into agreeing that Deputy Deane had cause to have concern for her safety, therefore, that probable cause existed for Mr. Dehut's arrest.

But in the end, even the VCSO had to admit that Deputy Deane should have simply filed an affidavit with the State Attorney's office, rather then affecting a physical arrest of Mr. Dehut. (see top of page 4 of the Deane termination letter)

Deputy Deane's termination letter

We believe that the VCSO, along with the local State Attorney's office failed to properly handle or investigate the matter of whether Deputy Deane falsely arrested Mr. Dehut, in order that he (Deane) could affect a closer personal relationship with Ms. Capps.

We further suspect that the rationale for both the VCSO's and State Attorney's failure to properly investigate / prosecute the false arrest of Stephen Dehut, was to reduce both the obvious embarrassment and civil liability that would attached to the VCSO.

The State Attorney's office has opted, in the past, not to prosecute criminal cases, in order to reduce the embarrassment and civil liability to the VCSO. The Deputy Duggan incident is a recent example of such. In the Deputy Duggan incident, the State Attorney had to drop a felony charge against a female defendant, due to Deputy Duggan's obvious attempts to forward a personal relationship with the defendant.

Deputy Duggan - Ms. Fackler incident

VolusiaExposed.Com has in the past, expressed concerns that the State Attorney and the VCSO have allowed criminal investigations to be improperly manipulated in order to facilitate the reduction of civil liability of the Volusia County government.

Examples of this manipulation, can been seen in how several in-custody deaths at the Volusia County jail were "investigated" by the VCSO and State Attorney's office, along with recent arrests by VCSO / of VCSO deputies.

A prime example, is the 2009 in-custody death investigation of Inmate Tracy Veira. Correctional staff were allowed to falsify their safety and security checks, thus allowing Ms. Veira's medical condition to go un-checked for hours. (Ms. Veira was discovered in a state of rigor mortis - even though falsified safety security checks indicated that she had been recently communicating with correctional staff, prior to discovery.)
Media article regarding recent lawsuit filed on Tracy Veira's behalf

PDF COPY - Tracy Veira lawsuit

VolusiaExposed.Com's article on the Tracy Veira death cover-up

Former Deputy Deane has been added to our Brady Bunch list of questionable law enforcement officers.

VolusiaExposed.Com's Brady Bunch list

Deputy Deane was one of the subject deputies in recent racial profiling complaints filed by local religious leaders.

Local media article regarding allegations of racial profiling within the VCSO

VolusiaExposed.Com's article on VCSO racial profiling allegations

VolusiaExposed.Com has also been advised, that Mr. Deane will be appealing his termination to the Volusia County Personnel Board.

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