The Re-Prosecution Of Jerry Crew

Judge Perkins Denies Motion To Remove ASA J. Ryan Will

Is This Volusia County's Version Of Shawshank Redemption?

March 30, 2015
"A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on." - Winston Churchill

Judge Perkins Denies Motion
To Remove ASA J. Ryan Will

VolusiaExposed.Com attended, and video recorded, the March 12, 2015 court hearing in which criminal defendant, Jerry Crew petitioned the court to remove Assistant State Attorney, J. Ryan Will as the prosecutor.

We apologize for the low audio quality for this video. Judge Perkins was less accommodating, then has been our experience with other judges, with our request to video record such hearings.

In a February 27, 2015 article, VolusiaExposed highlighted the rationale for ASA Will's recusal from Crew's re-trial.

Regardless of Judge Perkins' ruling (see right of page), we (VolusiaExposed) believe that ASA Will's recusal from the Crew prosecution, is in the best interest of the taxpayers, and in support of justice.

We (VolusiaExposed) invite you to review our previous articles regarding Jerry Crew and ASA J. Ryan Will, in order that, you, our readers, can have a better appreciation of what has, and is transpiring within the Jerry Crew prosecution.

Mother Seeks Justice Over Son's Death

The Re-Trial Of Jerry Crew

Our Thoughts !

State Attorney R.J. Larizza needs to recuse ASA Will from this prosecution. Our rationale is as follows:

Given that the homicide victim's mother, Westeria Harry, has a strong belief that Jerry Crew is an innocent man, and her less than flattering comments regarding ASA Will's veracity - yeah, you really need to read our earlier articles, regarding all the details in this developing circus. It is obvious that neither the victim's family, nor the criminal defendant, and for that matter, the 5th DCA, have much faith that justice can be obtained with Mr. Will prosecuting the case

But more importantly, Jerry Crew is being retried, due to the 5th District Court of Appeal over-turning his conviction, resulting from ASA Will's prosecutorial misconduct - in short, inappropriate statements made by Mr. Will during his closing arguments. We (VolusiaExposed) invite you to review the above video from the March 12, 2015 hearing - do you see any other inappropriate actions / statements made by Mr. Will - like asking questions from the witness stand, instead of answering the questions posed to him?

Also note how Judge Perkins had to interceed when ASA Will apparently attempted to voice some displeasure of perceived allegations being lodged against him.

VolusiaExposed fully expects more courtroom shenanigans during Mr. Crew's pending May 2015 re-trial. Hopefully the taxpayers are prepared to once more foot the bill, should the 5th DCA again interceed in the interest of justice, and over-turn the verdict due to such shenanigans. Stand by to stand by - over and out for now !

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