Jerry Crew's Attorney Refers To An Active Bar Complaint &
Prosecutorial Misconduct As Rational For Prosecutor's Disqualification

February 27, 2015
"A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on." - Winston Churchill

Does A Conflict Of Interest Exist?

Should ASA J. Ryan Will Be Disqualified Regarding The Re-Prosecution Of Jerry Crew?

VolusiaExposed has posted a few other articles regarding the criminal prosecution of Jerry Crew. Those articles are linked below - and we invite you to review them, in order to fully appreciate the on-going fiasco surrounding the Crew criminal prosecution.

Article 1

Article 2

Crew was convicted of the April 2011 felony murder of Donnell "DJ" Ellis, Jr.. However, his conviction was overturned by the 5th District Court of Appeal, due to sustained prosecutorial misconduct, by Assistant State Attorney J. Ryan Will.

While Crew did not pull the trigger of the gun that sent bullets into Ellis' body - he was apparently participating in a drug deal, that was the catalyst for the eventual exchange of gunfire.

For us here at VolusiaExposed.Com - the question of whether Assistant State Attorney, J. Ryan Will should be disqualified to re-prosecute the Jerry Crew's case is "easy peasy". The answer is "YES" - he should be disqualified. In fact, we wondered months ago why his (Will) boss, State Attorney, R.J. Larizza had not already made this obviously easy decision.

We welcome you to read the State Attorney's reply to our email inquirying why ASA J. Ryan Will was the assigned prosecutor in Crew's re-trial. (see email inclusive to Article 1) In short, the stated rational for keeping ASA Will as the assigned prosecutor, was his alleged knowledge of the case, and his good relations with the victim's (Ellis) family.

Here Is The Kicker !

The victim's mother, Westeria Harry, strongly believes that Jerry Crew is an innocent man! Further, her comments regarding ASA Will are not very flattering. Yeah, you really need to read our earlier articles, regarding all the details in this developing circus.

Crew has a pending March 12, 2015 court hearing on his motion to disqualify ASA J. Ryan Will - VolusiaExposed intends to attend - with our cameras rolling. Stand by to stand by - this could get far more interesting.

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