Attorney David Damore Suspended By
The Supreme Court For 60 Days

March 11, 2016
"It is the spirit and not the form of law that keeps justice alive." - Earl Warren

According to a recent Daytona Beach News Journal article, and the attached documents from both the Florida Bar and the Florida Supreme Court - local criminal defense attorney David Damore has been suspended from practicing law for 60 days.

Damore is with the firm of Damore, Delgado, Romanik & Rawlins in Daytona Beach.

According to the above referenced sources, Damore entered into a conditional guilty plea regarding two alleged violations of Florida Bar rules. One rule deals with the discipline of an attorney for committing any act that is “contrary to honesty and justice” (see attached consent judgment). Damore also entered a conditional guilty plea regarding a rule that states, - “A lawyer will not engage in conduct involving dishonesty, fraud, deceit, or misrepresentation” (see attached plea agreement).

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Many of our readers will remember that Attorney Damore was attached to the on-going prosecution of Michael Morrison.

While Mr. Damore's recent suspension was NOT attached to the Morrison case - we (VolusiaExposed) suspect that Damore's representation of Morrison was not entirely within Florida's ethical standards for attorneys (Our OPINION - supportive evidence of this opinion - later within this article).

VolusiaExposed has published a series of articles on the arrest and on-going criminal prosecution of Michael Morrison. We (VolusiaExposed) invite you to read our recent January 2016 article regarding the Morrison matter - which has inclusive links to our other Morrison articles.

These articles explore our concerns regarding the apparent questionable rationales of the police, the state attorney and the Court - regarding the arrest and prosecution of Mr. Morrison.

Interestingly, last April (2015) - Attorney Damore filed a motion to witdrawal from the representation of Morrison. Mr. Damore stated within his motion, that he and Morrison had "irreconcilable differences" and that Morrison had "on several occasions in open Court... made a number of disparaging remarks regarding counsel's (Damore) preparations for trial, comprehension of the facts of the case, and his (Damore) overall integrity and professionalism in handling this matter".

In short - Morrison voiced concerns - that Damore had not taken any depositions of the state's witnesses against him - in preparation for his pending trial.

During an April 2015 court hearing - Damore expressed a concern that Morrison may file a 3.850 post conviction motion - should he (Damore) continue to represent Morrsion - thus the rationale for his (Damore) motion to withdrawal from the representation of Morrison.

Morrison questioned the judge on what was meant by the possible filing of a 3.850 motion, and Judge Marriott advised Morrison, that Damore was concerned with an ineffective counsel allegation being filed against him. VolusiaExposed attended and video recorded this court hearing - and this video was incorporated within our June 2015 article.

Circuit Judge Frank Marriott agreed with Mr. Damore - that the filing of a 3.850 motion (ineffective counsel) by Morrison was likely - therefore, over Morrison's objection - Marriott allowed Damore to withdrawal as Morrison's attorney.

Interestingly, last January (2016) - Judge Marriott also recused himself from the Morrison case - citing vague references to Florida Rules of Judicial Administration within his court order (see link article for copy of order and Judicial Adm. Rules) .

Given Damore's recent suspension by the Florida Supreme Court / Florida Bar - maybe, just maybe - Morrison was more on target regarding the quality of Mr. Damore's representation - than many were first willing to give Morrison credit for?

We (VolusiaExposed) offer the fact that both Damore and Judge Marriott forsee the filing of a 3.850 motion - as further evidence, and in support of our concerns regarding Damore's representation of Mr. Morrison.

Recently, Morrison has secured a new attorney - one more skilled in exposing the hard, and sometimes hidden or ignored facts, regarding police officer shooting incidents. MORE ON THIS LATER....

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