Prosecutorial Misconduct?

Does The Local State Attorney's Office
Under Charge Law Enforcement Officers?

Does Local Law Enforcement Retaliate
Against Their Media Critics?

November 10, 2016
"In a state where corruption abounds, laws must be very numerous." - Tacitus

Is It More About
Where You Work Then
What Crime You Committed?

Earlier this year - the Brevard County Sheriff Department (BCSO) completed their internal criminal investigation (BCSO IA 2016-CI-019) in to whether one of their very own Investigative Technicians and her husband (Roy) had committed bank fraud, and filed a false report to the BCSO. (see scroll box - right of page to review BCSO report)

A review of local court records indicates that both Hallie and Roy Lombard were criminally charged regarding the BCSO bank fraud investigation.

Roy B. Lombard

Hallie DeVaughn-Lombard
(go to BREVARDCLERK.US to review the status of the above listed case numbers)

However, it was very eye opening to us here at VolusiaExposed - that the Lombards were ONLY criminally charged with a first degree misdemeanor of making a false report of the commission of a crime.

VolusiaExposed invites our readers to review the BCSO investigation and wonder for yourselves why felony charges were not filed regarding the bank fraud. Could it be attached to Hallie's extensive work connections within the 18th Judicial Circuit?

On-line records indicate that Hallie Lombard has an extensive work history with several law enforcement agencies within the 18th Judicial Circuit (Brevard / Seminole Counties) - to include employment within both the local State Attorney's office & and Brevard Sheriff's department (BCSO). (see scroll box - right of page to review Lombard's on-line work history)

In fairness to the BCSO - they indicated within their July 2016 investigative report - that in their opinion - there was not enough evidence to support the filing of any other charges (bank fraud) - but that their investigation continues.

History Of Under
Charging Employees

However, in our opinion, the BCSO has a rather disturbing history of undercharging their staff when they violate the law. A recent example of this is the arrest of Deputy Barre Taylor for engaging in a sexual relationship with a female jail inmate.

VolusiaExposed.Com holds the opinion that both Federal and Florida State law mandates that jail inmates are unable to consent to sex. Therefore, we believe that Deputy Taylor should have been charged with sexual battery - a felony in the first degree - and not the third degree felony of sexual misconduct that was filed against him.

In as far as the federal law - we invite our readers to review the Prison Rape Elimation Act (PREA) signed by then President George W. Bush.

During an August 15, 2016 Court hearing (see video of hearing inclusive within our August 18, 2016 article) - Deputy Taylor took a plea deal on the sexual misconduct charge. Taylor was sentenced to four years of probation and adjudicated guilty by Circuit Judge Jeffrey Mahl. VolusiaExposed attended this hearing - and it was obvious to us that Taylor was not pleased with being adjudicated a convicted felon.

Taylor's attorney attempted in early October 2016 to have Taylor re-sentenced - requesting that Judge Mahl modify his sentence by withholding adjudication - thereby removing the convicted felon status from Taylor's criminal record. Judge Mahl initially refused to hear the request for resentencing - but has recently re-opened the matter for further review.

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BCSO Internal Investigative Report

VolusiaExposed.Com is fairly confident that Taylor will eventually secure his resentencing - to wit - his adjudication of guilt will be withheld. Why do we have such a confidence - easy - Taylor is related to a member of the local State Attorney's office - and he is a former deputy sheriff - therefore special favors will be awarded. If you have doubts - just stand by and see what happens.

If you need further convincing that law enforcement officers can pretty much get away with sexual crimes - we invite you to go to the Brevard Clerk's website and see how the Deputy Ryan Pill case / sentence was in our opinion manipulated post conviction. In addition - we ask our readers to remember that in September 2015 - two Brevard deputies were discovered to have ties to an alleged prostitute - neither faced criminal charges. Why is that? Might we suggest that the possibility existed that other members of the BCSO had (has) ties with that very same alleged prostitute. And there you have it.

Conflict Of Interest?

So since Hallie Lombard has an employment history with both the BCSO and the local State Attorney's office - would it be a conflict of interest for the local State Attorney to prosecute the Lombards? We think there is a conflict.

In preparation for this article, VolusiaExposed.Com sent State Attorney Phil Archer an email challenging whether his office has a conflict of interest - by not requesting that Governor Rick Scott reassign Hallie Lombard's criminal prosecution to another State Attorney's office.

Our concerns of conflict are two fold. First, we suspect that Lombard's prosecution may be guided by friendships she could have developed during her employments within both the BCSO and the State Attorney's office (SAO).

Second - we have concerns that due to her employment within both the BCSO and the SAO - that she is or was involved in several criminal prosecutions. If so - her conviction under a felony charge of fraud - could call into question the veracity of these prosecutions. A major nightmare for both the BCSO and State Attorney's office.

VolusiaExposed.Com received an October 31, 2016 email response from the State Attorney's office attempting to assure us that Hallie Lombard's past employment with the State Attorney's office does not rise to the level of a conflict of interest.

It's also of interest to us (VolusiaExposed) that the State Attorney's office in their November 2, 2016 email to us - were unable to totally confirm to us that Hallie Lombard has no connections to past and pending criminal prosecutions - attached to criminal investigations she would have been involved via her official duties within the BCSO.

History Of Government Retaliation
Silencing The Media Critic

VolusiaExposed.Com suspects that Florida Today reporter John A. Torres may be on to something in his recent article questioning and criticizing the actions of the State Attorney's office.

VolusiaExposed.Com has posted a series of articles in the defense of Brevard's Best News reporter Dana Delaney Loyd. We highly suspect that her August 2015 arrest by the BCSO - and her current on-going prosecution by the State Attorney has it's basis in Loyd's critical web articles regarding both the BCSO and State Attorney's office - watch out Mr. Torres - you may also soon find yourself in handcuffs.

If we have peaked your interest - please refer to our latest article on the Dana Delaney Loyd prosecution - we have hot web links to all of our earlier Loyd articles within this latest Loyd article.

And there you have it..... more to come.... stand by to stand by...

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