Sergeant Advises Fisherman That He Is Retarded,
And Too Stupid To Be Carrying A Gun.

March 4, 2015
"Stupid Is As Stupid Does." - Forrest Gump

Knowing When To Fish,
And When To Cut Bait.

Sgt. Keith Peck, VCSO,
Had To Learn It The Hard Way

If you are a regular reader of VolusiaExposed, you probably are aware of our Investigation Page.

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The Volusia County Department of Public Protection - includes several divisions - fire services, corrections (jail), beach patrol, animal control, medical examiner, and EVAC.

While the Volusia County Department of Public Safety is known to most as the Volusia County Sheriff Department. In reality, due to the fact that Volusia County is a chartered county - we do not have a sheriff, or a sheriff department. Instead, we have a director of public safety, in charge of the Department of Public Safety. However, let us keep those facts to ourselves - mentioning this around VCSO command staff always seems to cause a great deal of consternation.


Section 601.1. Functions and Duties of Departments Receiving Powers of Former Constitutional Officers.

(2) Department of Public Safety: The department of public safety shall be responsible for the control, operation and administration of the duties of law enforcement and such other duties provided by this charter. All functions and duties now prescribed by the Constitution and laws of Florida for the office of sheriff are hereby transferred to the department of public safety, and the constitutional office shall thereupon be terminated, further providing that all functions relating to corrections and rehabilitation, the county prison farm, the Volusia County jail and all other similar facilities shall be transferred to the department of corrections.

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Defeated By A RONCO Pocket Fisherman

So, do not judge VCSO Sgt. Keith Peck too harshly, when in March of last year (2014) he incorrectly, and rudely threatened to arrest New Smyrna Beach fisherman, Todd Hardy for openly carrying his loaded fire arm. For how can we (citizens) really expect our deputies to know the laws that they are entrusted to enforce, if they really have no idea of the true name of the department for which they are employed?

We suspect that the attached internal investigation on Sgt. Peck's actions, will enlighten you regarding the level of professionalism currently on-going within the VCSO, and provide you with a small chuckle. That is, unless you are "retarded", or just "too stupid to carry a gun" - (read the VCSO report - you shall understand).

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Sgt. Keith Peck's Internal Investigative Report

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