Inmate alleges being raped at the Volusia County jail.

VCSO does not generate a press release regarding the alleged rape or their investigation. Why not?

Could an on going conflict of interest between the Volusia County Legal and Sheriff Departments be misguiding any attempt to properly investigate the alleged rape?

August 6, 2012
"It is the spirit and not the form of law that keeps justice alive." - Earl Warren

On Monday, July 30, 2012 - VolusiaExposed.Com received a tip, that over the weekend, a Volusia County jail inmate had alleged being raped within the jail.

Volusia County Sheriff Department's email confirmation of a ongoing rape investigation

Routinely, the Volusia County Sheriff Department (VCSO) will email news releases to any individuals or organizations that sign up to receive their (VCSO) press releases. Some months ago, VolusiaExposed.Com signed up to receive those press releases.

VolusiaExposed.Com did NOT receive a press release that the VCSO was investigating an alleged rape of a Volusia County jail inmate. However, the VCSO did send out a press release indicating that a recently released jail inmate was arrested again by the VCSO, for engaging in a fight with his girlfriend, within the jail's parking lot.

The jail parking lot fight / arrest - press release sent from the VCSO to VolusiaExposed.Com

VCSO's Press release web page

While we congratulate the VCSO in their arrest, in the jail parking lot, of the domestic violence suspect, we wonder why the alleged rape, within the secure area of the jail, did not rise to the level of a press release?

In the past, VolusiaExposed.Com has questioned whether the VCSO has allowed criminal investigations to be manipulated in order to avoid the probable attachment of civil liability to Volusia County government. We have questioned whether some inmate death investigations were manipulated or down right falsified, in order to negate or limit the county government's civil liability.

Assistant County Attorney, Nancye Jones has handled many of the civil lawsuits coming out of both the Volusia County jail, as well as the Volusia County Sheriff Department.

Nancye Jones' husband is VCSO Major, Robert Jones. According to the below VCSO Organizational Chart - Major Jones supervises the Law Enforcement Services branch of the VCSO, to include Investigative Services.

VCSO Organization Chart

VolusiaExposed.Com believes that the general public has the right to know if alleged criminal activity is transpiring behind the walls of our local jail. Whether, that criminal activity includes the possible falsification of official reports by both correctional or law enforcement officers (see below web link to Inmate Tracy Veira's death) regarding in-custody deaths, or the alleged criminal conduct of jail inmates on each other.

VolusiaExposed.Com charges that there are direct conflicts to the public's interest, in having Attorney Nancye Jones representing the public's interest in the civil litigation generated within either the county jail or the sheriff department, while her husband directs the criminal investigations into those matters.

So, what is our point, regarding the VCSO's failure to issue a press release regarding the alleged jail rape? Simple, if the public had been made aware of the alleged rape, the alleged victim's situation could have reached the ears of individuals and resources that could have assisted him in securing justice / a fair review. However, such assistance to the alleged victim, increases the possibility of civil liability being attached to the county, doesn't it?

Therefore, the additional question arises - are VCSO press releases being manipulated, in similar fashion as VCSO criminal investigations, in order to reduce civil liability to the Volusia County government?

How can officers be speaking to an inmate 20 minutes prior to being discovered dead, and in rigor mortis?
Were jail documents and a VCSO investigation falsified? You decide.
June 29, 2012 - Daytona Beach News-Journal Article - Tracy Veira lawsuit filed

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The In-Custody Death of Inmate Tracy Veira

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