FDLE Preliminary Findings
Volusia K9 Deputy Killed By Friendly Fire
No Evidence To Support That The Suspect Fired His Gun

December 9, 2016
"In a state where corruption abounds, laws must be very numerous." - Tacitus

The Friendly Fire Death
Of K9 Deputy Forest

According to a local media article and the attached Volusia County Sheriff Department media releases (see right of page) - on November 22, 2016 - shortly after 7pm two Volusia County deputies were shot at by 34-year- old Eddie Durell Powell - a Georgia drifter.

Per the VCSO - Powell initially came to the deputies' attention after they observed him being reckless on a dirt bike. Their chase of Mr. Powell lead into a wooden area of Deltona.

The deputies reported that Mr. Powell shot at them and that they returned his gun fire - and that Mr. Powell's gunfire killed K9 Deputy Forest. This incident lead to a seventeen hours stand off between Mr. Powell and approximately 200 law enforcement officers - prior to Powell being taken into custody and treated for his gun shot wounds.

In a press release today (December 8, 2016) Volusia Sheriff officials now confirm Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) preliminary findings that K9 Deputy Forest was killed by friendly VCSO gun fire, rather then by Mr. Powell's gun fire. Further - FDLE concluded that Mr. Powell never even fired his gun.

VolusiaExposed.Com found FDLE's preliminary findings interesting - so we contacted Gary Davidson - the public information officer for the VCSO and questioned him on whether the VCSO still believed that Mr. Powell had fired on the deputies. In an email response - Davidson advised us that the VCSO no longer believes that Powell fired his gun - but rather that Powell pointed his gun towards the deputies - causing them to fire at Powell and tragically killing K9 Deputy Forest.

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K9 Deputy Forest
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Davidson stated that it was too dark - and one of the deputies made a mistake in his determination that Powell was firing on them (deputies). Davidson justifies the shooting of Powell - due to the deputies assertions that Powell was pointing his gun in their direction.

Here is our problem with that explanation - if it is too dark to properly determine if Powell is shooting at you - how can you see if he is pointing a gun at you?

Further - in the VCSO's initial press releases (see above right of page - in scroll down box) the VCSO was justifing the shooting of Powell by stating that they were returning Powell's gunfire. Something that the FDLE and VCSO now knows never happened.

VolusiaExposed also wonders how Powell could be pointing a gun at the deputies - at the same time he is alleged to be punching and fighting with K9 Deputy Forest.

In our opinion - there are still facts to discover in the shooting death of K9 Deputy Forest - we believe that both Mr. Powell and Deputy Forest deserve all the facts and all the truth surrounding an event that change one of their lives forever and took the life of the other. In the end - lives are more important than mere careers.

And there you have it for now ..... we are fairly sure there is more to come on this particular topic .... stand by to stand by...

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