VCSO Deputy Fired After Ohio Grand Jury Indictment

July 22, 2015
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Stupid Is, As Stupid Does
Where Are The Intensive Pre-Employment Background Checks?

According to recent local, and Ohio media articles, the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office has fired one of their deputies, after he was indicted by an Ohio grand jury for misusing a law enforcement database while working as a police officer in Ohio.

Deputy Steven Korossy 39, was terminated by the VCSO on the very same day that the Ohio Attorney General’s Office announced the 15-count indictment.

VCSO records (see below) reflect that Korossy was hired on May 18th and was a month away from graduating from the law enforcement agency’s in-house training program.

Korossy's indictment included 14 felonies for unauthorized use of the Ohio Law Enforcement Database, while the remaining charge was a misdemeanor charge of falsification.

According to Ohio officials, Korossy’s alleged misconduct came to light while they were investigating claims of potential witness intimidation, stemming from another case, where four misdemeanor charges were filed against former Put-in-Bay Police Chief Robert Lampela.

The Thin Blue Line?

Given the intense Florida Department Of Law Enforcement background investigation that the VCSO was required to conduct on Korossy, VolusiaExposed.Com is left wondering how Korossy progressed as far as he did in the hiring process?

A simple "Google" search of "Steven Korossy" produced several media articles outlining alleged misconduct against Korossy, that should have called into question his ability to serve as a VCSO deputy.

Maybe this Korossy incident helps explain how a Volusia County corrections officer was able to work 20 years as a convicted felon?
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VCSO: Keeping It On The Down Low

VolusiaExposed.Com questioned the VCSO on whether they were conducting an internal investigation regarding the Korossy matter - thus far, the VCSO has not addressed our inquiry.

Our Final Thoughts

Hopefully the VCSO's criminal investigations are conducted in a much more professional manner, than are their employee background investigations.

Obviously this matter will remain on our radar screen - we will let you know, if there are any future developments. Stand by to stand by - over and out for now !
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Korossy's Volusia County Sheriff Department Employment Records

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