State Attorney Opts NOT To File Charges
Against DeLand Police Sergeant Bobby Harrelson

Harrelson Shot And Killed His Uncle Last November
Read State Attorney's Investigative Report

May 14, 2016
"It is the spirit and not the form of law that keeps justice alive." - Earl Warren

This week the State Attorney's office released their report explaining their rationale for NOT criminally charging DeLand Police Sergeant Bobby Harrelson, regarding the November 6, 2015 shooting death of his uncle, Raymond Davis.

According to the State Attorney's office - they based their findings and conclusions on the VCSO's investigative report.

Media reports support that in 2012 - Officer Harrelson was also involved in the shooting of Mr. Javier Perez, and his friend, Leobigildo Espinoza. Officer Harrelson alleged that both Perez and Espinoza had pointed a rifle at him. After over a three year delay - and Perez's refusal to accept a plea bargain from the State Attorney's office - a jury acquitted Mr. Perez of aggravated battery of a law enforcement officer. Perez's attorney was able to provide forensic evidence that supported that neither Perez, nor Espinoza were pointing the rifle at Harrelson - when Harrelson fired upon them.

We (VolusiaExposed.Com) will now leave it up to you - our readers - to read the attached reports - and to determine for yourselves - whether this was a legal shooting.

While reading the State Attorney report - ask youself this question - based on what is contained in the report - why did it take over (6) six months to come to these "investigative" conclusions?

According to a recent media article - earlier this month (May) - State Attorney R.J. Larizza automatically secured his third term by running an unchallenged campaign for re-election.

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