South Daytona Police Lieutenant Violates Police Officer's Rights While Under Investigation

October 20, 2017
"Police internal affairs is amongst the most corrupt departments that you will find in governments" - Steven Magee

Lt. Dietrich Goes Rogue

VolusiaExposed.Com has recently secured the internal affairs (IA) files involving South Daytona Police Officer Kevin Pedri and Lt. Dan Dietrich.

According to a recent Daytona Beach News Journal article - Lt. Dietrich was interviewing Officer Pedri for alleged violations of departmental policies.

The media article further discusses the probable violations of Officer Pedri's rights by Lt. Dietrich - causing Dietrich to come under his own separate IA investigation..

Florida Statutes (F.S. 112.531-535 - commonly known as the Florida Officer's Bills Of Rights) governs the rights of a Florida law enforcement and correctional officer while under an internal affairs investigation. One of those rights - is the right to legal representation

As detailed by the above media article - as well as the provided and attached supportive documentation and audio files - Lt. Dietrich denied Officer Pedri the presence of his attorney during the investigative interview - to the point where Pedri's attorney was threatened with arrest and escorted from the interview room.

Supportive Files & Documents

Listen to Lt. Dan Dietrich's
August 3, 2017 IA Interview
Listen To Officer Pedri's
January 31, 2017 IA Interview

Police Chief Wright's
September 26, 2017
Recommendation To City Manager

City Manager's
September 27, 2017
Termination Notice To Lt. Dietrich

September 27, 2017
Separation Agreement Between
SDPD & Lt. Dietrich

Our Concerns Regarding
The Lt. Dietrich's IA

We (VolusiaExposed.Com) have some concerns regarding Lt. Dietrich's separation agreement with South Daytona PD.

The South Daytona PD filed Lt. Dietrich's CJSTC 61 form with the Criminal Justice and Training Commission indicating that Dietrich's separation was a "voluntary separation or retirement in lieu of termination for violation of agency or training school policy NOT involving a moral character violation defined in Rule 11B-27.0011 F.A.C.".

VolusiaExposed.Com suspects that Lt. Dietrich's misconduct far exceeds a mere violation of SDPD policies. In our OPINION Lt. Dietrich's misconduct was a violation of F.S. 112.534 - regarding his violation of Ofc. Pedri rights while under IA investigation.

VolusiaExposed.Com questions whether SDPD in fact refused to address (investigate) a moral charcter violation (higher than a mere agency policy violation) - by entering into their "separation agreement" with Lt. Dietrich. This matter of allowing an offending officer to resign and retire - in lieu of conducting the mandated investigation involving a "moral character" violation was covered in a May 2010 CJSTC memorandum.

Final Thoughts

VolusiaExposed is left to wonder - if Lt. Dietrich had so little regard for the rights of a fellow police officer - how much regard does (did) Lt. Dietrich have for the rights of citizens - that he was sworn to protect and serve?

Stand by to stand by - there is surely more to come of this......

August 9, 2017
Internal Affairs Report On Lt. Dan Dietrich

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