Watch The Entire County Personnel Board Hearing - And Decide For Yourself Whether Mr. Centofanti's Termination Was In The Best Interest Of Volusia County Residents.

October 2, 2017
"In a state where corruption abounds, laws must be very numerous."

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Personnel Board

Last month (September 2017) VolusiaExposed.Com published an article questioning whether a Volusia County paramedic would receive a fair hearing in front of the Volusia County Personnel Board.

September 29, 2017
Ryan Centofanti's Personnel Board
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September 29, 2017
Ryan Centofanti's Personnel Board
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September 29, 2017
Ryan Centofanti's Personnel Board
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"Man is least himself when he talks in his own person. Give him a mask, and he will tell you the truth". - Oscar Wilde
Our earlier article detailed our concerns that members of the County's Personnel Board had already (pre-hearing) been provided evidentiary documents - in support of the county's termination - that should have only been presented to the Personnel Board members during the pending board hearing.

VolusiaExposed.Com attended and video recorded the September 29, 2017 Personnel Board Of former Volusia County paramedic Ryan Centofanti. Mr. Centofanti was terminated from Volusia County employment in early 2017 for his failure to report to duty during Hurricane Matthew in October 2016. .

According to the testimony given at the September 29, 2017 hearing - in early October 2016 - just as Hurricane Matthew made it's approach towards Volusia county - Paramedic Centofanti was on approved leave to attend a wedding in Tennessee.

The sides (County / Centofanti) differ on when Centofanti became aware of the county's desire to cancel his leave - and demand that he report to duty.

Centofanti stated that he first became aware of the county's desire for him to report to duty after he had boarded his flight to Tennessee - he further alleges that upon his arrival to Tennessee - he attempted to secure an immediate flight back to Florida - but no flights were available - due to the approaching hurricane.

We (VolusiaExposed) invite our readers to watch this rather short board hearing - and determine for yourself whether the County over-reacted in their termination of Centofanti. We (VolusiaExposed) have the opinion that the termination of Mr. Centofanti's employment was a County over-reach - not in the best interest of the citizens of the county.

You may have a different opinion - if you do - we merely ask that you review the 2012 disciplinary action applied by the Volusia County Sheriff Office on Deputy Roy Galarza. A 2012 Volusia County Sheriff's Office Internal Affairs investigation supporting that Deputy Galarza had on several ocassions (50+ times) abandoned his patrol zone - reporting instead to the home of a young female - in order to engage in on-duty sexual relations with the young woman. The woman alleged that she became pregnant with Deputy Galarza's child. (see IA report and suspension letter)

VolusiaExposed.Com published an August 20, 2012 article regarding the Deputy Galarza incident / investigation. Within this article - we noted our concern that it is a violation of Florida's moral character standards for police officer for an officer to engage in sexual activities while on duty - but that the sheriff's office did not apparently address Deputy Galarza's behavior as a moral character violation - as is required by Florida State law.

In the end - Deputy Galarza admitted going outside his patrol zone (50+ times) - reporting to the young woman's home - but he denied that the visits were "booty calls" (sexual relations).

In June 2012 - Deputy Galarza received a 30 day suspension letter.

So there you have it - if you are a Volusia County paramedic - on approved leave - on a plane - heading to an out of state wedding - and you fail to report back to your duty post - regardless that you can not secure a flight back to Florida - the county's answer is "YOU'RE FIRED"! But - if you are a Volusia County Sheriff Deputy - that openly admits abandoning your citizens and fellow deputies (over 50 times) to go to a young woman's house for hours on end - the penalty is a mere 30 day suspension --- and maybe eighteen years of child support.

Volusia County Merit Rules require that all departments and divisions of the county apply similiar disciplinary actions. So for our readers that initially thought that the County's disciplinary action against Paramedic Centofanti was reasonable and responsible - what say you now?

Here is what all citizens of Volusia County need to know. If you call 911 for a medical emergency - Paramediic Centofanti will NOT be responding to save you or your loved one's life. However, if you call 911 requesting that a sheriff deputy report to your home - Deputy Roy Galarza is still currently employed with the VCSO. Deputy Galarza may - if not otherwise disposed - report to your home - hopefully with his zipper up !

UPDATE Thanks to input from our readers (emails) - and according to a recent media article - we (VolusiaExposed) can confirm that Deputy Roy Galarza was recently promoted to sergeant.

Here is our suggestion for the unions that represent Volusia County employees. The Volusia County Personnel Board is in OUR OPINION a kangaroo court - staffed by former members of the Volusia County Council and others that are heavily sympathetic to county management. If it is your (union) desire that your members get a fair review of their disciplinary actions - demand that binding arbitration be incorporated within their contracts.

The Personnel Board's decision must now be reviewed and approved by County Manager Jim Dinneen. Mr. Dinneen has the authority to reduce the disciplinary action applied.

FYI - Jim Dinneen's email address is jdinneen@volusia.org

Stand by to stand by ..... there is surely more to come of this.....