Man In Port Orange Police Custody Who Suffered Medical Episode Dies.

September 23, 2015
"Don't piss down my back and tell me it's raining." - Actor John Vernon as Fletcher, 1976 - "The Outlaw Josey Wales"

No Initial Concerns Noted
Last week, while being processed at the Port Orange police station under a DUI charge, Randy Wilson, 47 suffered an apparent medical episode.

Records seem to support that police officials responded in a timely fashion to Wilson's medical condition by having him transported via EVAC to Halifax Medical Center.

According to police officials, Mr. Wilson died while being treated at Halifax hospital.

As is standard procedure, both the Volusia County Medical Examiner and FDLE will conduct investigations into Wilson's death.

Pending the completion of those investigations - VolusiaExposed has secured copies of POPD's arrest and incident reports (see below).

Our review of the available reports found nothing suspicious. However, it's been our experience that "problems" usually surface AFTER the completion of the "investigative" process.

VolusiaExposed receives many of our tips regarding inappropriate police actions from active members of law enforcement. Appropriately, law enforcement personnel usually awaits the completion of the official investigation(s), in the hope that their concerns will be addressed within that official process.

Should concerns exist - that are not addressed by the official investigative process - then we would invite members of law enforcement and the community to anonymously notify us at the below linked email address.

Remember - VolusiaExposed.Com protects the identity of our sources.
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POPD Arrest & Incident Reports
Click Here For PDF Copy Of Arrest Report
Click Here For PDF Copy Of Incident Report

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