Improper Influence Of The Jury Alleged

February 26, 2015
"A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on." - Winston Churchill

Brothers Alleges That Judge Hudson
Erred In Not Dismissing Jury

Recently (January-February 2015), VolusiaExposed attended and video recorded the entire murder trial of Wayne & Ray Greenlaw.

Our Earlier Article - Greenlaw Trial

Both brothers were charged with first degree murder, regarding the October 29, 2011 shooting death of their neighbor, Brian Leverett.

The brothers allege that they killed Leverett, and seriously wounded Justin Riley, in defense of their home and elderly mother. Judge Hudson had denied the brothers' "Stand Your Ground" defense, prior to them being convicted of all charges on February 9, 2015.

VolusiaExposed has obtained copies of the brothers' motions to the Court requesting a new trial. (see motion - in scroll box, to the right of this page)

The brothers' attorneys state that a prospective jurors (juror 49) was aware of the Greenlaw brothers' charges via social media - and that based on what she had read, the brothers were guilty of murder. She (juror 49) voiced her belief, in the presence of other prospective jurors, some of which eventually served on the Greenlaw jury.

The Greenlaw attorneys also allege, that the verdicts were contrary to the law, and to the weight of the evidence.

Frankly based on what we observed during the trial - we (VolusiaExposed) whole heartedly agree with the Greenlaw attorneys - especially given the credibility issues connected to the "evidence" & testimony provided in the State's case. We (VolusiaExposed) invite our readers to review our above linked article for further details.

An April 2, 2015 hearing has been scheduled in Judge Hudson's courtroom regarding the brothers' motions for a new trial. Stand by to stand by - this could get even more interesting.
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Greenlaw Brothers' Motions For New Trial



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