VolusiaExposed.Com Endorses Andrew Millwater
For Volusia County Sheriff

March 6, 2016
"When you have police officers who abuse citizens, you erode public confidence in law enforcement. That makes the job of good police officers unsafe". - Mary Frances Berry

The Truth First ... And Then Our Endorsement

Since the inception of the Volusia County Charter in the early 1970s - Volusia County has not had a "sheriff department".

According to Section 601 (see lower right of page) of the Volusia County Charter - the constitutional office of sheriff was terminated and replaced with the department of public safety.

So in reality - Volusia County has an elected director of the Department of Public Safety - instead of a "sheriff". Although this position has been granted the title of "sheriff".

Now with that cleared up - VolusiaExposed is privileged to endorse Andrew Millwater for director of the Volusia County Department of Public Safety (also known as - "sheriff").

In our opinion, Mr. Millwater is the most diversified candidate for "sheriff" - having served in the military, as a police officer, a Volusia County corrections officer, a fire fighter, a bail bond recovery agent, and paramedic.

Andrew Millwater

With over twenty (22) years of public safety experience and devotion to the citizens of Volusia County - Mr. Millwater's service to the Volusia County community far exceeds any of the other six (6) current candidates.

Many in our community will recognize Millwater for his current service as a Fire Lieutenant Paramedic with Volusia County Fire Services - while others will remember him as the EMT that arrived in the EVAC ambulance during their time of injury and need.


Section 601.1. Functions and Duties of Departments Receiving Powers of Former Constitutional Officers.

(2) Department of Public Safety: The department of public safety shall be responsible for the control, operation and administration of the duties of law enforcement and such other duties provided by this charter. All functions and duties now prescribed by the Constitution and laws of Florida for the office of sheriff are hereby transferred to the department of public safety, and the constitutional office shall thereupon be terminated, further providing that all functions relating to corrections and rehabilitation, the county prison farm, the Volusia County jail and all other similar facilities shall be transferred to the department of corrections.

For the criminal element in our community - they will either remember his public service as a correctional officer at the Volusia County jail, or as the bail bond recovery agent that was holding them accountable, and when necessary, bringing them back before our courts to face justice.

While some may allege that Millwater lacks the law enforcement experience to be Volusia's sheriff - those allegations are simply not accurate. Millwater's well diversified public safety service includes (2) years, as a police officer, within the City of Ames (Texas) police department - during which time he was promoted to a supervisory position.

An argument in support of Millwater's qualifications - can be seen in the recent assignment of former Volusia County Sheriff Major, Terry Sanders to the position of director of the Volusia County Department of Public Protection.

The Department of Public Protection includes - the county jail, county fire services, the medical examiner, EVAC ambulance, and Beach Safety Ocean Rescue. We (VolusiaExposed) wonder, and seriously doubt, that Director Sanders ever worked one day as a correctional officer, a medical examiner, a paramedic, or a life guard - but somehow he is qualified to serve in this non-elected position, merely with a nod of approval by county staff and the County Council.

Well then, with that in mind, we would forward the opinion, that Andrew Millwater is not only more than qualified, but the most qualified, to be Volusia County's next director of the Department of Public Safety - AKA - Sheriff of Volusia County.