Volusia County Manager Renders His Decisions In
The Sgt. West And Officer Schneider Appeals.

Were The County's Disciplinary Actions Against
Sgt. West And Ofc. Schneider Consistent With Past Disciplinary Actions?

October 23, 2013
"Every organization rests upon a mountain of secrets." - Julian Assange

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County Manager Renders His Decisions
Officer Schneider demoted.
Sgt. West demoted and transferred to another division.

On Wednesday, October 16, 2013, the Volusia County Manager rendered his final decisions on the fate of Officer Schneider's and Sgt. West's correctional officer careers.

County Manager Jim Dinneen's decisions were based on both officers' County Personnel Board hearings which were held on September 20, 2013. VolusiaExposed.Com attended, and video taped both hearings in their entirety. These videos can be viewed within our September 23, 2013 article.

VolusiaExposed invites our readers to review both written decisions filed by County Manager Dinneen (see below), as well as reviewing our previous articles regarding Sgt. West and Officer Schneider. (see right of web page).

County Manager's Decision On Sgt. B. West

County Manager's Decision On Ofc. N. Schneider

Frankly, VolusiaExposed was somewhat surprised that any disciplinary action was taken against these officers, especially given the comments of the County Personnel Board members. Board Chairman Patrick Lane expressed an opinion that the officers were being prosecuted for "the wrong reasons". While board member Joe Winter expressed the opinion that the entire board hearing was a waste of tax dollars. (see below linked video snippets)

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Our June 17, 2013 Article

Click The Below Link To Review
Our September 23, 2013 Article
This Link Contains An Entire Video-Audio Record Of Both Hearings

Were Officer Schneider's And Sgt. West's Disciplinary Actions
Consistent With Past County Disciplinary Actions?

Volusia County Merit Rules mandate that disciplinary actions within county government be fair, equitable, and consistent with other such actions taken throughout county government. (ref. Division 13 - Sec. 86-451 County Merit Rules)
County Merit Rules


DIVISION 13 - Disciplinary Actions

Sec. 86-451. Philosophy.

(a) An appointing authority is responsible for the proper and efficient operation of his department and for enforcing all policies and regulations. It is the responsibility of all employees to observe the policies and regulations necessary for the proper operation of the department in which they work.

(b) Disciplinary action may be imposed upon an employee for conduct or actions which interfere with or prevent the effective and efficient performance of a department's responsibilities. The purpose of such disciplinary action shall be to effect correction of employee conduct rather than to be solely punitive.

(c) The type and severity of disciplinary action shall be related to the gravity of the offense, the employee's record of disciplinary action, length of service, and actions taken in similar cases both within the department and in other departments. Any adverse action taken must be based on cause supported by sufficient evidence, be consistent with other such actions taken throughout county government, and be fair and equitable.


Volusia County Sheriff Deputy Lueck's 1992 Suspension.

In 1992, then, Volusia County Sheriff Deputy Edward Lueck received a twelve (12) day suspension connected to allegations of him making inappropriate sexual comments to a female civilian, and of providing the Sheriff with inconsistent statements regarding the incident.

Deputy Lueck appealed his twelve day suspension to the County Personnel Board, and the board found in the county's favor.

Deputy Lueck retired from the Volusia County Sheriff Department in 2006.

Deputy Lueck's 1992 disciplinary case came to VolusiaExposed.Com's attention due to his 2013 arrest under the charge of engaging in sexual relations with a five year old girl.

VolusiaExposed's Article on
Former Deputy Edward Lueck's Arrest

Some Of The
Highlighted Testimony
During The West-Schneider Hearings
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to watch the described
video snippet

Director Ford Testifies
Schneider's Hearing

Board Members
Mr. Lane & Mr. Winter Speak
"Here for the wrong reasons"
County's case doesn't pass the "smell test"
Hearing "is wasting taxpayer's money"
Mr. Winter mistakenly refers to
Ofc. Schneider as "the Sgt.".

Lt. McBride Testifies
Sgt. West's Hearing

Director Ford Testifies
Sgt. West's Hearing

In 1992, then, Sheriff Robert Vogel documents his concerns that Deputy Lueck's sworn statements were not consistent with statements made directly to him (sheriff) - (see Lueck's disciplinary letter attached below).

It is notable, that like in the Schneider and West matters, Assistant County Attorney, Nancye Jones represented the county's interests in Deputy Lueck's personnel board appeal.

During both the West and Schneider hearings, Assistant County Attorney Jones emphasized that both officers' credibility had been damaged, to the point, whereas they would be ineffective as correctional officers.

Ironically, in the Lueck matter, the Personnel Board ruled in favor of the county, and even with his alleged damaged credibility (inconsistent statements), Deputy Lueck continued to serve for another fourteen (14) years as a sworn deputy, until his retirement in 2006, apparently without any concerns from the county that his inconsistent statements to Sheriff Vogel would call into question his veracity, or his ability to serve in a law enforcement position.

Interestingly, in the below video - Attorney Jones seems to be assuring the Personnel Board members that it is well establish county policy / standard to fire any officers that lied (or presents inconsistent statements) to supervisors. Did Attorney Jones forget the allegations and events attached to the Lueck matter?

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Attorney Nancye Jones' Comments
Video Starts
at 37 minutes and 45 seconds

Deputy Lueck's 1992
IA Documents

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