Local Attorney Seeks Court Order
Alleges Jail Is Not Providing Medication To His Client

Under Florida Administrative Code 33-8 (repealed in October 1996)
the attorney could have simply requested a review by the State Prison Inspector.

February 6, 2016
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What Now Takes A Court Order
Use To Take Only A Phone Call

VolusiaExposed has discovered that recently, a local attorney filed the attached court motion seeking a judicial order, that would compel the Volusia County jail to provide his client with the mental health medications prescribed to him while at the St. John's County jail.

Prior to October 1996 - all Florida county jails were overseen by the Florida Department of Corrections - under the authority of Florida Administrative Code 33-8.

Any jail inmate with a concerns about his / her jail treatment (food, medication, clothing, mail, etc.) could simply reach out to the State Jail Inspector's office - and reasonably expect a quick resolution.

However, in October 1996, all that changed with the repeal of FAC 33-8. The Florida Legislature, heavily lobbied by private jail / prison health care providers, and the Florida Sheriff Association - decided that these jail matters could be more effectively handle by a self-inspecting body - ran by the Florida Sheriff Association. This new governing body was given the name - Florida Model Jail Standards (FMJS).

Our Concerns With FMJS

Our concerns with FMJS can be reviewed within our November 2013 article titled:

Florida Model Jail Standards On Trial
An In Depth Look At Why FMJS Are Failing The Citizens Of Florida.The Failure of Florida Model Jail Standards

Filed Court Motion
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We will be following this case, as it has the potential to effect many incarcerated individuals housed at the Volusia County jail.

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